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Are you looking for inspirations based on a specific genre? Or maybe you’ve just finished a popular game and are looking for another just like it? In both cases, we have plenty of articles which can help you find the right game to play next.

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8 Games like Bioshock

Bioshock series changed a lot in how we perceive first-person shooter games. By blending mechanics typical to the genre with...

2 weeks ago

5 Best Video Game Love Stories

Romance is a vital part of a compelling story – without it, the story may sometimes feel lackluster and like...

3 weeks ago

Games with Time-Travel

Ah, time-travel. What would we give to go back to the past and/or future, to undo mistakes or see how...

4 weeks ago
Fus-ro-dah! |Narrator, Bastion
John Price, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare