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Are you looking for inspirations based on a specific genre? Or maybe you’ve just finished a popular game and are looking for another just like it? In both cases, we have plenty of articles which can help you find the right game to play next.

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games PC, PS4, XO, NS

Best Turn-Based Strategy Games

There is a difference between strategy and tactics, one that can be sometimes forgotten, or ignored. In the broadest terms,…

3 months ago
desperados PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3, X360

Games like Desperados

Real-time tactics games in the vein of recently reinvigorated Desperados, or the classic Commandos series have always been exceptionally niche…

3 months ago
Games Where You Can Freeze Time PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3, X360

Games Where You Can Freeze Time

This list will provide you with the games where you can manipulate with the timeline, freezing the time at your…

4 months ago
Vampyr PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3, X360

Games Where You Are A Vampire

Do you like horror movies, books, and other stuff involving vampires? Those blood-sucking undeads can sometimes be very attractive… in…

4 months ago
necromancer-main PC, PS4, XO, PS3, X360

Games Where You Can Play as Necromancer

Rising corpses, casting dark spells and wielding blood magic – sounds exciting and familiar? Then necromancy is the perfect choice…

4 months ago
That was too close, you were almost a Jill sandwich. | Barry Burton, Resident Evil
Barry Burton, Resident Evil