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Are you looking for inspirations based on a specific genre? Or maybe you’ve just finished a popular game and are looking for another just like it? In both cases, we have plenty of articles which can help you find the right game to play next.

Divinity 2 cover in flames PC, PS4, XO, NS, PS3, X360

The Best Turn-Based RPG’s

Some of the highest praised video games in history have been turn-based role-playing games. The genre has its loyal fans…

4 months ago
Dead Cells gamescreen PC

Best Roguelike Games on Steam

Roguelike games are a mixed bag, not in terms of quality, but mostly in terms of the specific way they…

5 months ago
far cry 5 cult leader PC, PS4, XO, PS3, X360

Best Far Cry Games in order & ranking

Having started in 2004, Far Cry is slowly, but inadvertently getting close to being 20 years old. Although there have…

6 months ago
Every puzzle has an answer. | Professor Layton and the Curious Village
Professor Layton and the Curious Village