That may not occur as an obvious fact, but gamers can contribute to environmental protection through gaming. Moreover, it’s easier than you think!

Taking care of our planet Earth is a job that literally anyone can do. Whether through epic actions or everyday habits – every effort matters. Therefore, if you are interested in saving the world in other, perhaps not so obvious, areas of life, this article can help you learn how to be green through gaming. It’s eco-gaming time!

Choose Energy-Efficient Gaming Devices: Tips for selecting consoles and PCs using less power.

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly gaming console, Nintendo Switch is your best choice. It produces only 0.003 kg of CO² per hour! Meanwhile, PlayStation 5 generates 0.046kg of CO² per hour, being the least eco-friendly console on the market.

As for PCs, the Lenovo Yoga Series, Apple MacBook Pro, and HP Elite Dragonfly series are the most sustainable options. Also, if you have an older and still working laptop, consider reusing it for different purposes instead of contributing to e-waste.

You can change the power-consuming Windows OS for one of many Linux distros and use it to play your favorite indie games – 12000 titles on Steam are perfectly playable on Linux!

Opt for Digital Downloads: Reducing physical waste by buying games digitally.

Since physical copies emit more than 23 times the CO² of digital downloads, it is easy to guess that buying video games on online platforms is way more ecological.

Moreover, it’s faster! You can browse for digital titles in many proven places like Steam, GOG, or PlayStation Store and enjoy them right away.

Use Eco-Friendly Accessories: Highlighting accessories made from sustainable materials.

From cute headphones to RGB lightning, gaming is all about gadgets. Unfortunately, most are plastic – but you can make your life greener by buying eco-friendly gaming accessories. Brands like Logitech, Razer, and SteelSeries are leading the way in providing sustainable products, ensuring top-notch performance.

You can also look for gadgets made of organic materials and choose stores that do not use plastic and non-recyclable packaging.

Limit Gaming Session Lengths: Encouraging shorter sessions to save energy.

Think about how much per day you actually want to play the game. If you play too late at night or even all day, try to change your routine for a healthier lifestyle. Take a walk, spend time with friends, and help the planet by reducing your power consumption. It’s a win-win situation!

Recycle Old Gaming Equipment: Best practices for disposing of or recycling outdated gear.

If your old equipment is no longer fit for purpose and it’s time to dispose of it, please don’t throw it into your regular trash bins. Instead, search for nearby recycling centers accepting this type of waste on Google.

Also, some stores accept old and broken devices. And if you can’t find a suitable place to dispose of your equipment, ask your computer service for a possible solution.

Support Green Gaming Companies: Identifying developers and companies with sustainable practices.

Some gaming companies genuinely took caring for the environment to heart. If you want to play greener, consider purchasing their products to support such initiatives.

For example, Epic Games introduced some minor changes to Fortnite that are indifferent to the game’s overall performance but result in lower power consumption.

Adjust Settings for Efficiency: Configuring game and device settings for lower energy consumption.

Even minor tweaks result in lower power consumption, and you can achieve this effect in-game. Your device will pay off with a higher frames-per-second rate and better image smoothness if you lower graphic details and screen resolution. Moreover, you can enable the operating system’s power-saving options.

Also, it’s important to remember that sleep mode uses almost as much energy as a running device, so you may want to turn it off instead.

Engage in Virtual Conservation Efforts: Games that teach or contribute to environmental conservation.

Some video games provide knowledge about saving the environment, so why not combine fun with learning new things? Eco from 2018 teaches how to manage the world’s resources in a challenging situation.

The first installation in Sid Meier’s Civilization series introduces climate change as part of its gameplay. And if you like puzzles, Lumino City may be your best choice for exploring the subject of recycling.

Community Actions and Awareness: Encouraging involvement in eco-friendly initiatives within gaming communities.

As more and more gaming companies are aware of their power in saving the planet, you can check out their eco-friendly initiatives. For example, Sony’s Horizon: Forbidden West unlocks Reached the Daunt achievements, resulting in the Arbor Day Foundation planting a real tree.

There is also a Green Game Jam competition launched by Playing for the Planet Alliance that you may find interesting, as it involves many fun activities focusing on increasing environmental awareness.


As it turns out, the average player can do quite a lot for the environment simply by modifying their habits. As more and more gaming communities become concerned about reducing their carbon footprint, you can easily do your own research and decide how you want to practice eco-friendly gaming.

The best part is it doesn’t cost anything, and it’s always a win-win situation for both you and the planet.