In 2013 Grand Theft Auto V has turned the gaming world upside down.

A long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular franchises in the history of the gaming industry has exceeded expectations, gathering stellar reviews and winning awards left and right.

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Two years later, GTA Online – the multiplayer component for the game was released, adding a new layer of fun to an already entertaining game. As we’re entering a new generation of gaming hardware, the arrival of the next installment of GTA is only a matter of time. But before that happens, you can still enjoy a bit of fun with Michael, Trevor, and Franklin, thanks to our GTA 5 Black Friday sale.

Grand Theft Auto 5 deals offer not only the core game, available on Xbox One PS4 and PC, but also Shark Cards. These special items give the player a big shot of cash, necessary not only in the GTA V single player but also Online. Life in Los Santos is expensive, but thanks to these cards you won’t have to worry too much about not having enough money to stock up on ammo, buy a fancy, new ride (after totaling the previous one), or splurge some green on new duds or decor for your apartment.