The free-to-play model is a common trend in the gaming market. Various video games allow players to enjoy their rich content for free after they sign in to the title’s platform. The prominent representatives of this model are MMORPGs, one of which is Tibia.

The player can enter their fantastical worlds without spending a single penny. However, free-to-play content has its limits. To enjoy the features of a game fully, the player has to sign up for a premium account. Tibia is no different in this aspect, and in this article, you’ll find out all about the CipSoft game’s premium account. 

What is Tibia?

Tibia is an open-world 2D MMORPG developed by CipSoft. It’s one of the eldest representatives of its genre, dating back to 1997. The game focuses on tile-based combat against monsters to gain experience, gold, and other loot.

The game is set in a fantasy world, in which the player can control one of four classes: knights, paladins, sorcerers, and druids. The tile-based combat, pixel art graphics, and text-based interactions with the NPCs make Tibia an absolute blast from the past that manages to keep the players engaged to this day. The game is available for Windows, macOS, and mobile devices (TibiaME).

What is a Tibia Premium Account?

Simply put, Tibia Premium Account gives the player access to all the content offered by CipSoft’s game. While the title can be played and enjoyed with the basic account features, the PACC allows the player to enjoy the full spectrum of features.

PACC holders gain a 50% boost to experience for 3 hours a day, a very helpful feature if the player aims to level up quickly. Premium players can create their guilds, use an instant travel system to move around the map, and gain an option to purchase and decorate their in-game house.

What are the other perks of the Tibia Premium Account?

Tibia’s premium users gain priority in logging into a world (one of the game’s servers). With Premium Account, the player can freely adjust their Tibia experience to fit perfectly fit their needs.

Tibia features
The following benefits are available to Premium players (at the moment of article publication date)
courtesy of official tibia website source (Table date information: November 24, 2021)
BenefitPremium DetailsFreePremium
XP boost 50% XP boost for 3 hours every day - How about gaining 50% more XP when hunting? As a Premium player, you can enjoy this valuable boost during your first three hours of stamina 0 95%
Offline training Train your skills while offline - Offline training is a real time saver, exclusively available to Premium players! Vital actions of your character are determined by your skills so hone them even while you are offline! ✔️
Refined quick looting Customise quick looting to your liking - Refine the Loot All option by excluding items or set up a list to only loot specific items. Premium status also allows you to loot a single item with a simple click and to assign categories to your containers to automatically sort looted items. ✔️
Areas Access Premium areas - Discover new mysterious places, visit distant continents full of exotic creatures and explore the whole world of Tibia. Exciting adventures await you! 5 areas and cities 17+ areas and cities
Efficient supply stash Enjoy the supply stash to its full extent - As a Premium player, you can enjoy all benefits of the supply stash. Stow an unlimited number of resources and creature products neatly, quickly and efficiently instead of just being able to retrieve them from the stash. retrieve stow and retrieve
Spells Cast all powerful spells - Harness the full magical potential of your vocation! Cast powerful attack, support, and healing spells, and summon mighty creatures to vanquish the enemy. 55 139+
Outfits Wear Premium outfits - Dress up and wear one of the popular outfits that are exclusively available to Premium players 4 + 1 unlockable 32+
Mounts Tame mounts to travel faster - Tame majestic wild creatures and get yourself faithful travel companions. They will carry you swiftly to your destination. Impress others by riding into battle on rare mounts! 3 rentable 41+
Death penalty Lose 30% less on death with a promotion - Death in Tibia hurts! Lose 30% less XP and skills on death by promoting your character. Premium status allows you to enjoy this and all other benefits of a promotion. 0% reduction 30% reduction
Market offers Create Market offers - Create Market offers to buy items you fancy or to sell your loot in a convenient way. ✔️
House ownership Own and decorate houses - Enjoy the exclusive ability to rent a house where you can regenerate and also train your skills while sleeping in your bed. Make yourself at home and choose from the vast assortment of furniture and decorations, put your treasures on display, and invite your friends over. ✔️ 900+ houses
VIP list entries Add up to 100 players to your VIP list - Add up to 100 characters instead of only 20 to your VIP list to find out which of your friends or enemies are online. 20 100
Depot space Store up to 15,000 items in your depot - Store up to 15,000 items instead of only 2,000 in your depot chest which you can access from every city depot! 2000 15000
Private chat channels Invite friends to private chats - Create your own private chat channel and invite anyone you like to join your chat. ✔️
Character promotion Get stronger with a promotion - Promote your character to a superior rank with further advantages such as faster regeneration, reduced death penalty, and special vocation-specific spells. ✔️
Challenging arenas Fight in PvP and PvE arenas - Fight for fun without death penalty in Tibia\'s arenas! Face other players or stand your ground against waves of monster hordes. ✔️
Advanced analytics features Use advanced analytics features - Optimise your hunting sessions by using advanced analytics features. Premium status also allows you to track more items and quests. ✔️
Priority login Benefit of priority login - Especially on new game worlds, the number of players online can quickly get close to a world\'s maximum capacity. As a Premium player, you will have login priority while free accounts have to wait. ✔️
Mighty summons Use mighty summons - Summon a powerful companion to come to your aid in battle. Each vocation can call a unique creature with special abilities. ✔️
Guild leadership Create and lead powerful guilds - You have what it takes to be a leader? Found your own guild, recruit followers and rent one of the impressive guildhalls. Bring like-minded players together under your banner and form strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie. ✔️
Exclusive outfit addons Earn addons to spice up outfits - Because basic outfits alone are not dashing enough! Earn addons to make your character stand out and prove your skill as an adventurer. ✔️
Premium worlds Be the first on new game worlds - Be among the first to play on new game worlds which can only be accessed with Premium status. In addition, Premia is an old world exclusively reserved for Premium players. ✔️
Loyalty system Get a skill bonus through loyalty - Accumulate loyalty points through Premium status to benefit from a skill bonus, earn special titles and rise in the loyalty highscores. ✔️
Tournaments Prove your skills in Tournaments to win great prizes - Take part in Tournaments and prove your Tibia skills. In Tournaments all characters start at the same level and try to score as many points as possible in a predefined time span. The better your score, the better your reward. ✔️
Party List Watch your party in an exclusive list - Open a party list to have all characters that are in your party displayed, no matter where they are in Tibia. If they are no more than 30 fields away from you, you can even see their mana, health points and skulls. ✔️
Secondary Battle Lists Organise characters and creatures nearby in secondary battle lists - As a Premium player, you can open secondary battle lists. They allow you to use the battle list's sorting features more efficiently. Open an own battle list for each filter you have applied. ✔️
Team Finder Find a team more easily - Whenever you are looking for teammates to go on a big hunt or to solve a tricky quest, use the Team Finder to join a team or to assemble an own one. ✔️
Team Finder Use two Hunting Task slots for free - Benefit of two free Hunting Task slots to select monsters and earn special rewards for hunting them down. 1 2
More active charms Use up to 6 charms at the same time - Use charms on up to 6 different Bestiary creatures instead of 2 at the same time to benefit of offensive, defensive or passive bonus effects against them. 2 6
Trackable quests Track up to 20 quests - Keep track of your progress on up to 20 quests or tasks instead of only 5 in the quest tracker. 5 20
Soul points Enhance your soul points with a promotion - Raise your soul points to 200 instead of only 100 and regenerate them 8 times faster by promoting your character. Premium status allows you to enjoy this and all other benefits of a promotion.' 100, slow regeneration 200, fast regeneration
Trackable items Track up to 50 items - Keep track of up to 50 items instead of only 5 in the drop tracker. Whenever a creature drops one of your tracked items, you will be notified about it. 5 50
Mana and HP regeneration Regenerate faster with a promotion - Regenerate your mana and hit points considerably faster. Premium status allows you to enjoy this and all other benefits of a promotion. slow regeneration fast regeneration
Quests Solve exclusive quests for the best rewards - Unravel mysteries and face evil masterminds as you solve the abundance of thrilling quests Tibia has to offer. Get your hands on the most precious rewards and rare treasures! ~ 80 280+
Imbuements Imbue items with stronger effects - Enhance your equipment with useful temporary effects through intricate and powerful imbuements which are considerably stronger than the basic ones. basic basic, intricate, powerful
VIP Groups Add groups to organise your VIP list - Organise and sort characters on your VIP list into groups. As a Premium player, you can create up to 5 groups in addition to the 3 predefined groups. 3 3+5
Free prey slots Use two prey slots for free - Benefit of two free prey slots to select monsters from which you gain a bonus when hunting them. 1 2

How to buy Premium (Tibia coins)

The players can upgrade their basic account to Premium using Tibia coins. Tibia coins can also be sold at the Market to gain more gold. The coins can also be used to purchase a variety of other services. The players can subscribe to a Tibia Premium account for less than 9 euros per month, and the basic Tibia coin pack are in very good prices and can be bought anytime you want.

Join the ever-growing group of Tibia premium players and purchase your PACC today!