The Halloween season is ending soon, so it’s a good time to get all the supplies ready. The pumpkins, if you’re into carving, the candy, if you’re in a giving mood, and the decorations, if you have the inclination.

Do you know what else you could get? A few fun and/or scary games to spend even a lonely Halloween in a state of controlled and highly entertaining fear, excitement, and contentment. And it doesn’t need to be expensive, either, because G2A holds a few Halloween discounts for plenty of great horror video games.

Halloween Sale 2021
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Dead by Daylight

Developer:Behaviour Digital Inc.

Dead by Daylight is a relative rarity. It’s an asymmetrical Player vs Player game, pitting four human survivors against a single supernatural serial killer. The roster of characters is decently sized, and when you include the DLCs it also includes quite a few guests from established spooky franchises, such as Halloween, Resident Evil, or even Evil Dead, if you want some snark in the game.

Dead by Daylight

All characters have their own bag of tricks expressed as perks which confer both passive and active benefits, and a procedurally generated progression tree as a neat bonus. At the time of writing there are over twenty Killers and almost thirty Survivors, counting DLC characters. That’s easily enough to last you a long time, especially if you’d like to really get into each character’s progression.

Key features
  • Large roster of killers and survivors
  • An interesting background lore and tense atmosphere
  • Tense asymmetrical PvP
  • Guest appearances from famous horror-related franchises

Back 4 Blood

Genre:Online FPS, Horror
Developer:Turtle Rock Studios

Coming from Turtle Rock Studios, the creators of the classic Left 4 Dead, Back 4 Blood is an excellent spiritual successor in the realm of zombie shooters. A fresh release, B4B has everything you’d expect a L4D-type game to have: hordes of zombies, extremely dangerous super-mutated specimens, and big emphasis on co-operation in the face of overwhelming odds and limited ammo reserves..

The story of Back 4 Blood, because indeed it does have a story, involves a potentially alien worm which quickly started infesting humans. The game takes place a year since the outbreak and follows 8 “Cleaners”: defenders of one of the last outposts of humanity. Sadly, missions are 4-character only, so your party needs to consider each character’s perks and synergies when assembling a team.

Key features
  • 8 unique character with different aptitudes and perks
  • A dedicated story-focused campaign
  • 8-player PvP
  • Cards tweak each character’s performance during a mission



Minecraft is one of the most famous games in history, for good reasons. Despite its seemingly unsophisticated appearance, Minecraft hides incredible flexibility and powerful engine supporting any degree of players’ creativity. The game revolves around two modes. One of them is survival, taskikng you with making a living in blocky world which doesn’t care if you live or die unless you make it.


The other way to play is in the Creative mode, where you’re given all the freedom you need to build and play around to your heart’s content without worrying about creepers or dying of hunger. Minecraft is also phenomenally moddable, which can tremendously expand the available types of blocks, implement new interactions, craftable items, and more.

Key features
  • Easily recognizable aesthetic
  • Virtually unlimited freedom to build
  • Incredibly mod-friendly
  • You can play with friends to accomplish more and make something BIG

No Man’s Sky

Developer:Hello Games

A few years after release No Man’s Sky has become a full-y-featured, immersive, massive space exploration simulator. There are thousands of planets to visit, hundreds of various alien life forms to spot and catalogue, and it’s all procedurally generated. Over the years NMS also received substantial support for building a base, multiplayer, and improved storytelling for those who seek it.

No Man’s Sky

The list of features and improvement added over multiple huge updates is staggering, and if you’re looking for something more relaxing than the likes of Elite Dangerous, than NMS will most likely let you live out your space-faring dreams. It certainly doesn’t hurt that the game’s aesthetic is quite pleasing and friendly, even when the procedurally assembled animals have weird limb arrangements.

Key features
  • A huge procedurally generated galaxy
  • There’s a story and some lore to discover
  • Build a base and share it with friends
  • Simple, but effective survival game mechanics

Guardians of the Galaxy


In a surprising twist, the Guardians of the Galaxy video turned out to be a great space adventure. It takes plenty of inspiration from both the highly popular Marvel movies and the comic book source material to create its own take on GotG. Unlike some other ensemble cast games, here you’re directly controlling only the roguish Star-Lord, shooting enemies and commanding other Guardians.

An interesting aspect of the game is that it does put you in the role of the group’s leader. In combat you’ll be able to make potentially inspiring speeches… or completely fail at that, if you misread your teammates. Meanwhile the story will feature many decision points where you’ll need to choose which party member to support, affecting relations within the group. Can you keep everyone happy?

Key features
  • A fun action game drawing on both the GotG movies and comic books for inspiration
  • Playing as Star-Lord does feel like leading a bunch of misfits
  • There are many useful power synergies to deploy during combat
  • Your dialogue choices can affect relations within the group

Shortly put: whatever your favourite brand of gameplay is, you’re likely to find a title that fits your preference perfectly, letting you spend this Halloween with plenty of fun and fright to go around.

If the above is not enough, what follows is a collection of a few more interesting Halloween video games on sale on G2A.