The game market wouldn’t be complete without horrors. Especially because horror as a game can elicit a level of fear in players that can never be achieved by watching a film.

Of course, a good horror game must build tension, and the higher the difficulty level, the more that tension increases, along with the challenge the game presents to us.

While an overly difficult game can deter even the biggest genre fans, imagine a game in which a horde of terrifying monsters hunts you, and to defeat each of them, you must take a single shot. You finish the game with a slight sense of unfulfillment, thinking it was a decent adventure, but certainly not a horror.

Yet, it would only take a few adjustments to turn that same game into a true horror experience. Limit the amount of ammunition, shorten the lifespan of equipment, add combat challenges, make enemies completely unpredictable, devoid of a specific pattern of behaviour.

And to top it off, sprinkle in some well-placed jump scares. It sounds entirely different, doesn’t it? Real stress, fear, anxiety, tension – these are the feelings that effectively draw players to the horror games genre.

Of course, you don’t have to dive straight into the hard mode. Horrors, like many other genres, offer various levels of gameplay difficulty. The important thing is to choose one that effectively captures your attention and keeps you in suspense from the beginning to the end.

And now, are you ready? In that case, let’s meet the list of the hardest horror games ever made!

Pathologic 2 2019-05-23 Adventure Ice-Pick Lodge
Alien Isolation 2014-10-06 Action & Shooter The Creative Assembly
Resident Evil 4 Remake 2023-03-24 Horror Capcom Development Division 1
Amnesia Rebirth 2020-10-20 Horror Frictional Games
The Evil Within 2014-10-14 Adventure Tango Gameworks
The Evil Within 2 2017-10-13 Adventure Tango Gameworks
Outlast 2013-09-04 Adventure Red Barrels
Outlast 2 2017-04-25 Adventure Red Barrels
Amnesia The Bunker 2023-06-06 Adventure Frictional Games
Dead Space Remake 2023-01-27 Action Motive Studios
Dead Space 2 2011-01-27 Horror Visceral Games
Ebola 2 2021-01-06 Shooter indie_games_studio
Darkwood 2017-07-17 Adventure Acid Wizard Studio

Silent Hill 2

Release date:2001-09-24
Genre:Survival horror
Developer:Team Silent

A sequel to the iconic first installment of SH, Silent Hill 2 sets the bar even higher.

The dark story of James Sunderland begins when he receives a letter from his late wife. This wouldn’t be extraordinary if not for the fact that she passed away three years ago. In the letter, his wife mentions Silent Hill. James, who would give anything to see her again, heads to the town she mentioned.

Our hero’s journey takes place in the misty streets of the eerie Silent Hill. Along the way, he encounters various terrifying creatures that are reflections of his fears and dark fantasies. The complex puzzles in the game blend seamlessly with the dark atmosphere and effectively raise the game’s level.

Creating a list of the hardest horror games without including SH2 would be an unforgivable mistake. The game has held a high position on the list of the best horror games for years, and is considered the best installment in the entire series. The game offers challenging puzzles, constant challenges, limited resources, and an accompanying sense of unpredictability and fear.

And as a bonus, the sound design that makes you wonder if something is lurking behind you even after turning off the game. What more could you want?

Key features
  • Dark, surprising story
  • Puzzles that effectively hinder progress
  • Challenging enemies
  • 6 possible endings

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Release date:2010-09-08
Developer:Frictional Games

This is a game that revolutionized first-person horror experiences.

It leads us through its dark world as Daniel, a character suffering from amnesia that he inflicted on himself. His goal is to kill Baron Alexander as he ventures through the dark castle.

What is the revolution in Amnesia? This is a title where you won’t find any combat. You traverse numerous rooms searching for oil for your lamp and matches, not bullets. These are the only items that will help you survive in the terrifying darkness surrounding you.

To survive, you must constantly flee and hide from creatures that are eager to take your life. But be cautious! Even fear can be deadly here.

Amnesia: The Dark Descent is on the list of the hardest horror games not because of jump scares, but because it constantly raises tension. The ever-present, disturbing sounds create a constant sense of danger that you can’t shake.

The presence of a mental health bar, which begins to shrink as soon as the light begins to run out, further intensifies the atmosphere. And the deeper the psychosis of our protagonist, the more disturbing visions and frightening sounds we encounter.

Key features
  • Terrifying atmosphere with dark music in the background
  • Innovation in the world of horror
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Two health bars: physical and mental

Lost in Vivo

Release date:2018-11-05

This is a claustrophobic horror game set in underground environments.

During a raging storm, the main character’s four-legged friend is kidnapped by a water current and drawn into the depths of the sewers. The only solution is to find the nearest entrance and go searching for your dog. Unfortunately, the sewers hide dark secrets.

Lost in Vivo is played from a first-person perspective, which, combined with the dark, limited visibility, increases the sense of unease. Terrifying monsters appear occasionally, but these are not jump scares.

Here, tension increases from minute to minute, to the point where you won’t know whether to fight or flee when facing an enemy. Combat is entirely possible, but the question is, can you steady your hands to load ammunition and take an accurate shot?

Why is Lost in Vivo on the list of the hardest horror games? This game masterfully builds tension. Ominous sounds from all directions create a constant sense of threat that you cannot shake. And the severely limited resources raise the difficulty level.

Key features
  • Terrifying experience drawing from the best horror games
  • Sounds that continue to disturb even after turning off the computer
  • Challenging puzzles
  • Diminishing resources

Evil Within

Release date:2014-10-13
Developer:Tango Gameworks

For detective Sebastian Castellanos, it was supposed to be another day at work. Another crime and mystery to solve. But this time, everything turned out differently.

The crime scene revealed itself as a place of massacre, perpetrated by mysterious forces. Our hero is left alone on the battlefield. Will he survive in this distorted reality full of nightmares?

Evil Within 1 is a mix of stealth and combat. Enemies appear from all directions, and blood flows in abundance. The game features many puzzles and traps, with the latter potentially being lethal for you or your enemies, provided you use them wisely.

Why did we choose Evil Within? The grotesque and unpredictable creatures can send shivers down a player’s spine. The entire environment in the game is just as unnerving. You’ll never be certain what to expect. Limited resources add an extra layer of challenge.

Key features
  • Phenomenal return to the darkest roots of the genre
  • Dangerous, brutal traps
  • Changing environment
  • Limited resources to intensify the atmosphere

Alien Isolation

Release date:2014-10-06
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:The Creative Assembly

Alien Isolation is a horror game, but it has an entirely different atmosphere than its predecessors.

In the game, you play as Amanda Ridley, the daughter of the famous Ellen. After the events of the Nostromo, Ellen mysteriously disappeared, and her daughter set out to find her. However, her search turns into a deadly cat-and-mouse game with a terrifying, extraterrestrial scenario.

Alien Isolation doesn’t resemble the previous Alien games. In this installment, the creators focused on a dark and mysterious atmosphere, reminiscent of a genuine survival horror.

Survival is a big deal here. To survive, you must sneak and hide effectively because the Xenomorph has incredibly sharp senses. Due to limited resources, Amanda must rely on her improvisational skills to create useful items.

The unpredictable nature of the Xenomorph, controlled by artificial intelligence, earned Alien Isolation a spot on our list of hard horror games. The feeling of the alien’s breath on your neck and the knowledge that one wrong move can end your life will give you goosebumps.

Constant resource shortages and infrequent save opportunities further raise the game’s difficulty.

Key features
  • Discover what true fear means – in this game, you are prey
  • An unstable world and panicked population
  • Substitute resource shortages with creativity
  • Explore a world full of secrets and betrayal

Cry of Fear

Release date:2013-04-25
Developer:Team Psykskallar

This is an independent psychological game with a deeply disturbing atmosphere.

The main character wakes up in a seemingly abandoned city, with no memory of how he got there or what happened before. Desperate, he embarks on a lonely journey through the city searching for answers. Unfortunately, nothing is as it seems…

During the game, the focus is mainly on the constant exploration of the seemingly deserted Fäversholm. Only seemingly because the city harbours repulsive creatures that you’ll have to face in combat. Narrow corridors and dark streets create a perpetual sense of dread.

The game’s difficulty is undoubtedly raised by the unforgiving combat with monsters. You won’t experience jump scares, but the game keeps you in suspense from beginning to end. The limited inventory space means that every move must be carefully considered. Intense psychological elements and well-chosen music create a chilling atmosphere.

Key features
  • Multiple different endings
  • A sizable arsenal of unique weapons
  • Terrifying and unforgettable atmosphere
  • Cooperative campaign for up to 4 players

Dead Space

Release date:2008-10-20
Developer:EA Redwood Shores

Engineer Isaac Clarke embarks on a mission to a space mining ship. Little does he know that the ship has been infected by an extraterrestrial contagion. All that awaits him there is a fight for survival or death.

In Dead Space, you will experience third-person gameplay. Fighting the necromorphs requires a good strategy, especially since the game incorporates combat in zero gravity. That means you never know from which direction the enemy will come.

The realistic and terrifying character animations of the necromorphs and the sheer number of enemies can be overwhelming, especially with limited ammunition. The pervasive sense of dread creates a deep feeling of isolation in space.

Key features
  • A highly atmospheric space game
  • An engaging storyline
  • Jump-scare moments
  • Zero-gravity combat


Whether we want it or not, the more challenging a horror game is, the more captivating it becomes. And even though common sense and a racing heart may tell us to step away from the screen, we push on, eager to see the story through to the end.

In the gaming market, there are many titles that players eagerly pick up for the first time. First and, despite an interesting storyline, the last. Because there’s nothing more to discover or surprise. Fortunately, there are titles like “Silent Hill.” Engaging from the first moments of the game. Games that, after completing, leave you relieved yet wanting more. Titles that redefine the genre and inspire future creators.