Good old Hearthstone. Even since Blizzard released Hearthstone fans got crazy over this game. There is no denying that it is one of the best, if not the best card games ever created. Nowadays only Gwent is capable to somehow keep up with Hearthstone. As it is a Trading Card Game (TCG) then it should not be surprising that the most important thing in the game, are cards.

Hearthstone Card Packs

You can acquire them in various ways, for example by doing quests, fighting etc. However, the most efficient way of doing that, are Heartstone card packs. These Heartstone packs contain 5 cards, at least one of which is guaranteed to be Rare, but you can also find Epic and Legendary rarity cards in them.

Very often these cards cannot be obtained with any other means. This is why we decided to provide you with this article. If you are wondering which Hearthstone packs to buy, then this article is going to be a great help for you. There are quite a few card packs which we considered as worthy of your time and money.

1. Knights of the Frozen Throne

Who does not know what Frozen Throne really is? It is the ultimate source of power of the Lich King. Since Ner’Zhul and Arthas merged together, now the Lich King is the most powerful being in the entire Azeroth. The only ones which are even able to hold a candle against him are the higher demons of the legion (Kil’Jaden and Sargeras), the almighty dragon Deathwing and the Red Dragon Aspect, Alexstrasza. No one else can defeat them.

The bundle of 50 card packs can be bought for $49.99 which means about $1 for a single pack. It is definitely worth buying due to the fact that it can provide you with very powerful cards. First there is the card of the almighty Lich King, Arthas. Hehas powerful stats of 8-8. He also has a powerful ability Taunt. At the end of each turn, he’ll also puta random Death Knight card to your hand.

Then there is Prince Keleseth a really great support card. He only has 2-2 stats but if your deck contains no 2-cost cards then all minions in your deck are going to gain plus 1 in both stats. While these are legendary cards which are relatively hard to obtain, there are a few rare and epic cards which are also worth of mentioning. In my opinion (as a Hearthstone player) one of the most interesting epic cards which can be found in this deck, is the Skulking Geist.

It has an interesting battlecry ability, which allows him to destroy all 1-Cost spell cards of both players. No matter if they are in hand or in the deck. It is a typical double-edged sword which might lead to your victory as well as your downfall. In case of rare cards, Bone Drake is really worth mentioning.

Thanks to his deathrattle ability, he is able to summon to your hand, any random dragon. All in all, the Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion and card packs allow you to create, a really powerful army of monsters and heroes which are capable of summoning many minions or cast powerful status effects and spells. There is no human army, capable of standing against the power of the Scourge. Arthas is going to showyou that in a really painful way.

2. Curse of Naxxramas

The Curse of Naxrammas card pack is widely considered as the best choice for new players. There are two reasons behind that fact. First of all, this expansion is filled with really powerful units and heroes. Second, it focuses on the deathrattle ability. Judging by the growing popularity of the Knights of the Frozen Throne, Curse of Naxxramas is working in a perfect sync with Knights. In other words, you can circle around both card packs and still get units capable to be used in both teams.

The card on which you should definitely focus is the legendary hero card of Kel’Thuzad. He is a powerful lich and the most loyal servant of the Scourge. The only person death king Arthas considers as a friend. Though not as powerful as Arthas, he is still able to tangle with most enemies in Azeroth which is presented in his card’s stats—a powerful6-8 and he is capable of resurrecting and summoning all friendly minions which died at the target turn.

There is also a twin card of ghouls Feugen and Stalagg. Feugen has the stats of 4-7 while Stalagg has stats of 7-4. If they die they can summon a powerful boss known as Thaddius. The Echoing Ooze is a relatively weak epic card with only 1-2 stats but it has a powerfulbnattlecry ability. Thanks to this, it is able to summon the exact copy of itself, which makes it a great target for buffs. All in all, cards from the Curse of Naxramass are going to be a great addition to your deck.

3. Classic Card Pack

It might be surprising but one of the best card packs you are going to find in the Hearthstone are actually classic card packs. A double pack can be bought for $3 and they are designed specifically for new players but even veterans can find something good in them.

Their biggest strength is the fact that they contain good cards for all classes of characters. However, the reason why I love the classic card packs is that they contain my favorite characters from the entire Warcraft lore mainly dragon aspects. You have to believe that Blizzard knew how to pay the homage to these powerful warriors.

See by yourself:

  • Alexstrasza – The red dragon aspect, protector of life and one of the most powerful beings in Azeroth with 8/8 stats and an ability to set the remaining health of a hero to 15.
  • Deathwing – A powerful black dragon aspect who became crazy and almost destroyed World once. He still wants to turn Azeroth in the pile of dust and decay. Even his appearance is enough to make you shiver. He has one of the highest stats in the game (12/12) but if you summon him, you have to discard your hand. He also destroys all other minions.
  • Gromash Hellscream – also known as Grom. One of the most powerful Orcs in the entire horde. Brother of Thrall. He has 4/9 stats but once he attacks he gains additional 6 to attack and unlike most minions he can attack immediately after being played He is a strong orc.
  • Twisting Nether – You can summon the Twisting Nether to destroy all minions on the battlefield.

In general, I would strongly recommend investing in the classicset. These packs are going to provide you with a great amount of cards, many of which are going to be crucial in many of your battles in the Hearthstone universe. No matter which class you decided to choose, classic card packs are going to fulfill your needs.

4. Journey to Un’Goro

Journey to Un’Goro is a relatively new set so it is recommended to veteran players. Mainly due to the fact, that most Journey to Un’Goro cards utilize elementals. Hence they are perfectly synced with heroes and decks which focus mostly on summoning. Jaina might said something about this. Anyway, Journey to Un’Goro has a few interesting cards which might surprise your enemy. For example Ozruk.

His stats seems pretty basic because he is a standard5/5. However, it is a card with a strong, tactical aspect connected with it. Ozruk gains +5 health for each elemental you summoned in the previous turn. In other words Ozruk might be really average card or an amazing tank, depending on your decisions. Kalimos the Primal Lord on the other hand, if you played the elemental in the previous round is going to cast the Elemental Invocation spell.

In general, Hearthstone requires you planning a few steps ahead. However, cards from the Journey to Un’Goro needs even more of planning.  These cards are really powerful. However, if you are going to use them in the wrong way then they are not going to be able to work properly. This is why these card packs are rather recommended to veteran players.

5. Whisperers of the Old God

Do you know about Old Gods in the Warcraft universe? Well Old Gods existed long before any races appeared in Azeroth. They are older than dragon aspects and they appeared on the planet long before Burning Legion even thought about invading Azeroth. They are also really powerful beings. With the threat of the Burning Legion and the growing power of the Lich King, Old Gods finally decided to step in and take matter in their own hands. They are capable of standing against even most powerful of the Legion agents. However, they should not be considered as saviors of the universe.

They are malevolent, cruel and vicious creatures as bad as the Burning Legion itself. They seek to consume the entire Azeroth. Now they stand in the battle not only against the Legion but also against everything alive. First of all in the card pack you can obtain one of four Old Gods with C’Thun being provided to anyone in the first Whisperers of the Old God pack they purchase. C’Thun by himself is a really powerful card.

He is a legendary unit with a 6/6 power and a powerful battlecry ability which allows him to deal damage equal to his attack, randomly split among all enemies on the battlefield. In other words he has a really powerful AOE move. Other cards in the set can empower your C’Thun, increasing his attack beyond the starting number, which will make his battlecry even more devastating. Out of the remaining three, Yogg-Saron and Y’Sharajj are interesting due to the fact, how much of a control over the battle they provide.

Yogg-Saron is a perfect add to any mage deck. By himself he is a powerful minion with 7/5 stats but his battlecry will cast a random spell for each spell you’ve cast during the game yourself. In other words, a deck which is heavily focused on magic, is going to allow Yogg-Saron to literally spam various, very often powerful abilities. Y’Sharajj can be considered a polar opposite of Yogg-Saron. Among Gods he has the most powerful stats (10/10) but his biggest advantage is his ability.

Every time you finish a turn, Y’Sharajj summons a minion from deck into the battefield. Hence, he is a best pick for decks which focus mainly on powerful minions.  Besides Old Gods, this pack provides you with other, interesting cards. The most interesting being Ogre Mage, Cho’Gall. This crazy student of Gul’Dan allows you to cast spell with cost in health instead of mana.

Thanks to this, Cho’Gall allows you to save a huge amount of the very important energy. However, if you are going to use it unwisely, then you might die. Keep that in mind. Overall Whisperers of the Old God is a perfect choice for players who love to have a control over the battlefield.

6. The Witchwood

Who would have guessed that witches are going to appear in the Hearthstone? Long forgotten by fans and Blizzard they appeared once again and they immediately show that they can pack a punch. The Witchwood card pack is a good choice because of two reasons.

First, it is a relatively new card pack, so these cards can be played in the Standard format The Witchwood cards judging by the stats and abilities are mainly defensive. Furthermore, deck provides you with very interesting spell cards. The most interesting cards in my opinion arem, for example, the Nightscale Matriarch, mother of dragons with 4/9 stats. She is a very lovable girl, which is going to summon dragon whelps every time you heal your unit.

There is also a Rebuke spell card which cost only 2 mana, but has a very powerful effect. It increases the costs of all enemy spells by 5 for the next turn. Fiendish Circle summons four imps on the battlefield. In general, the Witchwood cards are not the most powerful in the game.

However, most of them have very interesting effects and spells might turn the tide of the battle. The Witchwood card packs are perfect if you are planning to create a deck, which is designed specifically for long battles..

7. The Boomsday Project

Are you ready to participate in the sweet science in Azeroth?

It seems that this planet has a fair amount of various people (gnomes, goblins, dwarves, humans, taurens, even night elves). However, it is still Azeroth. What do you think is going to happen when you mix magic with science?

Get ready for explosions. There is for example a very powerful spell of Flark’s Boom-Zooka. It summons three monsters from your deck, which attack your enemy, then die. The Unexpected Result spell summons two random two cost minions for 4 mana and it benefits from your spell power, so it can summon even more powerful monsters!

Well, it is really unexpected what you might get.  Kaboom bot as soon as he appears, deals 4 damage to a random enemy minion. Goblin Bombs, while a weak minion, deal 2 damage to enemy hero when they die. These crazy scientists were even able to create Mecha’thun. Yes this crazy people decided to create a copy of one of the most powerful beings in the entire Azeroth. The Mecha’thun is even more scary than the original one.

It is one of a few cards in the entire Hearthstone which (after meeting certain requirements) is capable of winning a game outright. If you have no cards in your deck, in your hand and in the battlefield then Mecha’thun is going to completely destroy your enemy. Interesting isn’t it? Well if you want to blow your enemies then this card pack is a really great choice.

As you can see, there are quite a few interesting card packs in which you can invest.