Strategy video games combine two emotions – satisfaction and complete frustration. Why the latter? Because without console commands, every tiny mistake can result in massive failure.

Grand strategies like Hearts of Iron IV don’t have to be bitterly challenging. After all, you play this game for fun, right? Therefore, you shouldn’t shy away from making your gameplay experience more personal and tailored to your needs. Sometimes — like after work or school — players don’t feel up to completing another war mission in its mechanically pure form.

But they still want that spark of excitement in a slightly more casual version. Something the same but somehow different. And this is where HoI4 console commands prove themselves irreplaceable.

HOI4 Commands

How to use console? To access the console and start typing commands, you must first press the appropriate button on the keyboard. This process, however, may take some effort as not all keys work the same way on all keyboards and in different game versions. Try starting the title and clicking these examples to see what runs the console in your case: tilde (~), Alt 2, Alt 3, Shift 2, Shift 3, `, ', “, \, ^, §.

After launching the console, you can type the commands listed below. Note that some may require a specific ID or number. Like, for example, add_equipment [amount] [equipment name]. Ready? It’s high time to learn some handy codes!

Commonly Used Commands for Beginners
manpower [amount] get the desired amount of manpower
xp [amount] xp command for adding a certain amount of experience for the navy, army, and airforce
pp [amount] add the preferred amount of political power
instanconstruction skip construction waiting time to finish it right away
focus.autocomplete complete your National Focus
winwars earn the maximum score in all active wars
cp [amount] increase your Command Power by the desired amount
fow control fog of war visibility (toggle on or off)
fronts turn the fronts' visibility on or off
Essential Commands Every Player Should Know
add_autonomy [country ID] [amount] control the autonomy of the chosen country (increase or decrease)
add_equipment [amount] [equipment ID] increase the amount of wanted equipment (except naval)
add_party_popularity [ideology group] [amount] add the chosen popularity value of a specific party to the ideological group, including communism, fascism, neutrality, or democracy
research_on_icon_click immediately unlock the desired technology on the tech tree
allowdiplo use any diplomatic action without providing a specific reason
ai_accept make your opponents accept all diplomatic offers
nuke [amount] give yourself a fine supply of nukes
instanttraining enjoy instant training of your units
occupationpaint [country ID] take over all lands of the picked country
teleport [province ID] move units to any place on the map
yesman accept all diplomatic offers
Advanced Commands
allowtraits assign any number of traits to generals
add_core [state ID] [country ID] transform a state into a core part of the chosen country
add_ideas [idea ID] add an idea with the selected ID
gain_xp [amount] give experience to a general or leader
st [amount] add stability
ws [amount] add war support
whitepeace [country ID] [country ID] bring peace to countries at war
debug_nuking enable nuking in the provinces
setowner [country ID] [state ID] make a specific country the owner of the selected state
focus.nochecks ignore national goal requirements
focus.ignoreprerequisites ignore the initial conditions of national goals
decision.nochecks ignore decision requirements
puppet [puppeteer country ID] [puppet country ID] make any country a dummy of the selected nation
Essential Commands for Game Modders
set_var [variable] [value] change the variable to a specific value
get_var [variable] show variable value in the console
ai [country ID] turn the AI of the selected country on or off
set_cosmetic_tag [country ID] [cosmetic ID] change the name and flag of the chosen country
reloadinterface reload interface
error open error log file

Misconceptions About Using Commands

Many say using commands is cheating. And yes, it is true in the context of multiplayer games where other players have no idea you are using codes. In all other cases, this statement is invalid. Video games are virtual toys for many purposes, like entertainment, education, exploring open worlds, or trying bold tactics on the battlefield.

So, even in a multiplayer game, players can use commands as long as they have all agreed on them in advance. And when it comes to all single-player titles – using codes is more than recommended as long as such an approach satisfies you.

Pro Tips for Debugging and Troubleshooting

A modded or code-altered game may result in errors, but they are fixable. Try enabling repair mode that will inform you about any issues while playing. It looks like an adorable dog, so that’s definitely the most user-friendly option. To turn on this mode, go to Steam, right-click on the Hearts of Iron game, and select Properties.

Click Set Launch Options, type -debug in the blank window, and confirm by choosing OK. Ready! You may also want to stay updated on new command releases. Try following online lists of the best commands for your favorite game – especially the Hearts of Iron 4 Wiki.


Games like HoI IV test us in various fields, such as strategic skills and political creativity, definitely falling into the category of the most challenging titles of our time. For some, such gameplay may be overly difficult.

Others may be unwilling to complete all available objectives. It is absolutely normal and understandable, as games should always be a source of fun, not endless frustration.

Operation of even the most basic commands allows the creation of an entirely new game within familiar rules. Allowing yourself to improve something can give you a sense of power over these complex mechanics and even previously too-difficult rules.

So don’t be afraid to experiment with various codes, determine what approach you enjoy the most, and share your discoveries to encourage others to try new, fun solutions.