Steam is one of the largest gaming storefronts on the market. Thanks to its large library of titles, it’s often the first choice of marketplace for many players.

Not only does it offer a large selection of titles, often discounted due to various events; it’s also a social hub, where players and developers can exchange opinions on gaming-related topics.

But in this article, we'll mostly focus on the games - namely the highest rated games on Steam. 
Vampire Survivors 97.41% Action Roguelike 2021-12-17 Read more
Songs of Conquest 83.56% Turn-based strategy 2022 Read more
V Rising 86.68% Action, RPG, Survival 2022-05-17 2% Read more
Resident Evil 8: Village | Deluxe Edition 94.26% Survival horror 2021-05-07 62% Read more
The Henry Stickmin Collection 96.52% Survival horror 2020-08-07 80% Read more
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga 93.99% Adventure 2009-11-12 76% Read more
Dying Light | Platinum Edition 94.14% Adventure 2015-01-26 93% Read more
Potion Craft: Alchemist Simulator 93.8% Simulation 2021-09-21 7% Read more
FTL - Faster Than Ligh 94.31% Adventure 2012-09-14 51% Read more
Risk of Rain 2 95.3% Indie 2019-03-28 67% Read more
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Special Edition 93.86% Adventure 2016-10-27 68% Read more
Age of Empires II: Definitive Edition 94.17% Strategy 2019-11-14 64% Read more
Saints Row: The Third 94.33% Adventure 2011-11-14 72% Read more
Batman: Arkham City 93.8% Adventure 2012-09-07 92% Read more
Highest Rated Games on Steam 97.4% 2021-08-13 Read more
The Wolf Among Us 95.5% Adventure 2013-10-11 28% Read more
Terraria 97.1% Open world, Action-adventure game 2011-05-16 23% Read more
The Witcher III: Wild Hunt 97% RPG 2015-05-18 47% Read more
Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes 98% Indie 2015-10-08 31% Read more
Psychonauts 2 94,5% Adventure 2021-08-25 38% Read more
Stronghold Crusader HD 97,5% Simulation 2002-07-31 72% Read more
Stardew Valley 96.8% Simulation, RPG 2016-02-26 Read more
RimWorld 96.8% Construction 2016-07-15 Read more
Half-Life: Alyx 96.8% Action-adventure 2020-03-01 33% Read more
A Hat in Time 96% Adventure 2017-10-05 45% Read more
Portal 96.8% Puzzle, platform 2007-10-10 Read more
Factorio 97.4% Construction, Management, RTS 2016-02-25 Read more
People Playground 96.8% Indie, action game 2019-07-23 46% Read more
Binding of Isaac Rebirth 96.6% Indie roguelike 2014-11-04 7% Read more
Mount & Blade: Warband 97.7% Adventure 2010-03-31 85% Read more
Euro Truck Simulator 2 96.6% Vehicle simulation 2013-01-16 72% Read more
Slay the Spire 96.3% Roguelike, Deck-Building 2019-01-23 54% Read more
Left 4 Dead 2 96.3% FPS, survival horror 2009-11-16 59% Read more
Phasmophobia 96.2% Horror 2020-09-18 Read more
ULTRAKILL 96.2% FPS 2020-09-03 Read more
OMORI 96.1% Adventure, Indie, RPG 2020-12-25 Read more
Highest Rated Games on Steam 99.2% Adventure 2019-07-30 13% Read more
A Hat in Time 96% Platform 32% Read more
Slime Rancher 95.9% Life simulation 2017-08-01 61% Read more
Dyson Sphere Program 95.8% Simulation, Strategy 2021-01-21 12% Read more
Rhythm Doctor 98.4% 2021-02-26 Read more
Celeste 95.7% Indie, Single-player, Platform 2018-01-25 61% Read more
Resident Evil 2 95.7% Survival Horror, Third-Person Shooter 2019-01-25 78% Read more
Garry’s Mod 95.7% Simulation 2006-11-29 Read more
OneShot 95.7% Adventure, Puzzle 2016-12-08 Read more
Hotline Miami 95.6% Top-down shooter 2012-10-23 55% Read more
Hollow Knight 95.6% Metroidvania 2017-02-24 30% Read more
Satisfactory 97.2% Building 2020-06-08 24% Read more
Papers, Please 96.8% Adventure 2013-08-08 12% Read more
Highest Rated Games on Steam 98.1% Arcade & Platform 2014-03-03 71% Read more
Dishonored 95.6% Stealth, action 2012-10-12 77% Read more
Bloons TD 6 95.6% Strategy 2018-12-17 44% Read more
Baba Is You 95.5% Puzzle 2019-03-13 29% Read more

10. People Playground

Release year 23 July 2019 
Genre sandbox, physics puzzle 
Developer mestiez 
Modes single-player
Steam rating 96,80%

If you’ve frequented Youtube circa the early 2010s, you’re probably aware of the popular browser game called Happy Wheels, in which the goal was to move the character through the obstacle course of lethal weapons.

The game was mostly interested in shock value, presenting gore-y executions of the player character. The number 10 game on our list, People Playground, is very similar to that title.

People Playground

The key gameplay feature of PP is massacring ragdoll characters using various lethal tools. The game allows the player to shoot, stab, burn, drown, vaporize, and otherwise mutilate the motionless character. The game doesn’t aspire to be anything more than what you can see in the short trailer presenting various ways of killing the subject of your torture, but a 96,80% rating on Steam means people must dig that kind of stuff.

Key features
  • Welcome to the torture chamber where you can make your most sadistic dreams come true
  • Let your murderous instincts run wild in using a variety of deadly weapons to kill ragdoll characters
  • Shoot burn and massacre to your heart’s content with nearly limitless options of brutal executions

9. Portal

Release year 10 October 2007 
Genre puzzle, platformer 
Developer Valve 
Modes single-player
Steam rating 96,80%

Portal is a puzzle-platforming title in which the player controls a young woman named Chell, a subject in the lab run by Aperture Science.

Her task is to escape captivity using the portal gun – a device capable of opening passages on any flat surface. Using the portal gun and with the help of Wheatley, a friendly robot, Chell will have to pass all the nefarious traps set for her by GLaDOS, Aperture’s A.I. gone rogue.

Portal 2

Set in the same universe as the classic Half-Life series, Portal was a highly popular title in its day. The portal gun gameplay was nothing short of revolutionary. How it was used to solve various spatial puzzles brought to mind the classic physics-based puzzles of Valves opus magnum. Seeing how 14 years after release the game is still popular is a testament to how much fun it provides.

Key features
  • Explore the dark corridors of Aperture labs
  • Use portal gun to move from place to place and solve puzzles
  • Survive the snarky comments of GLaDOS, a rogue A.I. with a grudge against humans

8. Half-Life: Alyx

Release year 23 March 2020
Genre first-person shooter, VR 
Developer Valve 
Modes single-player
Steam rating 96,83%

Speaking of Valve’s classic series – the long-awaited continuation to Half-Life 2 has finally arrived.

And while it isn’t the numbered sequel featuring the fan-favorite protagonist, dr. Gordon Freeman, the adventures of Alyx on the alien-infested Earth will definitely satisfy the fans of the series in particular and FPS enthusiasts in general. Oh, and did we mention that the game is fully VR?

Half Life Alyx

Yes, Valve experiments again, this time investing in the virtual reality-based title. Half-Life: Alyx is a competent first-person shooter with great graphics, elevated by the application of VR goggles. The player is transported to the conquered earth and gets the first-hand experience of fighting against the invading aliens. The game also features elements of survival-horror, giving the player little ammo and putting them against the overwhelming alien forces.

Key features
  • Return to the world of Half-Life in the long-awaited continuation of the series
  • Play as Alyx and fight against the alien invaders
  • Enjoy the elements of survival-horror, sneaking through the ruins of the old world and encountering overpowering aliens
  • Dive fully into the action thanks to the VR technology

7. Rimworld

Release year 17 October 2018
Genre construction and management simulation 
Developer Ludeon Studios 
Modes single-player 
Steam rating 96,84%

RimWorld allows the player to feel the weight of running a space colony.

The game is set in a distant corner of the universe where the making has set one of its outposts – the titular RimWorld. As the outpost leader, your job will be to manage its operation, gather resources necessary to expand it, and make sure that the settlers are well taken care of.


RimWorld is a representative of a popular genre of games focusing on construction and management. Players who like titles like SimCity or Cities: Skylines will definitely enjoy the intricacies of running the space colony. The game features elements of combat, offering various scenarios in which the colony falls under attack, and the player must respond by building defenses or drafting the colonists to fight. This combination of management and strategy will definitely satisfy the players looking for a more thought-out gameplay experience.

Key features
  • Experience the trials and tribulations of managing a space colony
  • Build facilities to make the colonists thrive in the alien world
  • Equip your colony with defenses to stave off the attacks from pirates

6. Stardew Valley

Release year 26 February 2016
Genre simulation, RPG
Developer ConcernedApe
Modes single-player, multiplayer
Steam rating 96,86%

After spending some time in space, fighting alien invaders, or sneaking through mad science labs, it’s good to heal your soul by unwinding with one of the most calming games in history.

Stardew Valley offers the player a chance to try their hand in farming, and nothing cleanses the palate after a high-octane action than tending to a plot of land and seeing it flourish.

Stardew Valley - work at night

Stardew Valley’s gameplay draws some inspiration from Harvest Moon, another game focusing on farming. In the beginning, the player of SV receives a plot of land which they must tend to. The produce of the land can be sold in the market, bonds with the neighbors can turn into marital propositions, and nearby caves are filled with creatures to slay and ore to mine. Each activity in Stardew Valley, be it farming, cooking, fishing, etc., aims at putting the player at ease – something that we sorely need these days.

Key features
  • Tend to your plot of land and turn it into a prosperous farm
  • Grow produce and sell the results of your work on the local market
  • Explore the neighboring areas for more activities, including fishing, mining, and fighting creatures in caves
  • Bond with your neighbors to form strong relationships, maybe even leading to a marriage

5. The Witcher III: Wild Hunt

Release year 19 May 2015
Genre action-RPG
Developer CD Projekt RED
Modes single-player
Steam rating 97,08%

CD Projekt RED’s final installment of the Witcher franchise is a culmination of the studio’s ambitions.

The story of Geralt of Rivia wraps up with an epic flair, and the players are there to see it. The game introduces a variety of new mechanics, including a semi-open world environment and expanded combat gameplay, making The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt not only the best game from the Polish studio but one of the best action-RPGs, period.

Witcher 3

Wild Hunt follows the usual rule of sequels: make everything bigger. The world is larger and full of content to enjoy. The combat is more fluid, with a bunch of new moves and skills Geralt has in his Witcher arsenal. And the story, drawing inspiration from various plot points of Andrzej Sapkowski’s novels, grabs the player and keeps them glued to the screen for long hours. If you’re a fan of fantasy action RPGs, then The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is a game just for you.

Key features
  • Experience the final act of CD Projekt RED’s Witcher trilogy
  • Explore the Continent like never before, visiting various open-world environments
  • Use your skills against the monster and human enemies alike
  • Unwind by completing various side-quests and participating in optional activities

4. Terraria

Release year 16 May 2011 (PC)
Genre action-adventure, sandbox 
Developer Re-Logic
Modes single-player, multiplayer 
Steam rating 97,11%

No list of top 10 games is complete without at least one roguelike or roguelite title. It so happens that the fourth of the top 10 best-rated games on Steam is Terraria.

This action-adventure game takes the player to a procedurally generated environment, where they can explore and fight against random enemies. The game emphasizes chance encounters, with different types of opponents appearing depending on specific circumstances.

Terraria - shoot

Defeating enemies and collecting items unlocks the areas of the game to be inhabited by NPCs. These characters provide the player with various services, like selling items, healing, etc. The game utilizes a 16-bit graphics design, similar to that of the Metroidvania games, making it an excellent game for the fans of retro titles.

Key features
  • Explore the procedurally generated world and fight enemies waiting for you
  • Discover new biomes and face their challenges
  • Complete objectives to invite vendors into conquered areas

3. Hades

Release year 17 September 2020
Genre action-RPG, roguelike
Developer Supergiant Games
Modes single-player
Steam rating 97,42%

Hades has become a true phenomenon among gamers and proved that indie studios are capable of creating AAA-level games.

The story of Zagreus, the son of Hades, and his quest through various regions of the Underworld captured the imaginations of players around the globe. But it wasn’t the only reason Hades was met with such a warm welcome.


Supergiant Games’ roguelike is quite possibly one of the best titles of its genre currently available on the market. It features all the mechanics of a good roguelike and cranks them up to eleven. Throughout each run, the player will face increasingly harder enemies, including powerful bosses waiting at the end. The game highly emphasizes story and lore, which the player can discover by conversations with NPCs – hand-drawn sprites of various Greek deities aiding Zgreus on his quest to pull his father from lethargy.

Key features
  • Enter the Underworld and face the challenges waiting within its corridors
  • Learn the story of Zagreus, son of Hades, who embarks on a quest against his father’s wishes
  • Enjoy the quintessential roguelike gameplay mechanics

2. Factorio

Release year 14 August 2020
Genre factory simulation, RTS
Developer Wube Software
Modes single-player, multiplayer
Steam rating 97,46%

Similar to RimWorld, which tests the player’s skills in managing a space colony, Factorio tests the player in running a successful factory.

The game includes the elements of survival – the player has to start their industry from scratch, building the factory from materials they can find in the area and upgrading their skills to create better equipment.


The gameplay mechanics focus on managing the factory by researching systems to make production more efficient. Other features include combat, in which the player must build defenses against the monsters. Factorio can be played solo or in multiplayer, cooperating in running the factory or fighting against each other.

Key features
  • Build the factory from scratch in order to survive
  • Expand your enterprise with new technologies to make production easier
  • Equip your factory with defense systems to fight off the indigenous monsters
  • Join forces with other players or fight against them in the multiplayer mode

1. Portal 2

Release year 18 April 2011
Genre puzzle-platform 
Developer Valve
Modes single-player, multiplayer
Steam rating 97,6%

And finally, the number one of 10/10 Steam games.

The best rated game on Valve’s platform turns out to be the sequel to the 9th title on our list. Portal 2 features similar mechanics as the first installment of the series. However, there are some significant differences.

Portal 2 - enemies

Portal 2 emphasizes cooperation between two players. Both control robots undergoing a series of tests prepared by GLaDOS, the ever-snarky A.I. of Aperture Science. Working together is crucial because, unlike Chell’s portal gun, the devices in Portal 2 are capable of creating only the entry or exit portals. The in-game challenges are based around that mechanic, forcing the players to work out the perfect positioning of the portal to solve the puzzle. Good luck doing that with GLaDOS ridiculing you after every failed attempt.

Key features
  • Welcome back to Aperture Sciences! It’s time for a new series of tests.
  • Solve puzzles using portal guns
  • Work together with your partner to make it through GLaDOS’s challenges

The best games Steam has to offer

There you have it – the list of the highest rated games on Steam. You’ll find out that the best reviewed Steam games fall into different genres. In our list, we’ve covered action-adventure games, action-RPGs, roguelikes, strategies, and whatever People Playground was. To be quite honest, our list should serve you as an indicator of what games are the most popular on Steam.

Plenty of titles available on the marketplace are just as good, and deciding on the best Steam games by rating might not be the best choice for you. Sometimes, someone’s 10/10 title might not be up your alley. And sometimes a game many players had passed on turned out to be exactly what you were looking for. All that is to say that Steams library is full of excellent titles. From our list, you get the best rated ones. The rest of them you’ll have to find by yourselves.