The adventures of the mysterious Agent 47 have been appreciated by players all over the world due to their original and established form, which intrigues and introduces a unique atmosphere to the game.

Hitman was welcomed so well that it even got two movie versions, which were not as great as the games, but are still an interesting experience for the fans of the franchise. At the moment, a tv-series is also in development.

Best Hitman Games with Agent 47

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Below, we present all the games in the Hitman video game series in chronological order, as well as other games connected to the main franchise at the bottom of the list.

Hitman: Codename 47

Developer:IO Interactive

The first part of the Hitman games where we meet the main character, whose name comes from a barcode tattooed on the back of his head. Still not interesting enough? Let’s check it further then.

Your character is one of the many clones produced in an abandoned orphanage in Romania. And not just any clones, because each of them is designed to be the most specialized killing machine. Your character, however, stands out as he is the absolute best of the other clones and surprises with performance, cold blood and lack of sentiment. These are only appearances, as the game’s developers are delighted to give you little suggestions from time to time to think that Agent 47 may have some deeper feelings after all. Will you ever find out what is hidden in this so characteristic bald head? Probably not.

The game consists of many missions that require different skills. In theory, equipped with guns, you can walk through it simply by shooting to everything and everyone on your way. But what’s the fun in this? Fortunately, the creators of the game literally push the player to play his iconic role of a silent killer by setting challenges that require brilliance, discretion and a knack for dressing up.

Key features
  • Learn the extraordinary history of the origin of the enigmatic Agent 47
  • Sneak and eliminate your opponents by surprise
  • Choose discretion to get the best result
  • Solve a plot hidden under the main story layer that allows you to discover your own past
  • Get weapons that allow you to eliminate your opponents in completely new ways

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

Developer:IO Interactive

After the rough and life-changing events that were resolved in the plot of the first installment, Agent 47 seemingly found his peace…in a monastery, where he works for father Vittorio as a gardener. The idyll, however, ends when Hitman’s superior is kidnapped, and our hero has to return to the profession of the silent assassin.

This part became famous for the large number of missions to be performed so far because there are 21 of them. The system of obtained weapons has also been changed, as well as the rewards for the performed tasks. This chapter of the series literally forces the player to play stealthily and silently in eliminating enemies, which allows you to unlock bonus weapons that are unavailable when performing tasks while deciding on delivering the simple slaughter. Particularly noteworthy here is a much more open world, intrigue referring to the past of Agent 47 and climatic music by Jasper Kyd, who had the pleasure to become quite famous thanks to his participation in the creation of the series.

Key features
  • Solve the mystery of the kidnapping of Father Vittorio
  • Complete 21 story missions
  • Get special bonus weapons
  • Earn rewards for your clever performance
  • Enjoy the story carried by the majestic soundtrack

Hitman: Contracts

Developer:IO Interactive

The title, which appeared two years after the previous edition. A definitely different climate, oneiric even, and heavily devoted to the main character’s reflection on his own past.

Agent 47 is injured and, dying in his hotel room, suffers pre-death hallucinations about missions he has undertaken in the past. The game alternates between the timelines and missions that the hero carries out in his head and what actually happens to him in the real world. The tasks from the past are not particularly complicated and they refer to the previous parts quite chaotically. It is an extremely dark installment, already introducing greatly improved and certainly original graphics even for the atmosphere of the entire series.

Key features
  • Enjoy the atmosphere of the darkest title in the entire series
  • Relive Agent 47’s past
  • Try to successfully get out of the current situation
  • Explore locations and solve quests

Hitman: Blood Money

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:IO Interactive

This is part of a franchise that is an awesome playground for true fans of these original series. The game features completely new solutions that make the gameplay even more satisfying and engaging than ever before. In Hitman: Blood Money, Agent 47 goes back to basics by killing again for money.

With the payment earned, the protagonist can not only buy and upgrade weapons but also purchase equipment in order to conceal his tracks. Artificial intelligence has been significantly improved in this installment and there is a motive for the characters to recognize, among other things, traces of blood on the floor, which can easily lead to suspicions directed at Agent 47 himself. The game, therefore, focuses on using all your cleverness and a sensitive sixth sense while eliminating enemies. There’s also a new way to get rid of targets, by simulating an accident in which the character can be actually thrown out of a window.

The protagonist constantly moves in some environment of people, such as in the company of opera guests or during a large festival, and the game requires the ability to observe human behavior, which allows him to find new solutions. Everything takes place in a rich and ever-changing scenery, which is the basis for another successful plot.

Key features
  • Get completely new weapons and equipment
  • Be discreet and do not get recognized
  • Cover your tracks and hide your intentions
  • Watch people, blend in with the crowd and successfully eliminate your enemies
  • Explore the world and discover hidden secrets

Hitman: Absolution

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Feral Interactive (Mac)

A somewhat brief title, but no less important than the others, focusing on some plot explanations rather than new mechanical solutions. New quests lead Agent 47 to the decision to finally break up with the Agency, a real milestone in the hero’s career.

Hitman: Absolution focuses on a fairly linear following the prepared storyline, which leads the player through unexpected and surprising twists. The game system itself sticks faithfully to the other parts, but it is impossible not to notice that this particular title is significantly different from the others. In addition to dark and gloomy locations, escapes from the police and studied moves resembling an action-packed chess game, the player can also expect something quite surprising here – humor. The creators of the game decided to improve not only some situations in this way, but also made the character of Agent 47 himself a bit more open and talkative than before. For this reason, the gameplay is quite an interesting supplement to the entire series.

Key features
  • Leave the Agency and work on your own
  • Avoid the police and don’t get caught
  • Make important decisions that affect the development of the plot
  • Steal outfits and pretend to be someone else
  • Depend on your unfailing killer instincts

Hitman (2016)

Developer:IO Interactive

In terms of gameplay, the title is the complete opposite of the previous part – instead of a linear game, we get an open world here, and the extrovert Agent 47 is replaced by a cold and emotionless one.

In the simplicity of the title itself, Hitman is the first installment of a completely new adventure for our favorite bald protagonist in the world of assassination trilogy. The game has been significantly improved graphically, presenting an open environment that almost begs to be explored. The plot takes place in six different locations scattered around the world and is very non-linear, which may, unfortunately, cause the player relying on intuition to lose his story path. The gameplay, however, focuses on exploration, an almost relaxed approach to wandering around the world and the intrigues it contains, which gives the player a completely new and worth knowing formula.

Key features
  • Discover the graphical benefits of an improved open world
  • Explore, learn and discover the plot
  • Change the appearance and confuse your opponents
  • Stealthily eliminate your enemies and earn points for it
  • Get completely new weapons

Hitman 2 (2018)

Developer:IO Interactive

At first glance, the game is very similar to Hitman from 2016, but this one, for the first time in history, is supplemented with a tiny little detail that can attract many players – multiplayer.

Seemingly, the task set for our hired killer is very simple – find the mystery client and break his criminal network. Nothing easier, right? Of course, things are entirely different, because it’s still the Hitman series and the element of surprise is actually the middle name of these productions. Agent 47 sets off on a journey to the farthest corners of the world to solve tasks there. What makes this part of the game different from the rest? Well, the introduced multiplayer mode, in which, as part of the Ghost Mode, you can compete with another player in one campaign or cooperate. There is also an element called Sniper Assassin, which allows you to precisely eliminate enemies from a distance.

Key features
  • Explore new sandbox locations scattered around the world
  • Sneak and eliminate your opponents
  • Take shots from a distance in Sniper Assassin mode
  • Cooperate or compete in multiplayer mode
  • Discover the further fate of Agent 47’s story

Hitman 3 (2021)

Developer:IO Interactive

The game is a kind of clash of events that took place in the earlier installments of the series. If someone likes the dark and twisted atmosphere of Hitman: Absolution, then they will definitely feel like a fish in the water in this title.

In this part, Agent 47 is faced with the final elimination of the enemy Providence group. To do so, he must join forces with other characters and form alliances around the world. The gameplay requires a specific awareness, you can even say artfulness. The player is faced with a huge number of solutions to tasks and eliminating opponents, and as it was in the previous parts – the game rewards discretion and the ability to effectively get rid of enemy characters without unnecessary attention.

Key features
  • Have fun in the dark atmosphere of Hitman known from previous installments of the series
  • Take part in a story-driven gameplay
  • Make decisions that will determine your and your allies’ fate
  • Stay in the shadows and eliminate your opponents by surprise
  • Carefully plan and execute every next move

Other video games from the Hitman franchise

Hitman Go (2014)

Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Square Enix Montréal

A stealth puzzle game created as an independent production for mobile devices. The basic gameplay beliefs of the entire series are presented here in a nice-to-the-eye graphic style and a miniaturized form.

The maps are displayed in the form of dioramas in which the characters move. The player is not confronted with a particularly complex story, but rather receives new tasks, the fulfillment of which he undertakes, cleverly eliminating new opponents. Hitman: Go is literally the essence of the whole series and is a nice entertainment for fans who tend to play on mobile devices.

Key features
  • Try out the Hitman series for mobile devices
  • Fill your eyes with the aesthetics of graphics
  • Complete quests and get to the next levels
  • Solve puzzles and use the whole range of available skills to defeat opponents
  • Explore and discover new locations

Hitman: Sniper (2015)

Genre:Shooting gallery
Developer:Square Enix Montreal

A real treat for fans of sniper genres offered in the form of Agent 47 adventures on mobile devices. There is no intrigue, sneaking or exploring the world known from a series of complex plots, but instead the best of sniper games.

Hitman Sniper

Skillful elimination of enemies from a distance is the basis of Hitman: Sniper. The player cannot move and is ultimately placed in a specific location from which he must make a clean shott. Seems too easy? Well, it is not. Targets tend to surround themselves with crowds and, as you can easily guess, killing an innocent or performing not very clean shot can draw the attention of the crowd which certainly does not lead to getting the best result. However, the tasks can be repeated endlessly, thus improving your score in the online ranking.

Key features
  • Enjoy the title that defines a good sniper game
  • Efficiently eliminate enemies from a distance
  • Use your killer instincts to perform the most perfect clean shot
  • Take no notice of yourself
  • Compare your results in the online ranking

Each entry in the Hitman series was released every few years, thus not forcing players to wait too long for the next part of the deadly adventures of Agent 47. Another distinction of the franchise is the shared theme of a hired contract-killer dressed in a black suit with a red tie doing separate missions. There is a backstory for our protagonist, but it is not as important as the missions and using stealth and reflex to kill your targets.

Each game is slightly different than the previous one, but not thing is constant in Hitman – death. Agent 47, in any of his versions and iterations, is always very calm and calculative in his actions, rarely using unnecessary violence and brutality. Hitman has a certain style; it may be the Berettas, it may be the fiber wire or it simply can be the way he dresses and his shiny bald head with a peculiar tattoo near the neck, but if someone sees this man, he knows his end is near…