Hogwarts Legacy is a game that premiered in February 2023 and quickly gained popularity and acclaim among players worldwide.

It is a third-person action RPG full of magic and adventure, where everyone can create their own wizard and fulfil their childhood dream of studying at the elite school of Magic and Wizardry.

About Hogwarts Legacy

This title belongs to the Harry Potter universe, known from J.K. Rowling’s books and the film series about the young wizard. It is set in the 19th century, over 100 years before the events known from the Harry Potter series and about 50 years before those we could see in the Fantastic Beasts series.

The game offers a lot of freedom in actions. Besides attending interesting magic classes, we can also travel around the wizarding world, participate in various school and nearby town events, and explore the deepest and most mysterious corners of Hogwarts (such as the entrance to the hidden Chamber of Secrets in the women’s bathroom), which we know from the books.

And it is precisely the countless secrets and mysteries that the school hides, that have attracted players to this title. Besides learning spells, completing classic RPG quests, and battling enemies, which often pose a significant challenge, Hogwarts Legacy offers plenty of logical puzzles to solve, hidden rooms worth exploring, and mysterious locations whose secrets await discovery (e.g., by finding Demiguise and other statues).

Importantly, apart from those constituting the background or being side tasks, the creators have placed in the game countless easy-to-miss secrets and Easter Eggs – referring to the book series and film franchise. Would you like to discover the most interesting Hogwarts Legacy secrets and their locations? Welcome to our guide!

Secrets and Easter Eggs

  • Snape In The Box

Although, according to the timeline of this universe, there is a several-decade gap between the events of Hogwarts Legacy and Severus’ birthdays, we will find the character of the beloved professor Snape in the game! Unfortunately, it won’t be the Slytherin House guardian himself but… Jack in the Box.

During the Room of Requirement quest, we have the opportunity to explore a huge room filled with magical items. Approaching the wild boar’s head and the witch’s portrait, on the right, we will see a table with a music box on it. Jumping out of it, Jack is none other than a miniature Professor Snape.

  • The Bane Of Students

Although this creature never made its way into the movies, everyone who read the books remembers the Giant Squid inhabiting the Great Lake beneath Hogwarts. It was a large creature, called “the bane” of students, yet it never harmed anyone – it even saved Dennis Creevey when he fell into the lake. Interestingly, students used to visit the Squid during their leisure time and feed it… toasts.

In Hogwarts Legacy, we have several chances to see this giant cephalopod, while flying on a broomstick over the Great Lake or walking along its shore. During Scrope’s Last Hope Quest for Slytherins, we have the opportunity to visit Apollonia Black’s grotto located above the water, whose entrance is adorned with a mural of the Giant Squid. By placing a piece of toast on the fountain in front of it, we will see the mural come to life and the squid eat the toast.

  • Memories From The Future

Another motif that unfortunately did not make it into the film franchise, but is beloved and remembered with a smile by all Harry Potter fans, is the moment when the titular young wizard helped his best friend’s family – the Weasleys – in de-gnoming their garden.

During the first Herbology class, we have the chance to meet Leander Prewett (ancestor of Molly Weasley, née Prewett, mother of Ron, Ginny and many other red-haired Weasleys). The boy will tell us about his memories of de-gnoming family property during the chat – something that will happen nearly 100 years later and will concern his descendants.

  • Toilet Brewing Station

This time we will tell you about an Easter Egg related to the movies. Do you remember the moment from “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets” when Hermione, to sneak into the Slytherin House, hid in Moaning Myrtle’s bathroom and secretly brewed Polyjuice Potion there?

Either it’s quite a popular practice at Hogwarts, or the creators intentionally included this motif in the game as well. By visiting the witches’ restrooms near Professor Fig’s office, we will find a workstation eerily reminiscent of the one Hermione created – a cauldron on the toilet, books, scales, and magical ingredients.

  • Into The Fire(place)

Time for a mysterious location! Hogwarts hides many secrets – rooms locked behind the paintings, mysterious doors obscured by charms, and secret passages. One of the places hiding the most secrets is the Hogwarts Library.

When you go there, find a large fireplace located between the shelves, and then cast the Glacius spell to extinguish the fire. Behind the fireplace is… a hidden room, and in it, a mysterious chest full of various interesting items!

  • Deathday Party

Ghosts are an integral part of Hogwarts and the entire Harry Potter universe. Some of those we could see in the movies or read about in the books, we will also meet in the game (e.g., Nearly Headless Nick). It is also not a secret that the afterlife in Hogwarts is quite interesting – souls can do many things they did in life, with the bonus of passing through walls and flying.

One of such activities is birthdays… Or rather, deathdays. And in Hogwarts Legacy, we have a chance to attend such a party! Go to the Slytherin Dungeon and find the door located below the Lower Grand Staircase. Now all you have to do is cast the Alohomora spell (lvl 1) and sneak into the chamber. Your eyes will behold a quite lively, for ghosts, party – spectres will dance, talk, and enjoy themselves…

  • Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Another Easter Egg on our list refers, this time not from Harry Potter, but from its spin-off, the Fantastic Beasts series. If you read the books or watched the movies from this series, you surely remember the character of Newt Scamander, a famous Magizoologist, and his faithful Niffler (resembling a mole creature).

Almost at the beginning of the game, during the Path to Hogwarts quest with Professor Fig, you will find yourself in ruins located on a cliff. By straying a bit off the path, to the left, right above the cliff, you will find several interesting objects. A paper bag of popcorn, a bottle, and two plush toys – one resembling a Mandrake Root, and the other undeniably resembling a Niffler.

  • Tickle The Pear

The food served to Hogwarts students always looks delicious. What we didn’t have the opportunity to see in the movies, though, is the process of its creation, which is the responsibility of house-elves. Hogwarts Legacy, on the other hand, gives us a unique opportunity to visit the kitchen where all these delicacies are prepared. But where is it located?

Hogwarts Kitchen is cleverly disguised as a painting near the Hufflepuff common room, so it’s really easy to miss. However, if you are a curious person and approach the painting close enough, you will have the opportunity… to tickle the pear. When you do that, the doors will open by themselves, and you will have the chance to explore the vast kitchen, see the process of preparing meals by house-elves, and maybe even find something useful!


The mysteries and Easter Eggs from our list are just a fraction of all Hogwarts Legacy secrets.

If you love Harry Potter books, the Warner Bros. movies about the young wizard are an important part of your childhood, and even though you’re over 30, you’re still waiting for your Hogwarts letter, don’t wait any longer, just add Hogwarts Legacy to your game library!

A whole lot of mysteries, mystical quests, and incredibly interesting tasks await you in this unique, magical title!