People like to be scared. Dark stories have been known since the dawn of time, and almost immediately after the emergence of new media, works in the horror genre were created.

Although we now have many types of media to choose from, horror video games have something special about them. It’s because of the possibility to experience a terrifying story from the inside and fully participate in it.

Many interesting and absolutely phenomenal horror video games had their premieres in the 90s or early 2000s, which meant they had certain technological limitations. Even though those games still deliver great stories, many (especially younger) players, are put off by unattractive graphics, hard-to-read HUDs, or other limitations. That’s why horror games remakes are constantly being made, implementing fantastic old stories in an entirely new technical form.

In this article, we will present you with 10 incredible forgotten games that deserve a remake (as well as a few whose renewed release we are already waiting for)!

Silent Hill 2

Release date:2001-09-23
Developer:Team Silent

Compared to the previous instalment, Silent Hill 2, it’s not just a survival game but a psychological horror with a melancholic, dramatic love story. Here, you play as James Sunderland, who lost his seriously ill wife a few years ago.

When he receives a letter from her, posted from Silent Hill, he sets out to the town to find his woman. However, the story is much more complex than it seems.

Modern graphic engines would allow the creation of an even more detailed, atmospheric, and grim environment, and improved mechanics would make exploring the town and discovering the truth about James’s psyche much smoother.

And here’s the good news! In 2022, we learned that a remake of this game is currently in the works! While the exact release date is not known, we can expect a real revelation, as the game is being developed by the Polish Blobber Team, responsible for the fantastic Layers of Fear series.

Key features
  • A terrifying and dramatic love story
  • A protagonist with a complex psyche and various issues
  • Atmospheric locations
  • Multiple possible ending

Clock Tower

Release date:1995-09-14
Developer:Human Entertainment

In this title, we follow the fate of Jennifer Simpson, an orphan who was adopted by the Barrows family. Shortly after arriving at the house, it becomes apparent that a mysterious killer named Scissorman has taken the mansion!

The game was only available in Japanese language and on one platform. Using this story to create a remake could bring out even more from it. Better graphics, well-designed locations and characters, and more frequent saves would convince contemporary players to engage with this production.

Here, we also have good news. In 2024, a refreshed and upgraded remake of the game will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, XONE, XSX, and PC, developed by WayForward.

Key features
  • One of the scariest horror games
  • Surprising plot twist
  • Several endings and an open ending that allows for different outcomes
  • Interesting 2D graphics

Eternal Darkness

Release date:2001
Developer:Silicon Knights

This is one of the few horror games released on the GameCube. The protagonist, whom you initially embody, finds a book containing stories about different people. This allows you to follow several, diverse plots set in different times.

The game also features an interesting mechanic, the “sanity meter,” which allows you to control the mental state of the characters who must face various nightmares. As with previous games, a remake could allow players to enjoy this interesting game in a significantly improved graphical form. Greater technical capabilities would also enable the creation of more detailed and interactive locations set in different times.

Key features
  • Stories within stories
  • Dark gameplay atmosphere reminiscent of SH1
  • Multiple plots and settings that share a common denominator
  • Innovative “sanity meter”

Parasite Eve

Release date:1998-03-29

This is one of the first games created for adult audiences. In the game, you play as Aya Brea, a policewoman who witnesses the self-immolation of an audience during the opera.

The only other survivor, a singer, suddenly mutates into a terrifying monster and escapes. Aya’s task is to solve the mystery, but during this process, she also discovers the truth about herself.

This is another game that, in a new graphical form and improved mechanics, could become a hit. Remaking Parasite Eve would allow for the enhancement of combat mechanics, greater exploration possibilities, and a deeper immersion in Aya Brea’s mysterious story.

Key features
  • One of the first games for adult players
  • Interesting plot and surprising plot twist
  • An unusual approach to the apocalypse theme
  • An interesting combination of jRPG, horror, and action mechanics

Dino Crisis

Release date:1999-07-01
Developer:Capcom Planning Room 2

In this title, we play as Regina, an agent of the Raid Team sent to the Ibis Island to find a missing colleague and uncover the secrets of a project being worked on by a reputedly dead, dangerous scientist.

Upon arrival, it becomes clear that the facility has been overrun by… dinosaurs brought back to life.

Dino Crisis is a classic survival horror game that captured players’ hearts with its unique enemies. Typically, in games of this genre, you fight hordes of the undead or monsters. Why does this title deserve a remake? Modern graphics can breathe new life into the terror of being pursued by raptors and the mighty T-Rex!

Key features
  • Unconventional enemies for the survival horror genre
  • A tense atmosphere and a sense of being hunted
  • Logical challenges combined with exciting combat
  • Four different endings to unlock

Forbidden Siren 2

Release date:2006-02-09
Developer:Project Siren

Forbidden Siren 2, like its predecessor, is a cult survival horror created by Keiichiro Toyama, a co-author of the legendary Silent Hill.

In the game, you play as a group of shipwreck survivors who end up on an island full of dark creatures called Yamibito and Shibito. Defeating these creatures is almost impossible, so our heroes must take careful steps, maneuver between light and shadow, and track the movements of the monsters.

An interesting mechanic in the game is the ‘sightjack’ system, which allows you to find nearby Shibito and observe the world through their eyes for a moment. This enables you to learn their movement patterns and field of vision. Forbidden Siren 2 is an excellent candidate for a remake – improving the graphics and character models would enhance the excitement of the gameplay, and modernizing the unique storytelling method that requires players to see through the eyes of both allies and enemies would be a great mechanic missing in contemporary games.

Key features
  • Atmosphere similar to the iconic Silent Hill
  • The need for strategic and logical thinking
  • Innovative sightjack system
  • Terrifying enemies that are impossible to defeat

Rule of Rose

Release date:2006-01-19

The game receives high ratings due to its unique approach to psychological horror. The story takes us to England around 1930, but we find ourselves in a world ruled by sadistic children. The protagonist, whom we embody, 19-year-old Jennifer, must either take control or escape the nightmare she has entered.

The game offers highly detailed locations, interesting and unsettling characters, and a great plot. However, it could benefit from a slight refresh. Rule of Rose has tremendous potential for further developing the storyline with refined graphics and gameplay, which would undoubtedly attract many new players to this great but forgotten title.

Key features
  • Highly rated but relatively unknown and somewhat forgotten game
  • An unconventional approach to psychological horror
  • An unsettling plot
  • Multiple story ending options

Fatal Frame II: Crimson Butterfly

Release date:2003-11-27
Developer:Tecmo Co., Ltd.

Also known as Project Zero II, this is the second entry in the series where… We use an old camera to fend off spirits. In this game, we follow the story of two twins, Mio and Mayu, who are lost in the forest. At one point, they end up in a small village, which turns out to be haunted.

The game offers a genuinely intriguing mechanic, well-crafted locations, and a host of puzzles to solve in order to discover the village’s secrets. Why do we believe it deserves a remake? Fatal Frame II has enormous potential, and enhanced graphics and augmented reality technology would truly immerse players in ghostly encounters.

Key features
  • Terrifying ghosts lurking behind every corner
  • Mysterious atmosphere
  • Slow unfolding of the story and game mysteries
  • An interesting “combat” system


Release date:1995-07-31
Developer:Sierra On-Line

This adventure game, created in the style of an interactive film, offers a well-known story that can keep you in suspense and surprise you at the end.

In this game, you play as a woman who, along with her husband, moves into an old house, which quickly reveals a dark secret. The game gradually uncovers the story in a very engaging and atmospheric way.

This game, released almost three decades ago, is an excellent title that has been forgotten, mainly due to its method of execution. Full-motion video (FMV), which was a hit in the 90s, has since become history. However, the story fully deserves a remake. Thanks to modern CGI and nearly photorealistic graphics, it would be possible to fully unlock the potential of this story, which would undoubtedly gain many fans.

Key features
  • A horror adventure in the style of an interactive film
  • A seemingly classic story that can surprise
  • A suspenseful atmosphere
  • Plenty of mysteries to uncover


Release date:2004-04-01

This game is an interesting combination of action and adventure, with a storyline full of the eerie atmosphere of Heian-era Japan.

The game offers three storylines in which you control the fates of three protagonists: Utsuki, the daughter of an exorcist; Sakuya, his apprentice; and the exorcist himself, Doman, who disappeared during a mission in a haunted mansion.

Kuon deserves a remake due to the opportunities for deeper cultural and historical exploration with updated graphics and storytelling that modern technologies and game development methods allow. Each of the three stories in the game could be expanded with new threads, and the incredibly intriguing and terrifying locations, slightly improved, would complete the work.

Key features
  • A story told from three perspectives
  • A great setting in 12th-century Japan
  • Terrifying creatures and challenging enemies
  • Good-looking graphics despite being nearly 20 years old.


As you can see, many interesting and highly engaging titles were released between the late 90s and early 2000s, and they still have their fans today. Unfortunately, due to unattractive graphics and mechanical limitations, these games have fallen into obscurity – which is a shame!

Fortunately, we currently live in a gaming renaissance, and developers are increasingly choosing to refresh old titles with fantastically written stories. Let’s hope this trend continues – graphical enhancements and mechanical improvements are also an opportunity for newer generations to experience these fantastic games!