From the very beginning, game developers have strived to make their titles engaging and stimulating to the imagination. With the advancement of technology, they have been increasingly successful in achieving the desired level of immersion.

First-person perspective, better graphics, and, over time, the use of motion detection and gyroscopes have all contributed to this. Technology has allowed players to use real-world resembling objects as controllers, such as golf clubs, swords, fishing rods, and more.

With the emergence of VR technology and the integration of the microphone, some games have transformed into highly realistic interactive experiences, which is particularly interesting in the horror games genre.

Thanks to modern solutions, players can fully immerse themselves in a virtual world, placing themselves at the center of events, while the game responds not only to their movements but also to their voice…

The Importance of Microphone Integration

Today, we will explore some of the most interesting horror games that can hear you. Some of them allow you to converse with characters, while others only listen to you. So, if you want to survive, you must be quiet. Let’s dive into the ranking!

List of Horror Games Utilizing Player's Microphone
Escape The Ayuwoki 2019-11-26 Adventure DeadlyCrow Games
Paranormal Activity The Lost Soul VR 2017-08-15 Adventure VRWERX
Welcome To The Game II 2018-04-03 Indie Reflect Studios
In Silence 2020-10-16 Co-op, Horror Ravenhood Games
The Dark Pictures Anthology House Of Ashes 2021-10-22 Horror Supermassive Games
Demonologist 2023-03-27 Co-op, Horror Clock Wizard Games
Phasmophobia 2020-09-18 Horror Kinetic Games
The Dark Pictures Anthology Man Of Medan 2019-08-30 Adventure Supermassive Games
Alien Isolation 2014-10-06 Action & Shooter The Creative Assembly
The Dark Pictures Anthology Little Hope 2020-10-30 Adventure Supermassive Games
Deceit 2 2023-09-14 Survival-horror World Makers
Emily Wants To Play 2015-12-10 Indie Shawn Hitchcock
The Dark Pictures Anthology The Devil In Me 2022-11-18 Adventure Supermassive Games
Emily Wants To Play Too 2017-12-13 Adventure Shawn Hitchcock


Release date:2020-09-18
Genre:Co-op, Horror
Developer:Kinetic Games

This first-person game can be played solo, but it truly shines when you’re part of a four-person team. It was designed with cooperation and virtual reality gameplay in mind.

In this game, you assume the role of a member of a research group exploring various haunted locations and investigating them for paranormal activity. You’ll visit places like abandoned prisons, schools and hospitals, notorious for their alleged hauntings.

Phasmophobia focuses on immersion, featuring first-person VR gameplay, polished graphics, terrifying locations, and the use of voice detection. This allows you to interact with ghosts by talking to them, but you also need to be cautious so that hostile entities don’t find you when you’re hiding!

Key features
  • Exploration of paranormal phenomena
  • Designed for four-player gameplay
  • Utilizes VR technology and voice detection
  • Polished graphics

Alien: Isolation (with mods)

Release date:2014-10-06
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:The Creative Assembly

Another game from the Alien universe, but this time, it’s a survival horror game closely tied to the events of the original 1979 film.

In the game, you play as Amanda Ripley, the daughter of Ellen, who embarks on a mission to discover what truly happened on the Nostromo and the whereabouts of her mother.

Similar to the film, in-game combat against adult Xenomorphs is nearly impossible, so gameplay revolves around stealth and quiet exploration of the ship. A mod for the game enables voice detection, turning Alien: Isolation into a horror game where you have to be quiet. Make too much noise, and the Xenomorph will discover your location!

The PC version omits this feature, necessitating a mod, whereas console users can easily enable voice detection in the settings.

Key features
  • Set in the Alien universe
  • Captures the atmosphere of the first film and continues its story
  • Constant feeling of being hunted and fear
  • Voice detection enhances immersion and difficulty

Paranormal Activity: The Lost Soul

Release date:2017-08-15

This game can be played traditionally on PC or console, or you can experience it fully in VR for a more immersive horror experience.

Similar to Phasmophobia, the game places you in a haunted house plagued by paranormal phenomena. Your task is not only to uncover the nature of these phenomena, but also to find a way to escape.

The game requires you to search for useful items, solve logical puzzles, and avoid direct confrontations with spirits. With voice recognition enabled, you must also stay quiet.

Key features
  • Based on the popular Paranormal Activity film franchise
  • Searching for useful items and solving logical puzzles
  • The need to escape a haunted house
  • Enhanced immersion through VR and voice recognition

Man of Medan

Release date:2019-08-30
Developer:Supermassive Games

This game is a cinematic adventure that kicks off The Dark Pictures Anthology series. The game’s non-linear storyline depends on your choices and actions, determining the fates of the characters.

In this title, you play as one of four divers or the boat’s captain, embarking on an expedition to investigate a sunken World War II wreck. As you explore and retrieve artefacts, strange events begin to occur.

The game, like those mentioned before, involves exploration, item collecting, and puzzle-solving, featuring excellent graphics and a 3D setting that creates a chilling atmosphere.

Key features
  • Great for playing with others
  • Builds a strong atmosphere of horror
  • Highly non-linear story based on player choices
  • Every decision, no matter how small, affects the outcome


Release date:2017-10-31
Developer:Gattai Games

An award-winning and intriguing game, especially when played with VR headsets.

In this game, you play as a character who explores eerie locations, such as caves, terrifying basements, and empty rooms, to uncover their hidden secrets. The game’s plot is minimal, but its unique and intricate mechanics make it stand out.

Most of the places you visit are shrouded in darkness, and to navigate them, you must use… echolocation. By throwing objects or making sounds (using your microphone), you can visualize the surroundings and objects within. However, be careful – various creatures lurk in the darkness and can be attracted by noise.

Key features
  • Award-winning first-person game with unique mechanics
  • Focuses on exploration and environmental investigation
  • Utilizes microphone for echolocation and spatial awareness
  • Perfect for VR gameplay

Stay Close

Release date:2016-10-14
Developer:Blind Bird

An experimental game that blends multiple genres and focuses on the mechanics.

In this game, you play as a couple who, due to unfortunate events, ends up in a creepy and mysterious town. Your task is to uncover the town’s secrets and find a way out, but you’ll encounter some eerie surprises along the way.

The game excels at creating tension, combining well-constructed suspense with frightening jump scares. Therefore, especially when playing in co-op mode, it’s better to stick close together and avoid making too much noise.

Key features
  • A unique game combining multiple genres
  • Focuses on surviving in a creepy environment and finding an escape
  • It’s better to stay close to your partner…

In Silence

Release date:2020-10-16
Developer:Ravenhood Games

This game stands out as one of the few created by a Turkish studio. It features asymmetric multiplayer gameplay, but is also suitable for solo play.

In multiplayer mode, you can either play as the terrifying cryptid known as Reke or as one of the group of humans trying to escape from the monster. The game ends when the survivors manage to escape or when Reke kills everyone. Interestingly, when playing in single-player mode, you can only take on the role of a human.

The game introduces an intriguing mechanic: use your microphone to communicate with other players, plan your escape, and solve tasks. However, using your voice and making noise can attract the monster, which is blind but has excellent hearing!

Key features
  • A game with a unique asymmetric multiplayer mechanic
  • Great for co-op or solo play
  • Playing as the monster is satisfying but challenging (radar has to be used)
  • After death as a human, you respawn as a mouse and can still help the team solve puzzles

Deceit 1/2

Release date:2017-03-03
Developer:World Makers

Another game on our list that combines horror with another genre, this time merging FPS and action gameplay. It was designed for multiplayer sessions.

In the game, you take on the role of one of six characters who suddenly wake up in an eerie psychiatric hospital. Two of them are infected with a virus that allows them to transform into terrifying monsters when the lights go out. The gameplay revolves around discovering who the shapeshifter is and escaping from the monsters, OR cleverly hiding your infection and killing the other characters.

The game features an in-game voice chat system, but players must be careful about what they say to avoid revealing their infection or position to the wrong people.

Deceit (2017) is free to play game.

Key features
  • A game that combines FPS with survival horror
  • Unique gameplay mechanic of discovering who is the shapeshifter
  • Playing as the infected is satisfying and demanding
  • Excellent use of voice communication

Escape The Ayuwoki

Release date:2019-11-26
Developer:Deadlycrow Games

This first-person horror game can be quite intense. Its plot is based on a Spanish creepypasta inspired by a spine-chilling animatronic reminiscent of Michael Jackson.

In the game, you play as an individual who enters a terrifying, haunted house, where a monstrous entity known as The Ayuowki (which sounds like “Annie, are you OK?”, doesn’t it?) roams. Your goal is to find an escape route and get out of the house as quietly as possible to avoid attracting the malevolent creature.

This is another horror game that can hear you, with excellent use of the microphone and voice recognition, creating a constant atmosphere of tension.

Key features
  • Horror inspired by a creepypasta featuring a creepy animatronic
  • The need to escape from a haunted house
  • You must remain as quiet as possible
  • Excellent microphone utilization in the game

Emily Wants To Play

Release date:2015-12-10
Developer:Shawn Hitchcock

This first-person adventure, unlike many other horror games, doesn’t focus on gore or brutality, but instead builds tension and an unsettling atmosphere.

In the game, you play as a pizza delivery person who embarks on their last delivery of the day. Upon arrival, you discover that the order was placed from a spooky, abandoned house. Soaked and chilled, you enter the house to warm up for a moment before heading back. However, you become trapped. From that point until dawn, you must fight for your life, eluding the titular spirit, Emily.

The game supports VR gameplay, actively using voice recognition, enhancing the immersive experience. You must remain quiet if you would rather not attract the ghost!

Key features
  • Well-constructed tension and unease
  • Each hour in the game (from 11 pm to 6 am) represents one game level
  • Avoiding direct confrontation with the enemy and solving logical puzzles
  • Great support for VR hardware


As you can see, the use of voice recognition and microphones can significantly enhance immersion and the gaming experience. Being aware that you are being listened to can heighten emotions and a sense of unease. That’s precisely what a good horror game aims to do – evoke emotions, send shivers down your spine, and instil fear!

We believe that this technology, although unfortunately not used in many games, is an excellent addition that can add tension to the scariest games. We hope for more!