Horror games don’t necessarily need to have engaging gameplay to be good and scary, and the so-called horror walking simulators are the perfect example that this idea really works. Such games focus on exploration, hence the name – you’ll be mostly walking and exploring.

Sometimes you’ll face some simple puzzles or challenges, but a horror walking simulator has generally more in common with an interactive movie than a game, so don’t expect too much from the gameplay. Instead, enjoy the atmosphere and the immersive experience.

Below you’ll find some great examples of horror simulations – give them a try and you won’t be disappointed.
Blair Witch 2019-08-30 Adventure Bloober Team SA
Layers Of Fear 2016-02-15 Adventure Bloober Team SA
Layers Of Fear Masterpiece Edition 2016-02-15 Adventure Bloober Team SA
Layers Of Fear 2 2019-05-28 Adventure Bloober Team SA
Viscera Cleanup Detail 2015-10-23 Indie RuneStorm
Amnesia Collection 2010-09-08 Adventure Frictional Games
Observer 2017-08-15 Adventure Bloober Team SA
The Longing 2020-03-05 Adventure Studio Seufz
Visage 2018-10-02 Adventure SadSquare Studio
Soma 2015-09-21 Adventure Frictional Games
Outlast 2013-09-04 Adventure Red Barrels
Death Stranding Directors Cut 2022-03-30 Adventure, Shooter Kojima Productions
Dead Space 2008-10-20 Adventure EA Redwood Shores
Dead Space 2 2011-01-27 Horror Visceral Games

Blair Witch

Release date:2019-08-30
Genre:Survival horror
Developer:Bloober Team SA

In Blair Witch you’ll spend most of your playing time walking around the creepy forest while trying to solve the case of a mysterious disappearance.

Blair Witch focuses on first-person exploration – as a former police officer you will have to get to the bottom of a certain case that involves searching for a missing boy. The environment you’ll find yourself in can already be scary enough but there are more surprises waiting for you.

Key features
  • A first-person survival horror set in a secluded forest
  • Immersive experience
  • A dog companion that helps throughout the game
  • Simple puzzles that add a bit of variety to the gameplay

Layers of Fear

Release date:2016-02-15
Genre:Psychological horror
Developer:Bloober Team SA

Terrifying walking simulators are Bloober Team’s specialty so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that there is more than one game of theirs on the list.

Layers of Fear is a true treat for the fans of real art – this walk horror game follows the story of a painter as he’s working on his magnum opus. During the game you will have to explore the mansion to uncover its secrets – it will help your protagonist to finish his masterpiece and maybe even reveal the truth behind his own past.

Key features
  • Psychological horror in a Victorian-inspired setting
  • Story-driven gameplay with simple puzzles
  • A lot of real and original pieces of art to admire
  • Great atmosphere and solid visuals

Viscera Cleanup Detail

Release date:2015-10-23

Have you ever wondered what happens to the bodies of all the creatures and people in video games? Now you’ve got an opportunity to find out.

Viscera Cleanup Detail is truly a unique game. Instead of facing the enemies directly, you will be tasked with cleaning up the areas where the fights already took place. Your job is to mop the blood from the floors and burn whatever’s left of the deceased – while it may sound silly, it’s actually fun and addictive.

Key features
  • A unique game focused on cleaning up the battlefields
  • Physics-based interactions
  • Contains a lot of blood and gore but has a rather funny vibe to it
  • Comes with multiplayer, including split-screen co-op mode

Autopsy Simulator

Release date:TBA
Developer:Woodland Games

You may also be interested in checking out a game that revolves around examining the bodies of deceased people in order to find the cause of their deaths.

Autopsy Simulator

Autopsy Simulator will give you an opportunity to experience the life of a pathologist as he tries to solve a variety of cases. The game was made in collaboration with real-world doctors, so you can expect a satisfying level of detail and realism. It should be noted, however, that Autopsy Simulator is not for the faint of heart.

Key features
  • A psychological horror set in the 1990 USA
  • A unique combination of horror and simulation
  • Disturbing atmosphere
  • An optional free-play mode

Hand Simulator: Horror

Release date:2020-12-21
Developer:HFM Games

On a more ridiculous side of video games, there’s Hand Simulator – a title that becomes even better once you find some friends to play with.

Hand Simulator

Hand Simulator is exactly what the name suggests and it’s much harder than it sounds. That’s because of the game’s controls that intentionally make it extremely difficult to control your virtual hands – completing even the simplest tasks with their use may prove to be a challenge.

Key features

Horror simulator games can be a fun way to relax. They follow simple rules so learning how to play shouldn’t be a problem – some of them may prove to be difficult to master, though. If you didn’t play such games before you should definitely give them a try.