Cheats are an excellent strategy to re-experience a good video game but in an alternative way. And in an epic title like The Witcher III: Wild Hunt, a few handy cheats deliver the ultimate adventure!

Codes are a divine blessing, and introducing them to your favorite game, like The Witcher 3, can considerably boost the fun or even turn it upside down. Whether you’re looking for help with a problematic issue (like an evident lack of funds) or want to redesign Geralt’s entire adventure (making him a living god).

The Witcher 3 cheats are the ultimate answer. This short guide is a ready-made collection of all the information for cheating beginners. Use it whenever you want to make your gameplay more fun on PC, Xbox, or PS!

Why Enable Cheats?

Players divide into two groups – those who use cheats and those who do not. The latter choice depends on various factors, like the need to feel fair to the rules or the desire to face the game in its purest form. And that’s totally okay. But single-player RPGs like Wild Hunt are the ideal opportunity to try out some cheat codes because no one gets hurt along the way.

It looks different in multiplayer titles where cheating is highly inappropriate (unless the group decides to introduce them to design a unique environment). But single-player games exist for your satisfaction. All kinds of cheats and mods mean redesigning the whole experience to make it as we want it. And if you’re still undecided, we recommend playing the entire game with DLCs without any external support for the first time and consider introducing them on your next try. This way, you can appreciate the whole game from different perspectives – the original and a little tweaked.

Witcher 3 - Geralt and Ciri
Witcher 3 – Geralt and Ciri

Enabling Cheats: Step-by-Step Guide

Enabling cheats in The Witcher 3 is a bit more complicated than in many other games, so players often look for complete recipes on how to do it. We must inform you that achieving this goal requires digging through the game files. But with this description of the particular steps, you should be able to deal with it fast!

Step 1: Unlock the access

Access to the Witcher 3 console commands is required to enter the code, and you can achieve it with two different methods.

The first means entry via Steam. Start the app and continue to the game library. Find The Witcher 3 title and right-click it. Select Properties, then Local Files, and Browse Local Files. You are now in the game files folder. Click ‘bin’, ‘config’, and ‘base.’ We’re almost there! Right-click on ‘general.ini’ to open it in Notepad and scroll down. At the very end, add a new line and enter DBGConsoleOn=true. Save changes by closing this file and starting the game. Now when you want to access this tool, click the ~.

Another effective way is to request some help from our impressive mod friends. Go to and download ‘Debug Console Enabler‘ for The Witcher 3. Extract the contents of the .zip file to the ‘x64’ folder in the ‘bin’ (which you can access as described above). All ready!

Step 2: Enabling Cheats

Since the most important tool is now within our reach, it’s time to enter codes.

Each command is a short phrase you can memorize or type using this guide. Enter one or the whole row separated by ‘;’ and enjoy the newly-customized gameplay!

Recommended Cheat Codes

Without further ado, let’s proceed to the best parts of this guide – some of the essential cheats!

Most useful cheats:

  • god – total immortality
  • healme – refill HP
  • levelup – advance experience by one level
  • Geralt – play as your favorite witcher
  • Ciri – play as Ciri
  • makeitrain – let it rain
  • stoprain – turn off the rain
  • Cat(0/1) – activate or deactivate night vision
  • addexp(x) – give yourself some experience points
  • activateAllGlossaryBeastiary – unlocks monster entries in the glossary
  • activateAllGlossaryCharacters – unravels all information about characters in the glossary
  • cleardevelop – reset experience and inventory
  • Drunk(0/1) – switch between being sober and drunk
  • setlevel(x) – reach a level determined by the chosen x number
  • settime(day/hour/minute/second) – sets the time
  • testpause – pause
  • testpause – turn off pause
  • addmoney(x) – makes you rich
  • addkeyes – gives keys required to open doors
  • changeweather(‘weather code’) – sets the weather
  • witchcraft – adds all items in the game to the character’s inventory (can result in a crash)
  • additem (name, x) – adds a selected item to the inventory
  • spawn (name, x) – spawns a chosen number of NPCs
  • learnskill (‘name’) – learn in seconds

The best combat codes:

  • addabl(‘ConAthletic’) – significantly increases vitality and stamina regeneration
  • addabl(‘ConImmortal’) – increases vitality by 99,800 points
  • addabl(‘DamageBuff’) – 200 Attack Power, 200 Spell Power
  • addabl(‘ForceCriticalHits’) – using this command makes each hit critical
  • addabl(‘Rune veles lesser _Stats’) – increases the Sign intensity by 2%
  • addabl(‘Rune veles _Stats’) – increases the Sign intensity by 3%
  • addabl(‘Rune veles greater _Stats’) – increases the Sign intensity by 5%
  • dismember – dismembers the currently targeted NPC
  • killall – kills all NPCs on the screen
  • killall x – kills all NPCs within the distance determined by x
  • likeaboss – each hit deals damage equal to 40% of the opponent’s maximum health

Witcher 3 - fighting with a monster
Witcher 3 – fighting with a monster

Exploration commands:

  • gotoKaerMohren – go to the Kaer Mohren fortress
  • gotoNovigrad – travel to Novigrad
  • gotoProlog – go to White Orchard
  • gotoPrologWinter – visit the winter version of White Orchard
  • gotoSkellige – go to Skellige Islands
  • gotoWyzima – travel to the Royal Castle in Wyzima
  • showAllFT (0/1) – reveals all fast travel points on the map
  • ShowPins(0/1) – displays all pins on the map
  • AllowFT(0/1) – use fast travel from anywhere in the game world
  • instantMount(‘name’) – mount
  • staminapony – unlimited horse stamina
  • spawnBoatAndMount – find yourself ready for a little sea voyage

Gwent Codes:

  • secretgwint – start Gwent game
  • winGwint(0/1) – lose or win
  • addgwintcards – adds all Gwent cards to your inventory

Appearance commands:

  • WitcherHairstyler(‘1’/’2’/’3’/) – try different haircuts
  • addHair1 – default hair
  • addHair2 – a ponytail
  • addHair3 – a loose hairstyle
  • settattoo(0/1) – a neck tattoo
  • addHairDLC1 – short hair
  • addHairDLC2 – a mohawk
  • addHairDLC3 – the Elven Rebel cut
  • shave – shaves beard

Unlocking the True Potential: Mods

Some gameplay effects are unavailable by cheats. In that case, the best mods come to the rescue! Go to NexusMods, read the manual, and lose yourself in the creativity provided by other players. But remember, the game can only support 49 mods at a time, so don’t overdo it.

  • Vampires Have No Shadows – recognizing them becomes easier than ever
  • A Minecraft Sword – this is a serious weapon for a dangerous monster-slayer
  • Ciri Cyberpunk 2077 Samurai Outfit – because why not?
  • Better Hair – enjoy the natural sway
  • No Time for Gwent – win every round and move on to more important activities
  • Atmospheric Nights – experience extremely realistic night views
  • Naked Geralt – no armor makes such a lasting impression!


As you can see, with only one mod and two cheats, you can make Geralt run around naked, in the rain, and drunk. That’s quite a massive change for so little work! But seriously, most of these commands prove immensely useful, removing many technical problems related to lighting, graphics, annoying NPCs, or travel.

Video games exist purely for fun – never feel bad for changing something if you become increasingly discouraged by upcoming challenges. Everyday life is hard enough, so use these practical tips to make your digital adventures legendary.