Having money is a crucial part of the Medieval Dynasty. You have to pay taxes, buy different items, and unlock technology.

The more buildings you own the higher your taxes get so it can become troublesome. People will barter with you on everything you’re trying to buy or sell. But just like in the real world, earning coins is not easy, especially at the beginning of your journey. Here are some helpful tips that will make you rich!

Growing crops and livestock

When you start the game you have farm fields available and you can farm crops. It might take a while before you earn money from farming, but it is an easy way to get rich. You don’t need a barn to start cultivating crops and you don’t need to upgrade your skills.

There are a few crops to choose from and once you purchase the seed it will be always available to plant. One of the available plants is flax, whose seeds can be sold or turned into linen. But be aware that you need to consider seasons when it comes to planting and harvesting.

For example, flax can be planted in spring and harvested in summer and wheat can be planted either in spring or autumn and harvested in summer or autumn. Their average sell price is between 5 and 8 coins.

To start having livestock you need a place for them to live. Pigs are low-cost animals and if you have some kind of stable income then investing in them is a great decision. They don’t require special food or a fancy place to live in.

They’re pigs, after all. They might take a while to grow though, as piglets have no value. Other available animals are geese, chickens, sheep, goats, cows, horses, donkeys, and bees.


If you need food, but run out of money to buy some in the town you can hunt. And all the things which you don’t eat or don’t need can be sold. Hunting is done with a spear or by setting traps. Animals, just like in real hunting, provide more than meat.

You can get fur or feathers which aren’t worth a lot, but can be helpful in difficult situations. You can cook some of the meat on the fire and save the scraps for later. Rabbits, badgers, wolves, bears, and lynxes provide meat and fur. Feathers can lay on the ground or they might fall from the tree you have just cut.


You need 10 crafting tech points to open up a crafting workshop, but it’s easy to do at the beginning of your journey. Stone knives require 2 stones and 5 sticks, and are the fastest crafting money sources.

It requires your time as you cannot do other quests in the meantime, but the profit is worth it. You can sell it even for 20 coins! You’ll need the fast crafting options for this, but it’s available in the menu.

There is also a w few low-cost options, for example, wooden spoons or wheels, which don’t require a lot of material and are sold for a respectable sum of money. Cutting down trees is one of the easiest things you can do when you have just started playing the game.

You can also assign a villager to do the crafting and while he takes care of the workshop you can go and do other tasks.

Bartering Skill

Bartering is a very important aspect of medieval times. It’s helpful when buying or selling things as you never want to spend too much money and sell your items for too few coins.

To develop that skill you have to interact with NPCs by flirting, conversing, and bartering. This gives you points to invest in diplomacy, bartering, and other skills. Bartering skill has three different levels and the higher you are, the more money you can get as your skill is better.


While exploring the world you can see some abandoned carts, which have been broken or knocked down. In those carts, there might be some useful items, such as a torch or some seeds. However, there is a chance of finding something valuable which can be sold in town.

In the forest, some campsites sometimes don’t have any hostile NPCs. When they are not around you can steal their stuff for a lot of coins. And if you’re lucky you’ll just find someone’s spare coins lying around.

On the map, you can also find lost shipments that have been abandoned or treasures waiting for their owner. Exploring is also the easy part because it can be done while you search for trees to cut down or just try to get to know the map better.

Earning money is a tough job. It’s needed for everything and it doesn’t grow on trees (unless you’re looking for feathers).

Some ways to earn coins might be harder than others, but the tips above might be helpful when you’re lost and broke. Good luck dealing with taxes, bartering masters, and tiefs!