For many, acquiring Thalamus in Hades II can be pretty complicated without proper tips on how to do it. Here, you will discover what it is and how to get this exceptionally rare item.

Thalamus is an essential ingredient required for survival in one of the most challenging stages of Hades 2. It is also crucial for progressing with the main story – without it, you may have trouble completing the game at all.

However, please know that as of this date, Hades II is still in early access, and all information about that rare ingredient in our guide is accurate but may change in the future. Okay, let’s see, step by step, how to obtain that unique item!

What do you need it for?

Thalamus is necessary for survival on the surface, as it is part of the Unraveling a Fateful Bond incantation, preventing the life-draining curse.

To prepare the chant, you need two Thalamuses combined with two Mosses, two Lotuses, and two Nightshades. You can also sell this essential ingredient to the Wretched Broker for 19 Bones each.

How to get it?

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It’s impossible to harvest Thalamus by hand or obtain it from a boss battle – but you can grow it at the Crossroads using Origin Seeds. That requires the help of Chaos, which means losing some health, but surviving on the surface is definitely worth the effort. Where to get these Origin Seeds? After a few runs in the game, Chaos Gates will start appearing in various areas of the underworld.

You must enter them equipped with a Silver Spade and dig in the digging spots. Each one will provide you with one Origin Seed, which you can then plant at Crossroads to receive two Thalamuses. Also, Chaos may give you an Origin Seed for free if you enter the Chaos Gate after trying to survive on the surface.


Now that you know how to obtain Thalamus in Hades II, you can safely try to push the plot forward. For now, it only has one use apart from selling it to the Wretched Broker, but several more may appear in the future.

Let’s keep our fingers crossed that the official release will deliver more similarly fascinating mechanics!