Friends invite you to play together at their house or online, but you always refuse because you’re afraid of another failure… You feel like having a quick multiplayer FPS match for relaxation, but you always end up defeated, which makes you frustrated. Set aside your worries!

Want to know how to get good at games? Today, we’ll present you with some gamer tips that will help elevate your skills!

1. Stay positive, the most important thing is to have fun!

Disappointment, anger, the urge to sell your console or computer out of frustration… You know those feelings, right? Take a deep breath and repeat after us: “It’s just a game!”.

Although, we ourselves are passionate gamers and understand the importance of winning, you must remember that your gaming skills do not define you as a person. Gaming should primarily serve as entertainment and fun. If something doesn’t go well, it’s okay. When you relax and stop stressing unnecessarily, you’ll immediately perform better. Positive thinking is essential!

2. Find your favourite genre

Defeated in your friends’ beloved FPS again? Can’t control the ball in a soccer game and constantly losing? Then consider whether your previous failures might be because you simply don’t like or “feel” certain games or genres.

The world of gaming offers a multitude of diverse genres, and the market is full of thousands of different games. Not everyone has to like everything and be good at everything, and finding your favourites is one of the main gamer tips.

Try out different genres and test your skills in various games. Just because you were bad at FPS or slashers doesn’t mean anything. It might turn out that you’re excellent at RPGs, strategy, or action games, and you’ll be the one who smashes your friends in the next gaming session!

3. Find your favourite platform and controllers

Can’t coordinate mouse and keyboard movements, or struggling to handle a gamepad? The days of PC vs. console battles are long gone. In the era of cross-platform gaming, game streaming, and a vast market of peripherals for gamers, you can create your own comfortable, personalized setup at a low cost.

If you want to play a game you love that is only available on PC, but you’re not happy using a mouse, it’s easy.

  • Just connect a controller to your computer, and voilà!
  • You can even connect your computer to a TV and enjoy your game on a big screen.
  • If you wish to play exclusive console titles, but hate the included gamepad, connect a keyboard and mouse to the console or try different controller models available on the market — they may be more comfy for you.

By finding a satisfying configuration for yourself, you’ll gain comfort that will significantly improve your gaming skills.

4. Customize your controls

Once you’ve found your favourite platform and the most comfortable controllers, you can now experiment with the most suitable controls for you.

Both hardware and game settings allow users to personalize the button assignments to their needs. Set everything up to be comfortable, intuitive, and allow for quick reactions, and your skills and achievements in games will gradually improve. This is how to get good at games!

5. Practice makes you perfect

As with any exercise or learning process, practice is crucial.

No one learned to play the violin, crochet, or perform a backflip after a few attempts. Learning and training have to take a considerable amount of time.

Fortunately, gaming is not as demanding as muscle building or mastering a musical instrument, and you don’t have to dedicate several years to it. Nevertheless, regular playing and trying your hand at different games will undoubtedly improve your sense of weapons/vehicles/attacks in games.

6. Play on the same maps

If your goal is to beat your friends in a specific game or on a specific map, there’s no better way to improve your skill than training in the same location.

Play the same games on the same maps, repeat levels, even in the face of defeat. With each gameplay, you’ll become more familiar with the game environment and character’s abilities, and you’ll learn the tactics of enemies or the traps that await you. You might also discover secrets like passages, shortcuts, or hiding spots, find useful items, or learn to use the environment to your advantage.

7. Take care of yourself (stay hydrated, eat, get fresh air)

While sharpening your gaming skills, please keep in mind that you also exist in the real world — here and now. We know how immersive video games can be, but you shouldn’t neglect your health.

If you have poor eyesight, make sure to wear glasses or contact lenses while gaming. Furthermore, remember to maintain a comfortable and posture-friendly position. Don’t forget to drink water and eat nutritious meals — well-hydrated and nourished brains function better. It’s also beneficial to regularly open a window for fresh air. Oxygen is important too.

8. Watch professional streams

Want to learn tricks, techniques, and understand why some players are great at what they do? Observe them! Watch videos on YouTube and streams on Twitch, visit gamer friends and watch how they play. Analyze what they do, take notes and try to replicate their techniques.

9. Read guides

Occasionally, everyone gets stuck in a game. However, there are no levels that cannot be finished or bosses that cannot be defeated. When you’re unsure what to do, don’t hesitate to read guides – online or in a book form. Such resources are created to help novice gamers, and you can learn a lot from them.

10. Don’t give up!

Last but not least, don’t give up!

As mentioned before, practice is essential, but failures are an integral part of learning something.

Prepare yourself that even after implementing our tips, you won’t instantly become a top gamer. It all takes time and, above all, determination. Stay motivated and keep going!

To summarize…

Gaming is a wonderful hobby that can provide fantastic entertainment, and opportunities to make new friendships, and is a great way to relax and escape from everyday problems. However, everyone was once a noob and had to learn basic gaming skills as well as those required for specific games. So, don’t worry! Take care of your health, play what you enjoy, practice, and remember that gaming should primarily bring you joy!