If you’ve ever bought a new PC, you probably know that a key for Microsoft Windows can be rather expensive, especially on top of the money you’ve just spent on the new hardware.

If you check how much Windows 10 can run, for example, you may find that it can be quite expensive. The Home Edition and Pro license are two options available, but both come with a high cost. Even if you’re in the market for only one license, it’s still a significant investment.

Do not worry, however! There are several ways for you to acquire a MS Windows license without having to strain your budget. We’re here to tell you how to get cheaper access to this crucial operating system.

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The Education license

There are, of course, other ways to get Windows 10 substantially cheaper, or even for free. For example this one, even though it requires some research into community colleges in your area.

Thanks to Academic Volume Licensing many colleges are able to offer Windows for next to nothing. This benefit, however, understandably tends to apply only to students, faculty, and staff.

Unless you’re employed at a community college, you might consider enrolling for a course, and there’s a good chance that that will still cost you less than purchasing a regular Win10 license. And who knows, you might also learn something, if you decide to actually follow up on the enrollment, making it two benefits instead of one.

Once enrolled, you are likely to gain access to some form of software distribution center meant to provide necessary support for education etc.

However, and we must stress this: it relies on research. Not all colleges offer this kind of license, and not all of them make it available outside of campus PCs. All we can do is make you aware of this option.

Get a PC with Win7 or Win8 and upgrade

This approach isn’t anywhere near as reliable, since it relies on a finite resource, but it’s worth pointing out nonetheless, in case you have what it requires.

Long story short, if you own or find a PC with Windows 7 or Windows 8 on it, it’s possible that you’ll be able to activate Win 10 with it. It’s a part of a promotional campaign from the mid-to-late 2010s, and while it has been officially discontinued, there is a good chance that you can still get lucky.

Understandably, it works much better if you already own a PC with an older Windows and simply want to upgrade. It wouldn’t be a great idea to buy an old machine JUST to get a chance at a Windows 10 upgrade.

Find an OEM license

OEM stands for “Original Equipment Manufacturer”, and in the context of Windows, it refers usually to system pre-installed on the PC you’re buying. It doesn’t have to, however!

While it doesn’t offer savings as big as other options, it is still noticeably cheaper, because it comes with a specific limitation: the key is only valid for one PC, usually because it checks the motherboard. Another downside is that an OEM-licensed Windows 10 might not get the comprehensive support you would otherwise benefit from.

OEM licenses can be easily found on online stores, and often you can get one when you purchase a new PC.

The choice is yours

As you can see, there are more ways to get a Windows 10 license than just buying one from Microsoft at full price. Some of them are depending on context or require some extra effort beyond just buying the product, but in every case the price is significantly lower with virtually no loss in function or reliability, unless, of course, you decide the restrictions of the super-free version do not bother you.