Minecraft is a game with a very broad appeal. It can draw enthusiasts of survival games, people looking for a fun game to play with friends, and all those who are drawn to the creative freedom provided by the game’s incredibly robust crafting system.

Since its release, millions have enjoyed it already, but every day new people get interested in it. How can they get Minecraft without paying the full price? There are a few ways, but not all of them are useful for everyone. Here’s how you can get Minecraft for cheap.

Start MineCrafting with G2A

Before we bring up two tricks which might help you get Minecraft cheaply, we’d like to draw your attention to the simplest and the most reliable solution.

While the other two methods require either prior ownership or being in a specific line of work, you can simply visit the G2A.COM marketplace and get Minecraft cheaply there, picking from many offers presented by our sellers. It’s as straightforward as getting it straight from other retailers, and the only extra step is that you must activate it on the MS Store.

This option is the most universally applicable if you’re looking for ways to buy Minecraft for cheap.

Minecraft Java Bedrock Edition 2011-08-16 33%
Minecraft Windows 10 Edition 2015-07-29 19%
Minecraft Dungeons 2020-05-26 42%
Minecraft Legends 2023-04-18 26%

You might already have it

If you’re looking for a different version of Minecraft, rather than any version of the game, this option might be exactly what you need. But first, some explanations are in order.

MC comes in two basic variants. Minecraft Java Edition is more customizable, from character skin to gameplay mods, but it’s also limited to PC, requires more processing power, and doesn’t allow cross-play. Bedrock Edition, on the other hand, is extensively multiplatform with crossplay capacity, less resource-intensive, and benefits from official optional moderation.

Now, here comes the trick: it’s possible that at some point you bought the one edition and are now hunting for the other. You don’t need to!

Starting June 2022 both editions are sold as one on Microsoft Store, so if you have one from times past, now you can claim the other for free. You might need to migrate your Mojang account to Microsoft, however! This also means, that technically you get two games for the price of one.

Education Edition

This option isn’t available for individual users, but if you’re working in education or in related organization, you might be able to acquire Minecraft licenses for your pupils at a much more accessible price. It’s not going to be Bedrock or Java version, however. Instead, it’s the Education Edition, which comes pre-packaged with lessons, curricula, and various tools which make it easier for you to use MC to provide guided (and multiplayer-friendly!) activities to the students.There’s also a demo verison teaching users how to write simple code.

This version won’t do you much good if you just want to build on your own free time, but if you’re an educator, it’s a godsend.

Build upon this foundation

Admittedly, there aren’t many avenues of approach if you want a cheaper access to Minecraft, but there is a good chance one of the three will be enough.