Don’t have a credit card? Or maybe you have but are afraid of sharing your data online. Whatever the reason – fear not. Fortunately, we live in a glorious age of infinite payment options without a credit card.

The Internet is dangerous, so, understandably, many users prefer to use it with limited trust. Fraudsters come up with increasingly creative methods of extorting data or funds online. Older people who do not grasp the basics of malicious activities like phishing, pharming, or social engineering, are often chosen targets. And although paying by credit card usually goes smoothly and safely, even you can become a potential victim of a simple attack. Just fall for the fake e-commerce website or an overly empathetic phone call from the bank. So how to buy things online without a credit card? And is it possible to limit the use of an online credit card at all? Yes! To learn more, read this article on safe online shopping without a credit card.

Digital Wallet

As we make more and more purchases online, even our old wallets have found their electronic equivalent. It is a legit service offered by independent operators like Google Pay that allows you to make various online and stationary payments. Depending on your personal needs, you can use it as an active account with a credit card attached, a prepaid card, or just an application on a mobile device.

Why is an electronic wallet such a great solution? Let’s start with the essential fact that it’s usually completely free to set up and run. Also, if your friends or family use the same service, you can transfer money faster and enjoy various benefits for inviting new users. It is a perfect alternative to paying by credit card as it encourages spending in stores online, internationally, in local points, or anonymously. You decide how and where you want to pay. An encrypted connection guarantees security and peace of mind.

Key features

  • Try the equivalent for your old wallet
  • Pay online, in-store, and internationally
  • Invite your friends and enjoy the free service
  • Design your privacy and pay as you like

Gift Cards & Vouchers

It is an excellent payment method for those who care about privacy and security. Gift Cards and Vouchers are now available almost everywhere, offering a remarkable variety of spending methods as part of their services. So you can use them as a backup card for online payments, specific services, or purchases.

If you are looking for a voucher to replace your credit card. Depending on your needs, configure your preferred payment settings and use them as you need in various shops. But if you are planning a specific purchase in one store, consider the gift cards of the selected store and choose something for yourself or your friends. Now you can buy vouchers and gift cards for any occasion! Hungry? Consider gift cards. And if you dream of a new video game, look at the vast selection of Steam Gift Cards.

Key features

  • Buy a voucher stationary or online
  • Use it as a credit card replacement or make specific purchases at selected stores
  • Shop online without sharing your data

Prepaid Cards

This solution works very similarly to vouchers or gift cards – but is accepted almost everywhere, not only in selected stores. Sounds mysterious? Don’t worry – prepaid cards are just classic plastics with a few more perks included!

The best examples of financial services issuing such cards are Visa, Mastercard, Zen, and Revolut. You can order your prepaid card from these trusted providers and set rules for its use. But what makes it so great? Well, prepaid cards always have limited funds in your account. So you decide how much money you want to spend! For example, get all transfers from employers, family, or friends to your bank account. But transfer some of that amount to your prepaid card, and you can use it as you want – without exceeding the selected number or losing all available funds from a hacking attack. This method is the best choice for those who want to save cash or for children and teenagers who are just starting their grand adventure with finances.

Key features

  • Replace your credit card with an alternative prepaid card
  • Choose an amount for specific expenses and save
  • Protect your money from hacking attacks
  • Buy online and in-store

Debit Card

It is the closest relative of your credit card that you can order while setting up a bank account. But how is a debit card different from a credit card? The answer is simple – you will get the first one only by proving your creditworthiness. The debit card is a solution for everyone, regardless of the account balance. So if you do not want to create overdrafts on your account or have debt with the bank – check out the key benefits of using a debit card.

The debit card works on almost the same principles as a credit card. The only difference is it has a few specific pros, especially vital for those who want control over their expenses. The debit card will not allow spending more than you have on your account. This way, you can avoid devastating debt from various impulsive purchases. But always remember to check additional fees before ordering both cards, as different providers charge extra payments for using their services. When choosing your dream debit card, you can be sure of the bank’s security and quick reaction in the event of potential fraud. Moreover, the thieves will never take more than you agree in advance because the option of creating a possible overdraft is entirely up to you. So if you do not care about building credit and are looking for a payment method free of debts or fees – choose a debit card and enjoy safe shopping wherever you want.

Key features

  • Choose a debt-free card
  • Always be in control of your cash
  • Pay online, stationary, and withdraw from ATM
  • Enjoy little or no fees

More and more people choose secure online payments without a credit card. That’s awesome as it proves that users are becoming aware of various scams, frauds, and other dangers related to online shopping. But some still fear such ways, trusting only outdated or proven solutions. Sometimes they feel hesitant about using digital payment methods, which may seem complex.

But secure payment methods without a credit card are just shifting the standard payments to other effective procedures. Now you can keep your money in a digital wallet, on a prepaid or debit card, and pay with the app, smartwatch, or even the gift code itself – no loans or debt repayments as in the case of credit cards. So don’t worry about how to buy stuff online without a card. Do a little research on your new dream payment method and enjoy safe and fast purchases right away