Sometimes less is more. Like when we want to abandon a challenging campaign in a realistic 3D world for the simplest entertainment possible – arcade games.

Once available only on slot machines – today, we can play them also on PC, consoles, and smartphones. Independent developers discovered their promised land in this category, being able to design short forms that challenge many ambitious projects. And it works! Gamers love indie arcade games, buying more and more such titles on Steam.

Best Indie Arcade Games
Fault Milestone Two Sideabove 2015-09-08 ALICE IN DISSONANCE
Downwell 2015-10-15 Moppin
Caveblazers 2017-05-24 Deadpan Games
Caveblazers Arena Mode 2017-12-15
Pharaoh Rebirth 2016-03-17 KROBON station
Steinsgate 2016-09-08 5pb.
Killer Queen Black 2019-10-11 Liquid Bit, LLC, BumbleBear Games
Super Slam Dunk Touchdown 2015-12-16
Megasphere 2015-08-25 AKGames
Huntdown 2020-05-12 Easy Trigger Games

Want to take a closer look at this unique video game genre? Check out this list of the best indie arcade video games for PC!

fault - milestone two side: above


It is a continuation of the fault – milestone one story developed and released by Alice In Dissonance in 2015. Witness the adventures of Selphine and her friends continue in this beautiful homecoming tale.

Discover the classic J-Indie arcade visual novel set in a magical fantasy world. Guide the fate of the characters and learn their stories even better to understand all the mysteries. It’s a visually stunning production that will transport you to an anime-like world full of secrets.

Key features
  • Play the continuation of fault – milestone one
  • Discover the rest of the addictive storyline
  • Get to know the heroines of the story
  • Enjoy the beautiful audiovisual setting



Imagine the Icy Tower game, but upside down! Welcome to Downwell – a story where you will embark on a journey to the bottom of the well. Get ready for action-packed combat, treasures, and hordes of enemies.

Downwell is a roguelike game where you’ll shoot from your gun boots and collect precious red gems. Your goal is to get to the bottom of the mysterious well. And the procedurally generated levels will provide a new dose of fun every time! Travel deep into the ground, collect ammo, defeat enemies and achieve your goal!

Key features
  • Set off on a journey to the depths of a mysterious well
  • Collect gems to get better and better ammunition
  • Discover new types of boots and their abilities
  • Fight hordes of enemies


Developer:Deadpan Games

It is a roguelike action game about adventure and travel! Go to a mysterious cave and discover its most desired treasure. Are you ready for fast-paced gameplay? Let’s go!

Explore the cave and discover its secrets. Get ready for everything! You will encounter various characters, find valuable treasures, and fail in combat more than once. Change your outfit, have fun, and expect the most unpredictable events.

Key features
  • Play as a traveler who travels deep into a mysterious cave
  • Explore and battle to continue your journey
  • Collect clues and chat with NPCs
  • Discover the high replayability of classic roguelike gameplay

Pharaoh Rebirth

Developer:KROBON station

Embark on your adventure in mysterious Ancient Egypt! Play as Jonathan Banfield, the archaeologist, and the rabbit. Challenge your former colleague Andre and do everything in your power to cleanse yourself of the deadly curse.

After opening the mysterious sarcophagus, you have only seven days to live. Travel across Egypt and find the holy grails to lift the ancient curse. Explore, discover valuable collectibles and collect weapons to eliminate all enemies. This indie game is a fantastic production for all fans of sharp humor!

Key features
  • Play as a treasure hunter rabbit and embark on an adventure in Egypt
  • Find the seven grails to cleanse yourself of the curse
  • Explore and discover valuable collectibles
  • Collect weapons to fight hordes of enemies and bosses



It is a Japanese visual novel game where you will experience an adventure like in Back to the Future. Follow the story of Okabe Rintaro, a student involved in the time manipulation plot.

When one of Okabe’s inventions starts to work, reality turns upside down. Enter a world where time travel is possible and make choices to experience one of the many endings to this storyline. This game is an engaging story that you will remember for a long time!

Key features
  • Discover the story of a young student-inventor
  • Make decisions and watch the story unfold
  • Chat with other heroes and discover clues
  • Solve the mystery of your invention and a dark organization

The best indie arcade games are often hidden among the biggest bestsellers on Steam. Players discover them unintentionally and cannot believe such good games for PC don’t have a massive fanbase. Well, indie arcade games are just evolving, and developers are constantly coming up with new ideas for the gameplay. Are you a fan of this addictive genre? Then keep your finger on the pulse as there will be more to enjoy in the upcoming years!