There is a variety of video game genres when it comes to horrors but interactive horrors are undoubtedly among the most popular ones.

An interactive horror feels more like a movie than a game – it often puts emphasis on the story and meaningful player choices that can lead to different outcomes. It may sound like a rather boring approach to horrors, but with the addition of quick time events, tense atmosphere, and occasional jump scares, interactive horrors can provide players with an experience that is no less intense than what you would expect to find in some first-person action titles.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best interactive horror games out there.

Darkness Under My Bed

Release date:2021
Genre:Psychological horror
Developer:Desert Fox

The first game on the list is a title where you will have to explore a certain maze that was built under the bed in order to keep scary creatures at bay.

Darkness Under My Bed is a psychological horror where your main objective is to navigate through a labyrinth under the bed to retrieve what was lost. As the operator of a robot equipped with a camera, you will have to explore a number of locations in order to solve the puzzles and complete your mission while keeping an eye on the camera’s battery. The game stands out thanks to its unsettling atmosphere combined with a detailed environment that creates a perfect horror experience.

Key features
  • A simple but fun point-and-click horror adventure
  • Disturbing and creepy atmosphere
  • Freedom of choice, thanks to the objectives that can be completed in any order
  • Hidden secrets and optional locations for the most curious and perceptive players

Until Dawn

Release date:2015
Genre:Interactive drama
Developer:Supermassive Games

If you prefer something from a more realistic spectrum of horror games, you can’t go wrong with Until Dawn.

Until Dawn is an interactive drama horror that focuses on the story of a group of friends who decided to spend some time together in a lodge on Blackwood Mountain. What appeared at first to be a great opportunity to relax and reinforce relationships quickly turned into a fight for survival. You will be facing numerous difficult situations and your decisions will determine how the story goes – choose carefully and think twice before you act or none of the friends will last till dawn.

Key features
  • An interactive drama with 8 playable characters
  • Player choices with butterfly effect – even a seemingly meaningless choice can have impactful consequences
  • Hundreds of possible endings for better replayability
  • Realistic visuals and solid voice acting that further increase the immersion

The Dark Pictures Anthology: Man of Medan

Release date:2019-08-30
Developer:Supermassive Games

Man of Medan is the first entry in The Dark Pictures Anthology that is still being developed – a few games were already released and several more are on their way.

Man of Medan is an interactive drama with meaningful player choices – depending on your decisions, characters may either survive or die, or their personality traits may change, opening new possibilities while closing the others. Most of the game takes place in the middle of the ocean, either underwater or on a mysterious ship – you’re far from civilization and other people, and that feeling of being alone adds a lot to the game’s atmosphere. On a side note, it’s worth mentioning that the game features a multiplayer mode, which makes it a great choice for a game to play with your significant one or up to four other friends during a scary night party or Halloween.

Key features
  • An interactive drama video game that takes place in the middle of the South Pacific Ocean
  • One of the better decision-based horror games out there
  • Impactful choices that may affect characters’ personalities and decide their final fate
  • Multiplayer mode – a rare sight in this kind of game

The Evil Within 2

Release date:2017-10-13
Developer:Tango Gameworks

The original game was great but the sequel took its best elements and combined them into an entirely new adventure that brings the fun to a whole new level, especially when it comes to enemy design and gameplay.

The Evil Within 2 is a game that prefers to scare people by creating a tense atmosphere rather than throwing some cheap jump scares at them. It focuses on paranormal phenomena and features some action elements as well, so you will have to be constantly on your guard. Although you are not defenseless, you’re just a detective, not a soldier, so using guns should be your last resort, and used only when sneaking past by enemies is not an option. That’s especially true considering the fact of how scarce the resources are. However, your survivability can be enhanced by improving your character’s abilities – eventually, you will be able to hold your ground a little bit more effectively.

Key features
  • A survival horror focused on paranormal activities
  • Gameplay that allows players to either face the horrors directly or try a more stealthy approach
  • Crafting and upgradeable abilities
  • Polished visuals that make the entire experience even more enjoyable

The Walking Dead

Release date:2019-09-10
Developer:Telltale Games

A list of the best interactive horror games wouldn’t be complete without mentioning The Walking Dead – a brutally realistic decision based horror game in a world overrun by zombies.

The Walking Dead is an interactive drama game set in the world of the comic of the same name, but introduces a new cast of characters and tells the story of their fight for survival in an inhospitable and harsh environment, where there’s no place you can ever feel truly safe. The game does an excellent job of reminding players that a zombie apocalypse – if it was real – is not something to be making fun of. Realistic as can be, it will force you to make difficult moral choices that will affect the story.

Key features
  • An excellent story-driven adventure in a world overrun by zombies
  • Gameplay that consists mainly of dialogue choices and quick-time events
  • Realistic portrayal of a fictional zombie apocalypse setting
  • An option to compare your own choices with the ones made by other players

The Best Interactive Horror Games

Interactive horror games are a great way to increase your adrenaline levels – it’s a relatively safe way to feel alive and let that blood flow as it doesn’t require you to risk your life in extreme sports. If you enjoy good scary stories or creepypastas, these types of games are certainly something to consider trying out if you didn’t already. Turn off the lights for a better experience and enjoy the show – and remember to not look behind.

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