XProd is a developer and publisher of arcade games including XNemesis SandBox and recently joined the G2A Direct program. We wanted to know more about Xprod and the people behind it so we reached out to Yazeed Hamdan who was kind enough to do a Q and A session with our G2A team. Yazeed told us more about the company and his own journey that led to game development as a career choice and the creation of his game XNemesis.

G2A Direct: What inspired you to become a developer?

Yazeed Hamdan: I have been a gamer since I was a child. I played many games in the past on old systems such as MSX which we had to load the game through cassettes/tapes. I’m an experienced software developer and always wanted to dive into the games programming world, learn and create games but I didn’t find any time to do so. In the last couple of years I had the chance to dive into this world and create a game. I always loved shoot’em up games and played many classics in the past. I wanted to create the same fun and great experience from these classics but with a lot of options and twists, thus XNemesis was born.

G2A Direct: What was your biggest challenge when you started developing games?

Yazeed Hamdan: My biggest challenge was getting a hang on games programming as a concept, as I mentioned earlier, I’m an experienced software developer, but games programming is totally different world than other types of software, when you get to understand the concepts of it, it becomes easier, unfortunately there is a lack of learning resources and books and the good ones available, only give you a starting point, I spent many days and sleepless nights trying to solve many problems and it took approx. 2 years to create the game that I always wanted to create.

G2A Direct: Tell us a bit about your game, XNemesis.

Yazeed Hamdan: XNemesis is the only and first 2D shooter full SandBox game, the game can be literally shaped/changed based on the player desire. The User Generated Content is a big part of the game and it will render endless possibilities and levels from users with high replayability value and endless play time. Apart from that, each level that is currently shipped with the game is unique, nothing is repeated, even the player character is different, so each level is a totally new game. XNemesis also has full integration with Steam Workshop which makes it very easy to create and publish levels to masses.

G2A Direct: Who can play XNemesis?

Yazeed Hamdan: I believe players who grew up on classics like me or like to play classics in general will connect the most with XNemesis, however, XNemesis is created in a way to give the player a lot of variety, diversity and options while playing thus new age players will find it very interesting as well.

G2A Direct: What would you tell a gamer encountering your game for the first time?

Yazeed Hamdan: There is no endpoint for the game. The game engine was created in a way to give endless possibilities for user generated contents. You can create levels from any images you want, it doesn’t matter if these images are proper or not. As an example you can put yourself as the player character and your friends as enemies either by using static images or use proper animations sprites. Of course, there are a lot of options to customize as well, there are no limitations. A detailed user manual is included and you can follow guidelines to make a polished level or just a fun quick level.