At this point, Netflix hardly requires an introduction. Thanks to its worldwide availability and a massive library, this streaming service has become a permanent part of millions of people’s lives.

Although at its core Netflix couldn’t be a simpler VOD service, there are still things to know about it, like how it actually began, or, more importantly: what does it have to offer and how you can access its libraries.

What is Netflix all about?

If Netflix feels like it has been with us forever, it’s almost true, as far as widely accessible online services are concerned. It was founded back in 1997 and started out by selling and renting DVDs over mail. It expanded into online streaming in 2007 without abandoning their rental services.

Currently, NFLX deals predominantly with streamed content. Its offer expanded to include for example documentaries and stand-up specials, in addition to the constantly expanding and shifting library of shows and movies licensed from other companies. Depending on your location, Netflix might be the best way to stream select Marvel movies, for instance.

Netflix is also in the business of producing shows and movies itself. Examples include the adaptation of The Witcher short stories and novels by Andrzej Sapkowski, or Sandman, based on graphic novels by Neil Gaiman. Hits such as Breaking Bad or House of Cards are also Netflix Originals and have won multiple prestigious awards.

Now that we have established what Netflix has to offer, let’s take a look at it subscription model.

Netflix subscriptions

There are three levels of NFLX subscription available. They differ by price and features offered. They are as follows:


In Basic plan you’re not going to be able to watch any of the content in HD or Ultra HD, which may be a substantial drawback for many users, but you still get access to a full Netflix library regardless. Another possible drawback is that you can only watch Netflix on one screen at a time, so account-sharing options are severely limited.


With the Standard subscription level you get access to all features and content of the Basic plan, along with the ability to watch content in HD and share Netflix between two devices at the same time. This is definitely the most popular subscription option among all of Netflix customers and the one with the best price to quality ratio.


The Premium level subscription unlocks the Ultra HD quality for compatible content and allows you to watch Netflix on four screens at the same time. The premium plan is perfect if you want to set up your immediate family or flatmates with access to Netflix’s libraries or just want to watch your movies or tv series on different devices.

It is definitely worth checking out the subscription plans at the official Netflix website as the prices and features included in mentioned above plans can change.

You already your Netflix account set up? Take a look at these power user tricks! If you’ve been using Netflix on an app all this time, you might be unaware of the power granted to those who use a browser version of the world’s more famous movie and TV streaming service.

Use category codes

Netflix’s user-facing categorization system is pretty decent, but also not particularly detailed. However, there are genre codes which make it much, much easier to find, say, “Deep Sea Horror Movies”, or “Canadian Christmas Children & Family Films”. Yes, it’s that specific. There are more genre codes than would be wise to post here, but Google “Netflix category codes” and you’ll find what you need.
Finding the code is one thing, using it is another. First, you need to log into Netflix on your browser of choice. When that’s done, paste this: into the address bar. The “123” is what you need to replace with the desired category code. Voila, you’re now a power-user.

Manage your “Continue watching” and history

Sometimes all of us start watching a show and know we will not finish it. Thankfully, you can easily get it out of the pile of shame that’s the Continue Watching tab. The same method also applies if you want to remove something from viewing history to make Netflix stop making recommendations based on it.
Once again you need to be logged into Netflix on a browser. Then you should navigate to the Account section of user menu, select your profile, and then click on “Viewing Activity”. This will take you to a menu where you can, one by one, remove anything you’ve watched on Netflix.

Just two tricks are enough to not only help you find what you want much faster, but also unclog your viewing history from stuff you’d rather forget.

Netflix gift cards

If you don’t feel like setting up an ongoing payment for your Netflix account or want to give a friend temporary access to the service you can use gift cards. They are convenient, easy to buy, and perfect for casual watching. With Netflix gift cards you pay up front for access to the service for an amount of time determined by your account balance and the price of your chosen subscription level. If your balance can’t cover a full month anymore, you can still keep watching for some time, as long as your funds don’t run out completely.

Gift cards vary by value and currency, but if we use the USD variant as an example, they come in 15, 25, 50, 60, 75, and 150 USD options. While the prices for a month of subscription are subject to change, the gift cards are good for roughly a month of watching at the very least.

You can find more deals on Netflix Gift Cards here.

End credits

As you see, there are some choice to be made if you want to make use of Netflix’s libraries. You should pick a subscription plan based on the number of users or devices you’re aiming to grant access to your account. If image quality is important to you, you should obviously factor this into your considerations as well. And if you want to pay for your subscription conveniently and rather anonymously, give Netflix gift cards a shot. They are fast, easy to use and make for a handy gift for your Netflix-bereft friends.