Star Wars is an undeniable phenomenon of popular culture. And whether watching it for the first or the hundredth time, we all wait in anticipation for what will happen next.

No wonder, as such a wonderfully constructed plot, equipped with excellent actors and a unique setting, had to do the job. Millions of fans worldwide can confirm! A tale about space heroes fighting for the fate of a fictional galaxy was something completely new, fresh, and stimulating to the imagination.

And the lightsaber has become as much wanted device as a working wand for Harry Potter fans.

But with the release of the latest Star Wars Jedi: Survivor, fans may wonder if the game’s plot will find its natural place in the story known from the movies. We have good news – it will. But how? Let’s read on!

Every Star Destroyer has a silver lining

And better find some other place to be if you see something like this. But the truth is the beginnings of Star Wars history were not easy. No one around thought it was a clever idea when George Lucas came up with the Star Wars story.

The plot sounded too bizarre, and the execution overly ambitious. At this point, the obviously insane director could have given up on the whole project and devoted his time to something else. But he didn’t and worked hard to design his life’s creation – Star Wars: A New Hope.


The story of an ordinary boy from the desert Tatooine planet captured the entire world’s heart. Getting involved in intergalactic intrigue, the hero found friends and discovered his destiny. This captivating story evolves in the following two films in the first trilogy: Episode V — The Empire Strikes Back and Episode VI — Return of the Jedi.

And these three films became the appropriate introduction to all subsequent movies, series, and games set in Star Wars world. They allowed us to comprehend the differences connecting the dark and light sides of the Force and learn the details of the legendary conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion. All fans were left with was waiting for some sort of sequel.

Do or do not, there is no try

And George Lucas did it. The next trilogy came to life, revealing a much darker story set before the events of the previous movies. It had one goal – to show how easy it is to lose yourself and end up on the dark side of the Force. Episode I – The Phantom Menace is essentially a marvelous tale about courage, intergalactic travel, destiny, and the Force. Its plot is cohesive and could exist as one independent title.


But the epic ending made some room for the next two installments – Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith.

Both began to reveal disturbing secrets about the existence of the Sith and how the peaceful Republic fell under the rule of the cruel Empire. These heartbreaking plot twists immersed in a stunning audiovisual setting become the foundation for more or less official productions like The Clone Wars series.

I have a bad feeling about this

When Disney bought Lucasfilm, the world went crazy. People, started making funny memes, expecting that the new trilogy would somehow be related to Mickey Mouse or Disney princesses.

Fortunately, nothing like that happened. But the Sequels Trilogy provided a completely fresh story with many new actors, only partly referring to the atmosphere of the previous films.

It all started with Episode VII — The Force Awakens, introducing a new female character — Rey. Teaming up with Han Solo and Princess Leia, she is determined to defeat the First Order forces. Which — surprisingly — are led by Ben Solo choosing the dark side of the Force. Rey decides to find the missing Luke Skywalker and begin her training.

Following the next two movies – The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker, we can learn the details of her adventures, the fate of the galaxy thirty years after the action of the last part, and the end of the intergalactic conflict.

A new chapter in the Star Wars saga

So when is set this brand-new story? For those unsure about their feelings towards the sequel trilogy, the release of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor can be a breath of fresh air, as the action takes place between the events of their favorite movies.

The title from Electronic Arts is an action-adventure game set right between the incidents of the prequels and the original trilogy. Interestingly, this is the exact time of events happening in Obi-Wan Kenobi. Such a place in the timeline is a nod to fans who want to learn more about their beloved universe and can tie the leading character’s adventures to the most memorable moments in the Star Wars saga.

Comparing Survivor to other games in history, we can safely say it has a chance to become the best addition to the entire movie series.

KotOR was unnecessarily rushed, Battlefront focused on multiplayer fun, and Jedi Knight feels a bit old. Meanwhile, Survivor arrives equipped with all best in the Star Wars franchise: views, locations, and soundtrack.

That raises pretty high expectations. But at the same time, the story is darker, increasingly mature, and the characters more relatable. It just fits into this universe by being bigger and not caring about cheap jokes. And that makes it an exceptionally classy start to a new era of the best Star Wars games.