Action role-playing games can be a great recipe when everything else gets boring. By mixing gameplay mechanics, they provide engaging and fast-paced adventures, usually set in epic fantasy worlds. But which is the best in 2023?

Among the many ARPGs on the market, three definitely stand out. Separated by more than a ten-year gap, they combine some mechanics and core features, providing remarkably similar enjoyment. We are talking about the foundations of the genre: Diablo 3, Path of Exile, and the latest Lost Ark. If you are looking for an immersive solo or multiplayer adventure with spectacular hack’n’slash combat and impressive loot – play one of these titles.

But which? By examining all differences and player reviews on Reddit and Steam, we’ve created a definitive comparison of these three recommendations. Let’s take a closer look and choose one for yourself!

Gameplay Comparison

Unlike Diablo 3, Lost Ark and Path of Exile are classic MMORPGs. Players choose from the available characters to create the hero of their dreams and embark on a solo or cooperative adventure in independent groups of six or four. There are also hub cities where the community can meet and prepare for massive PvE or PvP raids. It is a fundamental difference distinguishing these titles from Diablo 3, where the gameplay is limited to four players in multiplayer. You can still interact with others via chat or establish new parties but without hub cities and extensive social interactions during gameplay.

But despite this fundamental difference, all three video games share many vital similarities. You can choose from several available character classes with unique skills and development paths. There is always an isometric perspective – perfect for exploring the land, completing quests, and gaining experience and equipment in the story from zero to hero. It’s easier to play in a team, but if you’re a solo adventures fan, go through the entire game this way. Especially in Path of Exile, which features the groundbreaking Solo-Self Fund experience.


In this category, players on Reddit are unanimous. When it comes to grinding, Diablo 3 is the best and easiest choice. You enter the game world and can finish the story unimaginably fast or slow. It is the ultimate essence of a classic action RPG, recommended for all players just embarking on their grand adventure with the genre.

In Lost Ark vs Diablo 3 or Lost Ark vs Path of Exile comparison, the latter wins every time. Lost Ark can be repetitive, and completing daily tasks can quickly become a necessary chore instead of fun for some players. And what about PoE? It’s a game where grinding is wildly rewarding! But due to its extraordinary complexity, it may seem too challenging for novice players.

Character Progression

Lost Ark and Diablo 3 feature some nice modifications and character development trees – but don’t stand a chance to Path of Exile. It’s a game where you can create your dream build by mixing attributes and skills however you desire. There’s also a gigantic development tree with over a thousand unique skills to create the perfect combat style.


Although Path of Exile, with its excellent character development system and high replayability, does quite well in this comparison, it does not feature such an entertaining story. The search for the main missions is challenging, and the campaign is often chaotic.

Meanwhile, Lost Ark is such a new title that it’s hard to tell if it has any lore. It’s certainly not as deep as Diablo 3 – a video game that will do anything to make you fall in love with the fascinating setting of its world. It introduces cutscenes, memorable characters, and bits about the history of fighting hell everywhere. You’ll always stay connected to the plot and learn more with little effort.


Out of the three, Path of Exile has a much better community. The game is regularly updated and developed, and players stay up-to-date with new content and love to help each other. There are also dedicated forums for discussing strategies, sharing experiences, and finding solutions. Although it is a highly challenging video game, its flourishing community will never disappoint you.

Graphics and Visuals

While Diablo 3 features an incredibly dark story, its graphics don’t show it. It’s too cheerful with bright colors and cartoon style. So until recently, Path of Exile prevailed with its immersive and dark visuals providing a more authentic experience. But no more since Lost Ark came to life. It’s a newer game that uses the powerful Unreal Engine and features breathtaking graphics. You can expect smooth character animations, stunning views, and striking visuals tailored to the specific situation.


Considering all the details, Path of Exile wins this comparison as the best-crafted title. It features a top-notch character progression system, a rewarding experience, high replayability, a friendly player base, and many fun ways to complete the game. But when it comes to your personal preferences, you may want to start with either of the other two video games.

Lost Ark is an ultimate recommendation for World of Warcraft or Final Fantasy XIV fans. It is epic, features brilliant graphics, focuses on player cooperation, and balances story and combat. But if you’re looking for a classic ARPG experience or want to get started in the genre,

Diablo is your best choice. With impressive lore, casual gameplay, fast-paced combat, and an immersive world, it becomes a top recommendation for first-time players.