No other zombie video game offers a building and survival system as extensive as 7 Days to Die.

But did you know you can boost this experience with a few cheats?

Commands can make your gaming session easier or instantly ruin the fun if overused. And since 7DtD is a survival video game, it’s worth using them responsibly to slightly boost the zombie adventure instead of wiping out the entire challenge.

Do you crave more control over potential threats so you can focus on building with your friends? Or plan to make yourself thirsty? Whatever your needs, these console commands can help you tailor upcoming gaming sessions to your and your friends’ preferences!

How to Access Console Commands

How to use commands on a PC? Fortunately, accessing the console in 7DtD is easy. Try the following buttons depending on your keyboard layout: F1, “, @, Ö, Ø, F2, or Ñ.

Once you are in, type the selected codes (described below) and hit Enter to see the magic happen. Remember the commands are case-sensitive, so you must type them exactly as shown in our guide. Also, some have specific phrases suggested in brackets, like giveself.

In such a case, you must fill that space with the correct ID or other information. These steps work in both single and multiplayer modes!

Essential Commands for Survival

giveself give yourself a desired item at a specified quality level;
buff give a buff to you or someone else;
debuff remove the buff from you or someone else;
buffplayer give the buff to someone else using their ID;
switchview switch the view;
exhausted make yourself exhausted;
spawnsupplycrate spawn a supply crate;
killall kill everyone in the game;
weather change the weather;
spawnentity show a list of spawnable entities;
weathersurvival turn on or off weather survival mode;
spawnwanderinghorde summon a wandering horde of zombies;
givequest give yourself a quest;
removequest remove a quest from the game;
say send a server message to all connected clients;
water limit control how much water is in the game;
thirsty make yourself thirsty;
gettime show the current number of days and time;
spawnscouts summon scouting zombies. Use only spawnscouts to spawn zombies near you, and add an ID if you want to spawn them near someone else. Enter coordinates if you want to spawn scouting zombies at the chosen location;
listents show all zombies, players, animals, and living beings in the game;
spawnairdrop spawn an airdrop (anywhere on the map);
starve make yourself starving;
settempunit change temperature between Fahrenheit and Celsius;
exportitemicons move all item coins to the game folder;
lights turn lights on or off;
saveworld save the current world;
givexp give someone else extra XP;
giveselfxp give yourself extra XP.

Building and Crafting Commands

repairchunkdensity scan the densities of blocks in a chunk – a fix command repairs mismatches within the specified chunk;
showchunkdata show data of the current chunk;
creativemenu turn the Creative Menu on or off and access Creative Menu by pressing U on your keyboard.

Navigation and Exploration Commands

teleport teleport yourself to any location in the game;
teleportplayer teleport someone else to any location;
showclouds show just one layer of cloud;
staticmap switch between static and dynamic map;
traderarea show all the trade areas;
shownexthordetime show the wandering horde time;
settime <0-24000> set time in the game;
shownormals show or hide normal maps.

Advanced Commands for Experienced Players

systeminfo show CPU and OS info;
debugmenu turn Debug Mode on or off (you can enable God Mode in Debug Mode);
admin add or remove a player from the admin list – permission level 1000 is the lowest (no permissions), and 0 is the highest (max permissions). You can check available permissions using the cp list command;
kick kick someone from the game (message is optional);
kickall kick everyone from the game (message is optional);
whitelist add a player, remove them, or check out all players on the whitelist;
ban ban or unban a player (message is optional);
listplayers list all players with IDs, names, coordinates, health, deaths, zombies killed, players killed, score, level, steam IDs, ping, and IP;
listplayerids list all players and their IDs;
cp <0 – 1000> add, remove, and show permission levels for different commands. 1000 is the lowest (no permissions) and 0 is the highest (max permissions);
version show the current version of the game and active mods;
shutdown shut down the game;
setgamestat specify the game stat and value using the getgamestat command for a list of game stats;
getgamestat show current game stats;
setgamepref specify the game preference and value;
getgamepref show game preferences;
memcl show memory (RAM) information on the client and call the garbage collector to free up RAM;
mem show memory information on the server and call the garbage collector;
pplist show persistent player data;
clear clear all messages and text from the console;
listthreads show all current threads;
spawnscreen show the spawn screen effect;
showalbedo turn on or off the display of albedo in gBuffer;
help show text for available commands;
sounddebug turn on or off the SoundManager debug mode;
loggamestate show the information on the current state of the game;
chunkcache show all the loaded chunks in the cache;
loglevel enable or disable log messages for the specified level;
aiddebug turn on or off the AIDirector debug mode;
showspecular turn on or off specular values in gBuffer.

Conclusion: Enhancing Your 7 Days to Die Experience

7DtD allows its players to indulge in various activities, from fighting bloodthirsty zombies to building impressive structures.

The game’s world is massive and fully interactive, offering endless possibilities for post-apocalyptic fun. As you can see, console cheats can significantly alter this classic 7DtD experience for a single player or an entire group. Even a slight command overuse can turn out rather exciting as long as you play a solo campaign.

But when playing with friends, decide what kind of gameplay you all desire to avoid possible conflicts within the group. Cheats enhance everyone’s enjoyment, so use them responsibly to elevate this classic survival experience!