After over ten years, Skyrim still gathers and draws masses of loyal fans. But there’s a way to make this familiar gameplay even more engaging!

Whether you require some help during your journey or new ways to explore your favorite winter land, Skyrim cheats come to the rescue. After entering specific console commands, the gameplay becomes more personalized, less complicated, and fun.

All you need to do is know a few handy codes and enjoy a refreshed RPG experience! Whether you’re playing the classic or remastered edition – they work within all of them except (ironically) the console versions. So, PC players, take notes and have fun with the best Skyrim console commands!

How to Use the Console

Accessing the console is as easy as pie – just hit the ~ (tilde) keyboard shortcut. The screen reveals a dedicated window in the lower left corner. Type your favorite codes and confirm with the enter key. But there’s a catch – to use them safely, save your progress before such action. Some may result in glitches or crashes – if autosave saves this state of affairs, there is no way back. Therefore, you can turn off autosave and save the game yourself by hitting F5.

Also, using them means saying goodbye to achievements on Steam or other platforms. If you are ready to pay this price, let’s continue to the magical power of console codes.

Essential codes

As mentioned above, the codes require pressing ~ and confirming the ready-made shortcuts with the enter button. Characters scale does not matter. You can use these codes on other objects or NPCs by clicking on them with the console open or typing their name (ID). To select your character, type ‘player.’ before entering the cheat. That’s all! Now, let’s explore the most fun options sorted by category.

Character Modifications
tgm God mode. The playable character becomes immortal, never gets tired, and can carry unlimited load
tim Immortality
tfc Become invisible to stop interacting with the environment
psb Learn all spells with one click
player.addspell x Learn the selected spell (x indicates the spell ID)
tcl disable dynamic ligStroll through walls and learn to flyhting
advancepclevel Level up
advancepcskill x y Increase the selected skill level by the desired value (x – skill, y – its value)
setpcfame Become incredibly popular
setpcinfamy Make everyone hate you
player.setav health x Set the health points number (x means its value)
player.setav fatigue x Set the stamina points number
player.setav speedmult x Increase or decrease the character’s speed
player.setav magicka x Set the magicka points number
Items and Inventory
player.modav burden x Set the character’s desired burden
player.modav carryweight x Set the maximum load
player.additem x y Add the selected item to the inventory in a chosen number
player.removeitem x Remove the selected item from the inventory
player.additem 0000000f x Become richer by the desired amount of gold
player.modav dragonsouls x Get yourself the dream number of dragon souls
World Manipulation
setweather Change the weather
sgtm x Set the game speed (‘0.5’ to slow it down, ‘2’ to make it faster)
movetoqt x Teleport to the location of the chosen quest
coc x Teleport to the selected location
tws Toggle water visibility
tt Toggle tree visibility
ts Toggle sky visibility
tg Toggle grass visibility
Quest Management
completeallqueststages Complete all quests in the game (note – this command may result in errors)
completequest x Complete the selected quest (x indicates its ID)
resetquest x Start your quest over
startallquests Complete all quests in the game
showquesttargets See the current stages of each quest and its target IDs
Additional handy codes
unlock Click on an object and enter the code to unlock it
tfow Get rid of fog from the game map
qqq Exit the game
tdetect Steal without worry
player.setcrimegold x Change the value of your bounty (x changed to 0 makes it clear)

Safety and Best Practices

As you already know, saving your progress before entering codes is necessary. It is better to have a safe backup of the gameplay condition, free from bugs and glitches. You may also wonder whether cheats are even ethically acceptable.

It is a unique choice for each player, depending on their needs. Some may find Skyrim too challenging to complete in the classic version, so a little helps enjoy the game. Those who completed the title may want to explore it from an entirely new perspective using these methods.


Although console codes turn off achievements on Steam, they are pretty entertaining. Playing without worries and complex problems means gaining access to the essence of the video games’ existence – fun. And Bethesda knows this very well, creating titles supporting mods and codes. So explore this opportunity, try different combinations, and share which ones proved the best!