It’s this time of the year again – Black Friday! The time to let yourself go and spend some of that hard-earned money on whatever you desire. Since the pandemic began, many stores closed their doors for the customers, so the usual Black Friday rush of racing against others to grab the best deals is out of the question. However, you still can feel some of that energy by splurging on various products available in our online marketplace during Cyber Monday – the yearly holiday of cheap game deals!

Minecraft Cyber Monday Deals
*Price and discount date check 11/20/2020
Minecraft Game - 24.18$*
Minecraft Java Edition Game 5%* 33.66$*
Minecraft (Xbox Live) Game 40%* 14.15$*
Minecraft: Story Mode – Adventure Pass Game 68%* 5.68$*
Minecraft: Dungeons Xbox Live Game 19%* 18.99$*
Minecraft: Story Mode-A Telltale Games Series Game - 105.20$*
Minecraft: Explorers Pack Xbox Live DLC 86%* 4.82$*
Minecraft: Story Mode – A Telltale Games Series Xbox Game 16%* 22.86$*
Minecraft: Minecoins Pack 1000 Coins XBOX Coins - 11.44$*
Minecraft: Minecoins Pack Minecraft GLOBAL 1 720 Coins Coins - 10.26$*
Minecraft: Minecoins Pack Minecraft 3 500 Coins Coins - 20.67$*
Minecraft: Minecoins Pack XBOX 1720 Coins Coins - 12.93$*

This year G2A has the perfect offer for all the fans of open-world exploration and virtual building, thanks to our hot Minecraft deals. Never heard of Minecraft? Impossible! This game has become a real multimedia phenomenon spanning not only various genres of gaming entertainment but also books, toys, memorabilia, and other stuff invented to suck your wallet dry. You can get many of them at our marketplace, and thanks to the Cyber Monday hot deals, they come cheaper than ever.

Take a gander into our G2A online marketplace and see all that we have to offer for the fans of Minecraft and those who’d like to begin their adventure with Mojang Studios’ opus magnum. There you will find the original game for a variety of platforms, including Microsoft Windows and Xbox One. We also have Minecraft: Story Mode, an adventure game set in the world of Minecraft, and Minecraft: Dungeons, bringing the elements of roguelike RPGs to the franchise.  Besides that, we offer minecoins – the game’s currency that will help you get started in the virtual world – and various other products that the real fan of the game will want to have in their collections: mugs, action figures, and more.

Suppose you’re a veteran of the franchise, you probably already know what to do. Our marketplace offers all sorts of products related to your favorite title, at very attractive price points. So this Cyber Monday, treat yourself to one of our Minecraft deals; you won’t regret it! And if you’ve never played Minecraft, then what are you waiting for? Hop to our online marketplace and start your adventure today!