Massively multiplayer online role-playing games, or simply MMORPG, are designed to allow hundreds or even thousands of players play together simultaneously in a huge virtual world.

Players can either cooperate to overcome the dangers of the open-world environment as a team, or take the evil side instead and hunt down other people in order to steal their hard-earned valuable equipment.

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After this short introduction to the MMORPG genre and explanation what it is, we can proceed to the list of the best MMORPG to play in 2019. What’s on top? What’s worth playing now? Let’s find out. Keep in mind that some of the listed games are buy-to-play while some of them are subscription-based.

The Elder Scrolls Online

Developer:Zenimax Online Studios

Fans of the Elder Scrolls universe should definitely try out The Elder Scrolls Online which started to gain popularity lately. If you liked Skyrim, you will surely like this one as well.

The Elder Scrolls Online

And if you didn’t – then you should give it a try, as developing character skills and experiencing rich lore present in ESO is extremely satisfying. To be able to fully experience the game it would be wise to purchase the third expansion pack called Elsweyr, which serves as a home province to the dexterous race of cat-looking Khajiit.

The expansion pack introduces even more content but from a gameplay perspective, it’s especially worth noting the addition of the completely new Necromancer class.


Developer:Square Enix

Final Fantasy is a series which started back in 1987. Other games in the franchise usually let you control a team of few characters, where you battle in a distinctive turn-based manner, for which the jRPG genre is known best.


They are also mostly single-player titles. That makes Final Fantasy XIV one of the notable exceptions to the rule, as it’s not only an MMORPG but also a real-time one where you control only your own character.

One of the cool features of the game is the fact you can level all the classes on a single character, saving you the trouble of creating multiple toons and swapping between them whenever you need. Experience top-notch visuals and spectacular soundtrack – the realm of Eorzea awaits you.

World of Warcraft

Developer:Blizzard Entertainment

No MMORPG list will be complete without mentioning one of the most successful games of the genre, which is, of course, World of Warcraft. Despite being almost 20 years old it is still one of the best MMOs out there.

It’s actively developed, receives new expansion packs on a regular basis, and the player base is still topping the charts. If you are after an epic adventure full of might and magic, you can’t go wrong with WoW, which will easily keep you busy for hundreds of hours. Graphics may look somehow outdated for 2019 standards, but it’s not a huge deal considering the amazing gameplay, smooth animations, rich story, and the amount of content waiting to be discovered.

WoW is a subscription-based game – you can purchase additional game time on our marketplace. So what are you waiting for? Pick your side, either Horde or Alliance, and join other players in the world of Azeroth.

Black Desert Online

Developer:Pearl Abyss

If you are looking for something fresher, then look no further – Black Desert Online is the way to go. It had a rough start but managed to fix the pressing issues and turned into one of the best MMORPG available to play in 2019.

Black Desert Online

The game shines among other titles thanks to its stunning visuals – it’s amazing to think how developers managed to create an open world environment with such a high level of detail while not killing game’s performance.

Gameplay-wise, the strongest point of the title is probably the player versus player combat and combat in general. It’s fast-paced, dynamic, and skill-based. Animations and transitions are smooth, while controls are very responsive – everything you’d expect from a good MMORPG.

Guild Wars 2


When Guild Wars 2 came out it made some important changes to the MMORPG genre. These turned the title into very specific and casual experience, but also solo-friendly one, so it’s a perfect choice if you prefer to explore the world alone.

Guild Wars 2

It doesn’t mean it can’t be played in a group, of course – it’s always much more fun when you can bring friends with you. Usually, in MMORPG players are competing against each other in the open world, but Guild Wars 2 takes a more friendly approach.

For example, there is no kill stealing, which encourages complete strangers to cooperate. You can safely start hitting the monster who already fights someone else, and you both will gain the full experience and separate loot. If you like the game, you should really consider getting expansion pack Path of Fire as well, to unlock access to mounts and new abilities.

DC Universe Online

Developer:Daybreak Game Company

This is the perfect example, not all MMORPG have to be about swinging blades and throwing fireballs in a medieval fantasy world. DC Universe Online gives you the opportunity to play the role of one of the superheroes you can design yourself from scratch.

DC Universe Online - the main characters

You will be able to select your own unique powers, the type of movement, and the weapon you will use to defeat the villains throughout the game. The game is free to play, so there’s nothing stopping you from trying it on your own – it’s quite a unique experience. Make sure to bring your friends.


MMORPG uniqueness lies in the amount of freedom and possible activities players are able to participate in. Depending on the title, MMORPG may allow you to fight evil monsters, collect herbs, craft powerful items, trade with other players, defeat giant world bosses, develop individual character skills, complete demanding quests, clear the most dangerous dungeons, go fishing, play musical instruments, and so on. Some titles go even further and may, for example, change the world according to players’ actions. Considering all of that it’s safe to assume MMORPG can be a huge time sink – keep it in mind before diving into another epic world full of amazing adventures.

DC Universe Online game

MMORPG put a strong emphasis on interactions between players and as such the games often feature the guild system, which can be found under different names in different titles, but it serves a similar purpose everywhere. It basically lets like-minded players form their own group which can be led by the guild leader who decides the development direction for the entire organization. Guilds may enter alliances or declare wars on each other, resulting in large-scale battles taking place over the entire world.