All the newest games are fun. They deliver smooth gameplay, perfect graphics, and captivating stories. But there are titles with extraordinary power – classic retro games!

When it comes to the classics, everyone has something else in mind. Some players think of titles from the 2000s, while others dream of arcade video games. And today, we are embarking on an exciting journey to the past – all the way to the years before the 90s. It is a perfect occasion for those who have not had the opportunity to witness the roots of gaming. And for those who want to dust off their memories. At Classic Video Game 2022 sales, everyone will find the best deals for themselves! Get in, no time to explain – here’s a list of the best old games released before 1991.

Castlevania Lords Of Shadow Ultimate Edition 2013-08-27 Adventure MercurySteam - Climax Studios 85%
Castlevania Anniversary Collection 2019-05-16 Adventure Konami Digital Entertainment
Castlevania Lords Of Shadow 2 2014-02-25 Adventure MercurySteam 85%
The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2017-03-03 Action Nintendo
Street Fighter V 2016-02-15 Fighting CAPCOM 85%
Street Fighter X Tekken 2012-05-11 Fighting Capcom U.S.A., Inc.
Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection 2018-05-29 Action Digital Eclipse 80%
Final Fantasy X X 2 Hd Remaster 2016-05-12 RPG SQUARE ENIX 54%
Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition 2018-03-06 RPG SQUARE ENIX 65%
Final Fantasy XII The Zodiac Age 2018-02-01 RPG SQUARE ENIX 63%
Metal Gear Rising Revengeance 2014-01-09 Action & Shooter PlatinumGames 61%
Metal Gear Solid V The Definitive Experience 2015-09-01 Adventure Konami Digital Entertainment 44%
Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain 2015-09-01 Adventure Konami Digital Entertainment 67%
Metal Gear Survive 2018-02-22 Adventure Konami Digital Entertainment 66%
Prince Of Persia The Forgotten Sands 2010-06-10 Fighting Ubisoft Montreal 71%
Prince Of Persia Warrior Within 2004-11-30 Adventure Ubisoft 71%
Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time 2003-12-02 Adventure Kudosoft 72%
Prince Of Persia The Sands Of Time TDA Action Ubisoft 29%
Mega Man Legacy Collection 2015-08-24 Arcade & Platform CAPCOM 88%
Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2018-07-24 Action Capcom
Mega Man 11 2018-10-02 Action Capcom 81%
Mega Man Zero ZX Legacy Collection 2020-02-25 Adventure Capcom 69%
The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Edition 2009-07-15 Adventure LucasArts 72%

Space Invaders

Genre:Shoot 'em up

This legendary arcade game, released in 1978, encouraged thousands of kids to spend their pocket money on arcades. And although it’s graphically simple and lacking a rich plot, it’s one of the most challenging titles ever!

Space Invaders gamescreen

In your hands, you have the only cannon that can stop the alien invasion. Shoot the incoming invaders’ troops and destroy all enemies! But be careful – this gameplay is endless. The more enemies you eliminate, the faster their units appear. For fans of this unique title, we especially recommend the renewed version of the game – Space Invaders Extreme!

Key features
  • Play one of the most challenging classics of 1978
  • Fight the alien invasion
  • Shoot as fast and precise as you can
  • Destroy special ships and collect more points

Donkey Kong

Developer:Nintendo R&D1

Did you know that before Mario became Mario, he was someone entirely different? You will find his origins in this classic arcade platformer from 1981!

Donkey Kong gamescreen

Donkey Kong is an ape belonging to the main character of the game – Jumpman. Faced with bad treatment, he decides to take revenge on his owner and kidnaps his beloved, and the player’s task is to get her back. Does it remind you of something? Although Jumpman is a carpenter in the Donkey Kong game, he is none other than the famous and beloved Mario. Donkey Kong is one of the first games with a campaign about saving a lady in distress right in the middle of the action.

Key features
  • See Mario’s debut in the world of video games
  • Save your loved one from the hands of an angry gorilla
  • Complete the levels by jumping and avoiding deadly obstacles
  • Collect items and earn points



It is the title that started an avalanche of creativity in the TV series and video game industry. Although its origins date back to 1986, it still arouses not only sentiment but also excitement.


When the world is peaceful, vampire hunters are no longer needed. But in the underground of the massive castle hides the most powerful vampire monster – Dracula! The last descendant of the Belmonts will have to awaken an ancient destiny within himself and face the lord of darkness. If you are interested in playing the very beginning of the series, Castlevania Anniversary Collection on Steam will surely meet your expectations.

Key features
  • Play as Simon and fight the vampires
  • Explore the castle and travel through the levels
  • Use special weapons and eliminate enemies
  • Confront the bosses and defeat Count Dracula himself

The Legend of Zelda

Developer:Nintendo R&D4

It’s an action-adventure video game from Nintendo that had many excellent sequels since its 1986 release. Play as Link and see the beginning of his thrilling adventure in the kingdom of Hyrule!

The Legend of Zelda 1986 gamescreen

Triforce of Wisdom is lost, and Princess Zelda must be saved. Only one hero can complete these challenging tasks – Link! Embark on an adventure of your life in the kingdom of Hyrule. And if you are interested in newer versions of the series, be sure to check out The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild from 2022 – it’s an exciting and magical adventure in an impressive and polished setting.

Key features
  • Play as Link and save Princess Zelda
  • Experience the gameplay that laid the foundation for an entire adventure game genre
  • Explore the levels and collect valuable items
  • Use your sword to defeat your enemies

Dragon Quest


Welcome to one of the mechanically simplest role-playing games ever! Take part in a heroic adventure and restore peace to the kingdom of Alefgard ravaged by darkness.

Dragon Quest gamescreen

Dragon Quest is a classic story about a hero saving a princess from oppression. Become a hero from nowhere and set off on a journey to deal with the evil Dragonlord’s dark envoys once and for all. This game initiated a whole series of legendary RPGs about the battle against evil and the extraordinary power of friendship.

Key features
  • Play as an adventurer worthy of saving the princess
  • Set off on a journey through Alefgard and discover its history
  • Complete missions and gain experience
  • Fight your enemies and defeat the evil Dragonlord

Street Fighter


The golden era of arcade machines gave us one of the most famous fighting games in the world – Street Fighter. Play solo or against your friend and discover the legend of the fiercest street fights!

Street Fighter 1987 gamescreen

Play as Ryu or Ken and set off on an epic journey to battle the best of the best. Discover the most effective combinations of attacks, become the strongest of them all, and win! This game has captured the hearts of players worldwide, collecting more and more fans of the latest installment – Street Fighter 5 for Windows and PlayStation 4.

Key features
  • Choose your hero and face the most skilled enemies
  • Train your moves and skills
  • Create complex combos and attacks
  • Get carried away by Ryu and Ken’s friendship story

Final Fantasy


It is a game that was supposed to be Square Co.’s last project and has become their most successful title. The entire series is already an impressive piece of work, and many of its threads have their origins in the first part, released in 1987 for NES consoles.

Final Fantasy 1987

Gather a party of four heroes and set off on a journey through magical lands to complete tasks and learn their history. This adventure will take courage and brains – experience it to uncover the greatest mysteries of the Final Fantasy world and discover the roots of this legendary series!

Key features
  • Create a group of four heroes
  • Set off on a journey through various lands
  • Complete quests and gain experience
  • Explore and discover the secrets of magical continents

Metal Gear

Genre:Action-adventure, stealth

Are you a fan of Solid Snake, and the Metal Gear series is one of your favorite titles? So maybe a little journey back in time? See Metal Gear from 1987 – the video game that laid the foundations for an entire genre of stealth games.

Metal Gear 1987 gamescreen

When Gray Fox fails the mission, only Solid Snake can bring things to a happy end. Stop a nuclear attack and become one of the most valued members of the elite FOXHOUND unit. It is a true classic for fans of the best Metal Gear stealth games!

Key features
  • Play as the legendary Solid Snake
  • Explore the enemy base and collect valuable information
  • Sneak and eliminate enemies by surprise
  • Witness the start of one of the best stealth series ever

Prince of Persia

Genre:Cinematic platformer

It is a video game that inspired the players’ imaginations and thirst for adventure. Go on a magical journey, avoid traps and save a lovely princess from the hands of the evil Vizier Jaffar.

Prince of Persia 1989 gamescreen

Play as the prince and embark on an adventure to save the princess and all Persia! The fate of the entire kingdom depends on you, so you must show some strength and courage to overcome all obstacles set by the evil Jaffar. Prince of Persia is a game that climbed to the heights of popularity after its release in 1989 – and the following parts of this classic series continue to come out today.

Key features
  • Play as the prince and save the princess and Persia
  • Explore the levels and avoid traps
  • Jump, run and fight
  • Solve puzzles to follow the upcoming chapters of your adventure



It’s a city-building simulator released on PC by Maxis in 1989 that introduced a series of fantastic games known worldwide. What was the first SimCity like? Let’s see!

SimCity 1989 gamescreen

As in the latest installments of SimCity, their ancestor also focuses on building a city and taking care of the most vital needs of citizens. Use the cash, construct buildings, create an efficient transport network and collect taxes. This game is an award-winning title right in the heart of the best city builders ever.

Key features
  • Buy plots of land and construct buildings
  • Create a road network and arrange transport for citizens
  • Monitor moods and reduce crime
  • Make everyone happy and willing to pay taxes

Kid Icarus


Become a little angel and get caught up in the intrigue between beings stronger than you. This game is a real treat for fans of the myth-based classics!

Kid Icarus 1986 gamescreen

Play as Pit – an angel, tasked with saving the good goddess and stopping the evil one. To achieve success, the hero has to travel through various worlds and confront their dangers. It’s a game about gods, the underworld, the heavens, and restoring divine harmony. What’s more, it offers several possible endings to this addictive story!

Key features
  • Play as Pit and embark on an adventure to save Palutena
  • Use an endless supply of arrows and eliminate enemies
  • Collect equipment and trade
  • Defeat monsters and gain experience

Mega Man

Genre:Action, platform

Play the first part of the monumental series of platform video games from Capcom, released in 1987. Play as the most charming robot ever and do whatever it takes to stop evil Dr. Wily!

Mega Man 1987

Mega Man is a robot tasked with stopping evil scientist Dr. Wily from destroying the entire world. During this challenging mission, he can count on his creator – Dr. Light, and many of his other helpers. What made this series so successful right from the start? The impressive range of unique weapons and Mega Man abilities. These features took platform gameplay to a whole new level of satisfaction!

Key features
  • Play as Mega Man and save the world from destruction
  • Explore levels, avoid obstacles and climb ladders
  • Switch weapons and earn points
  • Eliminate the bosses and defeat the evil Dr. Wily

River Raid

Genre:Scrolling shooter

It is a game released in 1982 by Activision for Atari 2600. This particular title was a real gem for fans of military missions and the shoot ’em up genre.

River Raid 1982

Take control of a fighter jet and fly over the river to eliminate all enemies. There will be other planes, ships, and even balloons! Adjust the direction of flight and defeat as many enemy objects as possible to ensure victory.

Key features
  • Pilot a fighter jet flying over the river
  • Slow down or speed up
  • Shoot enemy objects and score points
  • Refuel and continue your mission

The Secret of Monkey Island

Genre:Graphic adventure
Developer:Lucasfilm Games

This amazing title is remembered by players as one of the hardest video games ever. Since then, we can play new parts of the series and its exceptionally refined remake as well!

The Secret of Monkey Island 1990

Guybrush Threepwood has only one dream – to become a pirate! As it turns out, it’s not that easy. To become a pirate, you have to prove you are a pirate. Complete a series of challenging tasks and puzzles that will ensure a happy ending to this story. Who knows, maybe you’ll find the love of your life along the way?

Key features
  • Play as a young man who wants to become a pirate
  • Explore, discover secrets and collect information
  • Chat with the fascinating heroes of this fantastic adventure
  • Solve complex puzzles and watch your pirate career unfold

Super Mario Bros.


Finally – the greatest legend among games released before 1991. Play a game that has become the definition of a classic. And its hero a legendary figure who has conquered the whole world with his majesty.

Super Mario Bros.

Play as Mario – the most courageous plumber of all time. Fight alone or with Brother Luigi against the evil Bowser to save the beautiful Princess Peach. Progress through the levels, discover the effects of the found items, and defeat your enemies. Every day is a good day to play Super Mario Bros!

Key features
  • Play as Mario and save Princess Peach
  • Travel through the levels and collect coins and mushrooms
  • Jump on your opponents and defeat them
  • Play solo or in multiplayer

Old games are all about nostalgia. Long childhood days of gameplay to complete that one perfect jump. Many hours of searching for solutions to a challenging puzzle. There’s some love-hate element to this relationship!

But classic video games did not fade away with the golden age of gaming. On the contrary, it is time for them to revive again – as a unique treat for collectors and all fans of video game history. And people who collect old consoles or buy new models to play their favorite games. And casual gamers enjoying the occasional remake of classic video games on Steam sales. Where does this delight with classic games come from? Well, these titles are the essence of simplicity. You enter the game, the rules are clear, the mechanics are simple, and all you have to do is have fun! No overpriced DLCs, no confusing stories, and no disappointments with bugs. Pure joy – no strings attached!