Are you out of Palworld money and want an easy and successful way to become rich? There are several methods to do it.

The challenging world inhabited by various creatures has captivated players of all ages. Pals become your comrades-in-arms and even your workforce, you trade resources, explore the map and improve your skills in survival crafting but in this adventure, money also plays an important role.

Unfortunately, they don’t grow on trees here, so sometimes you have to rack your brain. But not today, because especially for you we have prepared some tips and tricks for successfully making money in Palworld. Take a look!

Find Chests

Let’s start with something easy. Chests. The most common types are regular ones that you can open without keys and are easily accessible. They hide many items like Pal Souls, Schematics, Accessories, Technology Points and most importantly, Gold.

Immediately after creating your character, you’ll find yourself in the Plateau of Beginnings and not far from there is a small area of ruins. It’s worth checking every corner of this place, as the Chests are hidden somewhere (also, if you are lucky, you can get a Pal Egg there).

And if you’re looking for a bigger challenge, head to Dungeons. There, behind the Boss Rooms, the Treasure Chests are locked (of course, you’ll have to face your opponent first).

Catch those Pals

Another way to make a properly steady and gradual income is to catch the right Pals that will dig coins for you. These include:

  • Mau
  • Mau Cryst
  • Vixy

You will meet the Mau in the Dungeon, which is located by the Rayne Syndicate Tower Entrance. All you have to do is place the Pals on your farm and every now and then they will pop out coin pouches. The first two creatures will provide only coins, but Vixy will additionally find arrows and Pal, Mega, Giga, or Hyper Spheres depending on its level. However, you must remember that to build a Ranch in your Base, you must reach at least level 5.


Another Pal to focus on is Sibelyx, an Ice Element Pal. He will give you High Quality Cloth, which is worth 40 gold each when assigned to Ranch. A Sibelyx can be found in the Sealed Realm of the Pristine and usually on rainy days in the wild because that’s the weather it likes best.

You will also often encounter them in snowy areas in the north of the island, and they are usually easy to track down. The Pal is normally at level 17 and appears both day and night. Don’t forget, these areas are cold, so take cold-resistant armor with you.

Go to Abandoned Mineshaft

If you have enough strong Pals with you, then you can go to Abandoned Mineshaft. At the end of the tunnel, you will meet a Black Marketer and if you defeat him, he will extract a large sum of coins. The advantage of this is that you can do it multiple times (after it respawns) and you will earn every time.

Here are the coordinates to this location: 34, -418. Head to Desolate Church and then west, that’s how you’ll get there by leaps and bounds.

Sell Items to the Merchant

If you have a lot of unnecessary items in your inventory, such as armor or weapons that you no longer use, or more valuable resources, for example, diamonds, a good option is to simply sell them. Just take them with you and summon in the Wandering Merchant.

Craft the Nails

And why exactly Nails? Because you will also get a hefty sum for them at the Merchant. All you need to produce them are ingots and you also have to be level 10. But one step at a time, to begin with, you need to smelt ores into ingots, so you will need a Primitive Furnace. Once you have obtained this material, the next step is to build a Primitive Workbench, with which you will craft the Nails.

Sell Pals

Being able to sell Pals in the Merchant can net you a ton of money. Well, no one is going to specifically scour the world for Wandering Merchants, so what can you do in that case? You probably didn’t know this, but you can catch the Pal Merchant and bring it to your Base. Then you’ll be able to sell low-level Pals on the fly, which only take up unnecessary space.

And if you need to catch something to sell first, head out to the Bamboo Groves in search of a Relaxaurus. These Pals are mostly level below 20, easy to catch, and one costs as much as 2,000 coins.

Farm Crops

Another of the fast methods is to farm crops and then trade them for money. It is good to combine business with pleasure. Create tomatoes and lettuce farms and test recipes (so far, the most profitable turns out to be a salad), and then sell the excess or use some to boost your productivity.


Let’s sum up, making money often involves hard work, but sometimes you can get around this rule, especially at Palworld. A lot of benefits will come from trading with Wandering Merchants or bringing to the Base Pals that will earn for you, but there are also ways in which you won’t miss a fight.

Do you use these methods, or is there a guide you didn’t know? Don’t forget to share your ways to earn coins in this virtual world.