Beloved by cooperative game fans, the PayDay series, after 10 years since its last release, has finally received a sequel – PayDay 3. The first instalment of the PayDay series, The Heist, was released in 2011, exclusively on digital distribution. The second part was released in 2013, and until 2018 it became available on all 8th gen consoles and PC.

The entire series’ premise (including the third instalment) revolves around daring heists conducted in the most spectacular ways. PayDay 3 was developed for PS5, Xbox Series X|S, as well as PC, and supports cross-platform gameplay.

Where is the best place to buy the game? Of course, you can get the title on the publisher’s website – Starbreeze or on Steam, but since it’s a new release, its prices can sometimes be daunting. So, it’s worth looking for bargains, and you can definitely find them on our Marketplace! Open the Gate 2 Adventure!

There are four PayDay 3 editions: Standard, Collector, Silver, and Gold. How do they differ? What is included in each of them? Below, we will present a comparison of their contents!

Standard Edition: Starting the Heist

PayDay 3 Standard Edition is for players who don’t need anything more than the basic version of the game for a good time. The Standard Edition was released in both digital and physical versions, but you can buy a disc only for consoles. PC players have to settle for the digital version.

Players who decided to pre-order the game were rewarded with the Trifecta Lootbag add-on. The DLC includes the Venomous Verdigris mask and the Obsidian Glitz outfit.

Collector Edition: A Treasured Loot

The Collector’s Edition of PayDay 3 is traditionally the most expensive, as is often the case with collector’s editions, but it’s also the richest in terms of both physical and digital extras.

What can you expect exactly? In addition to the base version of the game on a physical disc (for the chosen platform), you will receive a gold collector’s mask with a stand, a unique deck of cards, exclusive stickers, and an invitation letter to the Collector Club!

As for the digital extras, PayDay 3 Collector Edition includes three additional masks (Solidius, Dark Sterling, Skull of Liberty), golden gloves, and a one-year season pass containing 4 new heists, 4 tailor packs, and 4 additional weapon packs. Plus, the Trifecta Lootbag DLC in the case of pre-orders.

It’s worth mentioning here that the Collector’s Edition is the only chance for PC owners to purchase PayDay 3 with a physical game disc.

BenefitStandard EditionCollector Edition
Base game
Trifecta Loot Bag DLC (preorder bonus)
Solidius mask
Dark Sterling mask
Golden Slate gloves
Skull of Liberty mask
1-year season pass (4 heists, 4 tailor packs, 4 weapon packs)
The Collector’s Mask (physical item)
Custom deck of cards (physical item)
Stickers (physical item)
Membership letter to the Collector’s Club (physical item)

Digital-Only Editions: Silver and Gold

For players looking for a good, long-lasting experience and not in need of physical goodies, Starbreeze Studios has prepared two more editions: Silver and Gold, available only in digital format.

  • The Silver Edition allows early access to the game. It includes the basic version of PayDay 3, a 6-month season pass, and the Dark Sterling mask for in-game use.
  • The Gold Edition, like the Silver Edition, offers early access to the game and includes its basic digital version. The difference between these editions (besides the price) is that players receive access to the season pass for a year instead of six months. Cosmetic additions include the aforementioned Dark Sterling mask, the Skull of Liberty mask, and golden Slate gloves.


We have presented the differences between the various editions of the latest instalment of PayDay 3. Which one you choose depends mainly on your expectations and… your wallet’s contents. Or maybe you already have a favourite?