Perhaps you had a specific amount on your e-wallet of choice, and there’s some pocket change left from your last purchase. Perhaps you are very stingy about your gaming budget. Or maybe you simply want to spend dollars and get something cool for it.

That’s where this article come in to help! We’ve selected 15 games you can get for a 3 dollars or less on G2A Marketplace, or at least: could at the time of writing. As is often the case with Marketplaces, prices may fluctuate over time, but there are still hundreds of games you could get spending no more than a buck.

Game dealsReleaseGenrePriceDiscount
Hitman: Blood Money 2006-05-30 Action & Shooter $1.72 84%
Age of Wonders III 2014-03-31 RPG $1.07 97%
The Long Dark | Survival Edition 2017-08-01 Adventure $2.52 88%
Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number - Digital Special Edition 2015-03-10 Adventure $3.24 80%
Pathologic 2 2019-05-23 Adventure $2.73 91%
The Sims 3 2009-06-02 Simulation $3.12 93%
Darkwood 2017-07-17 Simulation $2.85 81%
The Evil Within 2014-10-14 Adventure $2.82 87%
Tyranny Deluxe Edition 2016-11-10 Adventure $1.57
The Walking Dead: A New Frontier 2016-12-20 Adventure $2.11 91%
Random PREMIUM 1 Key $1.16 87%
XCOM: Chimera Squad 2020-04-24 Strategy $1.92 91%
Age of Wonders 2010-10-01 RPG $0.94 85%
Random 5 Keys $1.59 85%
System Shock: Enhanced Edition 2015-09-22 Adventure $0.85 92%
Sid Meier's Civilization III Complete 2001-10-30 Economy $0.69 87%
Overlord 2 2009-06-23 Adventure $3.00 69%
Men of War 2009-05-06 Adventure $1.52 72%
Dungeons 2 2015-04-24 Simulation $1.32 94%
Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation 2016-11-10 Indie $1.72 94%
Batman: Arkham Knight 2015-06-23 Adventure $2.09 90%
Layers of Fear 2016-02-15 Adventure $2.88 87%
LEGO The Hobbit 2014-04-10 Adventure $2.45 54%
Psychonauts 2005-04-19 Adventure $2.03 81%
Satellite Reign 2015-08-28 Indie $1.94 93%
Tropico 4 2011-09-01 Simulation $1.12 93%
Verdun 2015-04-28 Action & Shooter $2.14 89%
Homefront 2011-03-14 Action & Shooter $2.61 88%
Worms Reloaded GOTY 2010-08-26 Strategy $1.45 93%
DiRT Rally 2015-12-07 Simulation $2.45 93%
Outlast 2013-09-04 Adventure $2.97 83%
Gothic Universe Edition 2006-10-13 RPG $1.96 82%
Company of Heroes 2 2013-06-25 Strategy $2.28 89%
Prison Architect 2015-10-06 Indie $2.50 91%
Dishonored - Definitive Edition 2012-10-11 Action $2.70 75%
Fallout New Vegas 2010-10-21 Action & Shooter $2.38 88%
XCOM 2 2016-02-04 Action & Shooter $2.17 96%

Age of Wonders III

Developer:Triumph Studios

At the time of Age of Wonders III’s release, the AoW franchise had been fifteen years old and comprised of three titles.

Somewhat confusingly, the third game, AoW: Shadow Magic did not have a number, and yet was an obvious sequel to Age of Wonders II. Either way, in 2014 Age of Wonder III launched, bringing the classic fantasy 4X series to a new decade to very positive reception.

Age of Wonders III

During your time with Age of Wonders III you’ll explore the fantasy world, seeking ways to make your chosen nation emerge victorious thanks to superior diplomacy, military power, or simple colonisation, if you so choose. You’ll have to learn to navigate the political landscape of the game’s storyline, as well as relations between the base game’s several playable factions.

Key features
  • Six leader classes changing the character of your empire
  • Six playable races in the base game, ranging from humans to draconians
  • Turn-based combat systems relying on hexagonal grid
  • A story-based campaign in addition to individual scenarios, multiplayer, and map editor

Amnesia Collection

Developer:Frictional Games

When it released in 2010, Amnesia: The Dark Descent made a splash among fans of the horror genre.

Played from the first-person perspective, Amnesia took the player on a journey through a seriously creepy castle threatening to destroy the protagonist’s sanity with monsters and environmental nightmares.

Amnesia Collection

A year later Amnesia: Justine, an official expansion was launched, featuring the eponymous woman as the playable character. Then, two years later, a mod-turned-official, A Machine for Pigs developed by The Chinese Room was launched, presenting an all-new set of characters and storyline separate from The Dark Descent’s. All three are now gathered in Amnesia Collection.

Key features
  • First-person perspective for maximal immersion
  • A gloomy, Gothic 19th century setting
  • Three horror stories in one package
  • Multiple endings for the core game

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Developer:Oxide Games

Ashes of the Singularity prides itself on being built on the first natively 64-bit RTS engine.

It’s not hard to believe these claims, because the game looks great, and the battlefields are incredibly densely populated. The Nitrous engine allowed AoS to push boundaries of what was possible, but it came at the price of high system requirements at the time.

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation

Ashes… was developed by the creators of Sins of the Solar Empire, and this legacy can be seen throughout the game, even as the scale is beyond what Sins… had to offer. After release, the standalone Escalation expansion was released, only to be folded into the base game later on. Of course, three years-post launch the high system requirements aren’t as scary as in 2016.

Key features
  • Built on a powerful 64-bit RTS engine called Nitrous
  • Galactic conflict with thousands of units per battlefield
  • Ranked and unranked multiplayer
  • Two sides of a galactic-scale conflict

Brütal Legend

Developer:Double Fine Productions

Brütal Legend is Double Fine’s tribute to rock and metal music.

It’s drips with aesthetic extracted from album covers, guitar riffs are a source of magic in the setting, and one of the basic units are headbangers. There are even cameos from some of the greats, like Lemmy Kilmister and the Prince of Darkness himself, Ozzy Osbourne. It’s glorious

Brütal Legend

The game’s soundtrack is also phenomenal, featuring tonnes of licensed tracks from across the genre, making for hours of top-notch rock and metal. Gameplay-wise, it’s part hack and slash, part racing game, part action-adventure, and part real-time strategy, which sounds odd, and is odd, but works well enough and is themed around the battle of the bands type of event.

Key features
  • Lemmy Kilmister, Ozzy Osbourne, Rob Halford, and Jack Black are in the cast
  • Discover the power of heavy metal
  • Customisable car: the Druid Plow
  • Spend fire tributes to your awesomeness as a local currency

DiRT Rally

Developer:Feral Interactive (Linux)

DiRT Rally is another entry in Codemasters’ expansive catalogue of rally racing simulations.

Before the Dirt era, Codemasters were well-known for developing a rally series under the Colin McRae brand. With DiRT they broke away from that mould, but the focus on delivering a game for fans of rally simulations without sacrificing too much fun remained intact.

DiRT Rally

DiRT Rally is the second game in the franchise, after DiRT: Showdown. It began as an early access title with a limited number of available cars. After over half a year of development and gathering feedback from players, it released with a large car stable, detailed simulation systems, and plenty of tracks to test oneself on.

Key features
  • One of the best rally games on the market
  • Features cars drawn from five decades of this motorsport
  • Mod support via Steam Workshop
  • Balances simulation and fun

Grid 2

Developer:Feral Interactive (Mac)

The first thing you should know about Grid 2 is that it’s been delisted from Steam and consoles in August 2019.

More or less it means that your only chance of getting the game is from someone who had a measure of forethought and bought a key (or a number of them) before said delisting and is willing to sell. Such keys will still be honoured.

Grid 2

Grid 2 itself i san intense racing game, with licensed circuits and urban tracks to conquer and be the champion of. It has a pretty aggressive AI, a clear progression system, and a large stable of cars from almost half a century for you to choose from. The events available to the player take place on three continents, and reflect the local ambience quite well.

Key features
  • Complex car damage model
  • Licensed and original tracks, streets and roads
  • the TrueFeel Handling system makes each manoeuvre feel real and exciting
  • RaceNet integration for a better multiplayer experience

Layers of Fear

Developer:Bloober Team SA

Layers of Fear was Polish developer Bloober Team’s first foray into the horror genre.

Having achieved reasonable success, it appears to have defined Bloober Team as a horror game creator, judging by their later titles, including Layers of Fear 2. The most recent (at the time of writing) release of BT is a video game entry into the Blair Witch franchise.

Layers of Fear

As for Layers of Feat itself, it’s a first-person perspective walk through a sprawling Victorian mansion. The protagonist is an artist tormented by disturbing visions that seem to have as much root in his own mind as in the ambience of the mansion where he works on his paintings. The game also got a DLC expansion, Inheritance, following the base game protagonist’s daughter.

Key features
  • Descent into a delusional mind of an artist
  • Step by step you uncover more of the protagonist’s troubling past
  • The game plays visual tricks on the player as much as the protagonist
  • An add-on expanding on the painter’s family history

LEGO The Hobbit

Developer:Feral Interactive (Mac)

After a warm reception of Lego Lord of the Rings, it was inevitable that the second Middle-Earth trilogy, The Hobbit, would get a Lego adaptation as well.

The light-hearted, upbeat and colourful nature of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit trilogy turned out to be easy to translate into the Lego gameplay perfected by Traveller’s Tales over countless other adaptations.

LEGO The Hobbit

What are Lego games about? Over all, they focus on recreating scenes and sequences from the movies, typically in a humorous, gently mocking manner. The characters, drawn from all over the lore, can gather bricks and build structures out of them, and there are tonnes of secrets which can only be discovered by replaying levels with different unlocked characters.

Key features
  • Tonnes of playable characters, all with unique traits
  • The first two Hobbit movies remade in Lego form
  • Free travel between locations and events
  • Bilbo gains new abilities thanks to new equipment

Mini Ninjas

Developer:IO Interactive

Before we dared to challenge our demons and joints with Sekiro, there were Mini Ninjas.

This game was to Sekiro what Worms Armageddon was to World of Tanks. With cartoonish graphics, family-friendly sounds, and generally silly gameplay and presentation, it still managed to be a pretty damn good action-adventure game.

Mini Ninjas

As the main protagonist, Hiro, you’ll slice and dice your way through the big bad’s minions army, releasing innocent animals from his control. Thankfully a sword isn’t the only tool in Hiro’s arsenal. He can use spells fuelled by his Ki reserves, as well as various tools like caltrops, bombs, or shuriken.

Key features
  • Defeat the big bad’s minions and get help from disenchanted animals
  • Plenty of collectibles
  • Several character to play as
  • Diverse useful spells Hiro can use


Developer:Running With Scissors

Postal is easily the oldest game on this list, bust despite being over twenty years old, it’s still one of a kind.

A game about a man gone postal and unleashing an unseemly amount of hurt on people around him was a pretty odd choice for a game in 1997, and it still may appear as such, but there is some thought behind the tongue-in-cheek shooting.


Oddly enough, Postal is a 3D isometric shooter, an unusual choice of perspective, but it works well. The game is very brutal for a game of its time, asking of the player to kill a specified percentage of enemy NPCs on the level. Players have eight weapon slots to fill with various destructive implements in addition to a machine gun with unlimited ammo.

Key features
  • Isometric camera
  • Up to eight weapons carried at once
  • Brutal and unapologetic
  • Tongue-in-cheek narrative


Developer:Double Fine Productions

Psychonauts is a game that doesn’t look good in purely technical terms, but it more than makes up for it with unmistakable art style.

The way the characters and locations look emphasises the wacky, abstract, and bizarre atmosphere of Double Fine’s game in just the right way. With a 2020 sequel being a reality rather than a dream, revisiting the first game seems like a reasonable idea.


Psychonauts is a 3D platform game, first and foremost. As Raz, a child with psychic abilities, you’ll learn how to enter the minds of other people in the camp. Every mind is unique, and each has a clear theme, such as a battlefield-like mindscape of a war veteran.

Key features
  • Several useful psychic abilities
  • Each level is unique and themed after the personality of the given character
  • Great sense of humour
  • Distinctive art style

Sanctum 2

Developer:Coffee Stain Studios

Sanctum blended tower defence and first-person shooters in a rather satisfying way.

Sanctum 2 doesn’t reinvent the wheel, it just improved on the already working concept. Sanctum 2’s action takes place on a planet called LOEK III, which requires terraforming cores to generate oxygen, and also suffers from violent alien wildlife unfriendly to human settlers.

Sanctum 2

Elysium 2 will have you design kill zones out of walls and turrets to slow the enemies down, shower them with tonnes of lead, and give you time to address the crises personally when needed. You have a pick of four playable characters, including a familiar face from the first game, and even a robot, and you’ll control them from the first-person perspective, taking a good look at the aliens.

Key features
  • Story-based single player campaign
  • Co-op for up to four players
  • Tower defence meets first-person shooter
  • Robust progression systems and customisation options

Satellite Reign

Developer:5 Lives Studios

Satellite Reign is a tribute to a venerable series of games, Syndicate, whose first instalment launched in 1993.

Both the original game and its sequel, Syndicate Wars, strongly cyberpunk games, letting the players control up to four corporate agents as they perform tasks such as assassinations or asset extractions. All of that in a real-time tactics gameplay viewed from an isometric camera.

Satellite Reign

Satellite Reign was Syndicate Wars’ developer disappointment with the franchise’s 2012 revival. As a result SR is very similar in style of gameplay to the original games from the nineties. You’ll be controlling a team funded by a corporation which wants to break the hold another company has on the politicians with a mysterious immortality-providing technology.

Key features
  • Loving tribute to an old series
  • Very competent real-time tactics game
  • Open world structure, rather than discrete levels
  • Co-operative multiplayer

Tropico 4

Developer:Haemimont Games

The fourth instalment of the Tropico series launched ten years (and change) after the first game in the series, closing a decade of clever, interesting, and reasonably complex political sims.

Once again you’ll be able to create your own El president, or pick one from the pre-generated ones, oddly resembling some known historical leaders from the region.

Tropico 4

Of course maintaining a working country isn’t an easy task. You’ll have a ton of things to oversee, decree, or compromise on, and you’ll always be in fear of not getting re-elected or deposed, which always spells game over. Keeping everyone happy is going to be hard, because each citizen has their own set of characteristics, so good luck finding the perfect solution.

Key features
  • 10 premade maps, as well a way to generate a random one
  • A long, 20-mission campaign
  • Customisable El Presidente
  • Each citizen is unique, making good decisions harder to reach

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine


Space Marine was a seed of a great series that never found a fertile ground to grow, sadly.

An odd-one-out game from the Dawn of War brand of strategy games developer Relic Entertainment, Space Marine was, of all things, a third-person action game. And a really good one at that, showing a rarely used perspective on the Warhammer 40k universe.

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

As Captain Titus of the Ultramarines chapter, the player will liberate the Imperial forge city from Orks and other invaders, block by bloody city block. The game has a very satisfying arsenal of ranged weapons, but true action happens in melee range, thanks to vicious weapons like a basic chainsword, or a Thunderhammer capable of felling even the mightiest enemies.

Key features
  • Perfectly captures the key Warhammer 40.000 aesthetic
  • Thrilling melee battles against hordes of enemies
  • Co-operative and competitive multiplayer modes
  • Mark Strong voicing the main character: Captain Titus

Buck the trend

As you see, good, interesting games don’t have to cost an arms and a leg, especially if you don’t feel compelled to only play the latest games. Strategies, platformers, even an action game, we aimed to make the list cover a number of genres, so that as many types of player as possible may find something for themselves.

And remember that if this list doesn’t have something to your tastes, the filtering tools on the G2A Marketplace can help you narrow the search by many different criteria important to you.