Gaming is expensive, there’s no denying that. Especially if you tend to only look at the biggest, hottest releases which cover up some of the smaller, or older games that remain a ton of fun.

So to give your budget a little bit of a breathing room, and to help you expand your library with games that are complete, cheap, AND good, we’ve prepared a list of games you could get on the G2A.COM marketplace for just a few bucks, or even less. Consider it your gate to adventure in the gaming world.

As a result, we’re starting with five games you could get for less than a dollar (and if that’s not enough, click here to see more 1 dollar games), five more which will run you between a buck and $2, and end with games you could get for less than three dollars.

The prices were checked at the time of writing, but they are subject to change, so it’s better to strike while the iron is hot.

Don’t miss your chance to get gate ready for your next digital journey
Fallout A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game 1997-11-01 RPG $1.09 90%
Bionic Commando Rearmed 2008-08-14 Action & Shooter $0.81 92%
Guilty Gear X2 Reload 2004-07-23 Fighting $1.02 90%
X COM Complete Pack 2008-09-04 Strategy $0.72 96%
Werewolf The Apocalypse Heart Of The Forest 2020-10-13 RPG $0.85 94%
Trek To Yomi 2022-05-05 Action $1.04 95%
Styx Master Of Shadows 2014-10-07 Action $2.06 94%
Worms Reloaded Goty 2010-08-26 Strategy $1.29 94%
Gothic 2 Gold Edition 2010-01-13 Adventure $1.70 84%
System Shock 2 1999-08-11 RPG $1.37 87%
XCOM Chimera Squad 2020-04-24 Strategy $1.86 91%
Hitman Absolution 2012-11-19 Action & Shooter $2.73 87%
The Darkness II 2012-02-09 Action & Shooter $3.13 90%
Sacred Gold 2006-08-14 RPG $1.92 82%
Dishonored Definitive Edition 2012-10-11 Action $2.98 72%
Syberia 2002-09-01 Adventure $1.38 90%
Syberia II 2004-03-30 Adventure $0.88 94%
Anomaly 2 2013-05-15 Action & Shooter $0.79 95%
Sniper Ghost Warrior Gold Edition 2011-09-09 Action & Shooter $1.18 94%
Tropico Trilogy Edition 2017-05-22 Economy $1.63 77%

Fallout: A Post Nuclear Role Playing Game

Release date:1997-11-01
Developer:Interplay Inc.

Sure, we’ve got the first-/third-person Fallouts taking center stage these days, but it hasn’t always been this way.

The original FO was an isometric RPG with hex-based, turn-based combat, and it rocked. Still does, in fact. It’s pretty contained, and since it’s more than 25 years old it won’t provide an exciting visual feast, but as far as post-apocalyptic RPGs go, it’s still one of the greats.

The core plot is almost prosaic: you’re not looking for your child, dad, or the dude who shot you in the head. Instead, you must leave a cozy vault in order to find a chip for the water processing unit to ensure your folks’ survival. Things take a more serious turn, however, when you discover a plan which might change the shape of the wasteland forever…and you’re just a little guy from a vault!

Key features
  • Class-less, skill- and perk-based character development
  • Turn-based combat that doesn’t take prisoners
  • Engaging plot, and lots of opportunities for roleplaying
  • The grittiest the Fallout setting has ever been

Bionic Commando: Rearmed

Release date:2008-08-14
Genre:Action & Shooter

Once upon a time, there was a Nes Game called Bionic Commando, about a guy with a chunky cybernetic arm with a grappling hook functionality.

In 2009 the game got a full remake. It turned out that zipping across 2.5D levels with a beefy cyber-arm is as fun as it was in 1988 and the protagonist’s name is just as dorky as ever: Nathan “Rad” Spencer.

Bionic Commando: Rearmed is pretty much a platform game with a somewhat Metroidvania-like structure, as certain areas unlock only after you find a specific item to let you through. The remake introduced a few gameplay tweaks, especially around health regeneration and boss battles, which have been reworked to include more reasons to use the bionic arm’s unique abilities.

Key features
  • An old-school NES game redone for more modern machines
  • Exciting platforming sections powered by a bionic limb with a very long reach
  • Engaging level design and combat
  • 2.5D graphics: 3D models presented like 2D maps

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload

Release date:2004-07-23
Developer:Arc System Works

While there are newer installments of the long-running series of heavy metal-inspired fighting games, the classics shouldn’t be discarded.

Guilty Gear X2 #Reload is the first standalone update to core GGX2, and it shares the base game’s crisp character designs, incredible original soundtrack filled to the brim with tributes to heavy metal classics, and, most importantly, tight, flashy combat.

GGX2 #Reload fighting systems are incredibly fast, with many characters having plenty of technical depth on top of the already complex options shared by every fighter in the game. Add to that unmistakably anime-like aesthetic, bizarre, but engrossing story and setting, and, once again: amazing music, and you get a fighting game that deserves dusting off and giving it a shot.

Key features
  • Excellent character designs, both visual and mechanical
  • Lightning-fast combat
  • Large roster
  • A playable tribute to rock and metal music

X-COM: Complete Pack

Release date:2008-09-04
Developer:MicroProse Software

You might be familiar with Firaxis’ outstanding XCOM games (one of them we even cover later on), but before them, there was the X-COM series from MicroProse, starting with X-COM: UFO Defense.

The premise was similar: defending the Earth from an alien invasion by managing the operations of a military organization and directing its soldiers on missions around the world.

MicroProse’s X-COM: UFO Defense is thirty years old now, but despite outdated graphics, it remains a complex, satisfying, and adequately frustrating strategy/tactics game. The sequels, like Terror from the Deep or Apocalypse provided interesting new settings and mechanics, to keep things fresh, and you get them all in the Complete Pack!

Key features
  • Five classic strategy games about fighting against alien invasions, one turn at a time
  • Predecessors to Firaxis’ XCOM reboot
  • Complex strategic and tactical gameplay
  • Hard as nails, especially if you don’t plan ahead

Werewolf: The Apocalypse — Heart of the Forest,

Release date:2020-10-13
Developer:Different Tales

If you aren’t into action or strategy in this price range, perhaps you could be interested in a visual novel based on a tabletop roleplaying game?

Werewolf: The Apocalypse – Heart of the Forest is a story about a young American woman, Maia Boroditch, whose nightmares and dreams about wolves lead her to trace her Polish heritage to the town of Białowieża and the nearby primeval forest.

As the name might suggest, what seems like an interesting genealogical investigation quickly starts tapping into werewolf myths and legends, shifting tone and style. Maia’s choices during the game’s many conversations and narrative vignettes change her traits, such as Rage or willpower, which, appropriately, affects the way the story will go for her.

Key features
  • A great, thematic adaptation of the Werewolf: the Apocalypse ttRPG
  • The story can go in many different directions based on your choices and stats
  • Many photos and illustrations adding excellent visual layer to the text-oriented game
  • Set in Polish Białowieża primeval forest

Trek to Yomi

Release date:2022-05-05
Developer:Leonard Menchiari

If you’re still frustrated that samurai open-world Ghost of Tsushima isn’t available on PC, we don’t have good news for you.

However, we do have something that might make you feel better. Trek to Yomi is a stylish, side-scrolling action game presented in the style of black-and-white samurai movies of old, an especially great proposition for anyone keen on Kurosawa’s movies.

Despite the side-scrolling perspective, combat is quite engaging, with light and strong attacks, parries, and the importance of matching actions to enemy stances. When you clear a fight without getting hit, it can be very satisfying. The story is about a young swordsman trying to defend his village in honor of his mentor, but it also involves a fair share of interesting supernatural elements.

Key features
  • Stylish side-scrolling samurai cinema-inspired action game
  • Simple, but effective story
  • Engaging combat system
  • Multiple endings

Styx: Master of Shadows

Release date:2014-10-07
Developer:Cyanide Studio

Few things match up as neatly as goblins and stealth, so it’s no surprise that Styx: Master of Shadows was quite warmly received.

Technically a spin-off from Of Orcs and Men, this time around you don’t have a beefy orc friend to help you along and need to rely on your agility, cunning, and arcane abilities to get you to your heart’s desire: the heart of the magical World Tree.

In addition to the expected stealth mechanics, like lines of sight, or sticking to the shadows, you can also utilize a range of magical abilities, including creating clones of yourself for distraction and scouting. There’s also a share of RPG mechanics, mostly expressed through a leveling system with unlockable abilities and gear.

Key features

Worms Reloaded GOTY

Release date:2010-08-26
Developer:Team17 Digital Ltd

Worms Reloaded is a perfect blend of the classic Worms formula and new toys to exploit it with.

If you are unfamiliar, the Worms series is a multiplayer-first, turn-based PvP game, in which each player controls a team of cartoonish Worms equipped with equally cartoonish weapons. On your turn, you get a chance to move a single selected Worm and make a single attack.

There’s a ton of weapons at your disposal, each with different traits, ranged, melee, and…weird ones (like an air-dropped concrete statue of a donkey), and your job is to be the last one standing. It’s not easy, because the levels are procedurally generated AND easily demolished, so if players go hog-wild on explosives might mean there’s precious little land between you and deadly water.

Key features
  • Customizable worms: silly hats, silly voices, and silly gravestones
  • Phenomenal multiplayer game, much like its predecessors
  • Tons of fun weapons and tool to use, many of which are affected by gravity and wind
  • Intensely destructible maps

Gothic 2: Gold Edition

Release date:2010-01-13
Developer:Piranha – Bytes

The Gothic series is somewhat forgotten, overshadowed by its descendants Risen and ELEX, and even more so: games such as The Witcher 3, but make no mistake: they remain quite satisfying.

However, part of the deal is that you won’t be playing a badass warrior or mage from the get-go, the world is dangerous, and there’s no level scaling to save you, so play smart, and pick your battles.

It’s technically a direct sequel to Gothic, but prior knowledge is not required, and there isn’t any save transfer to worry about. As the nameless (anti)hero you’ll pick one of three factions to gather power and allies in order to face dragons and their servants. Somebody has to save the isolated island of Khorinis, including the mining colony, the source of a crucial magical ore. Might as well be you.

Key features
  • The Gold Edition includes base Gothic II and a large expansion, The Night of the Raven
  • Three factions with unique gear and skill sets
  • The world is still immersive and feels alive, twenty years since launch
  • The entry threshold isn’t the smoothest, but it’s worth it

System Shock 2

Release date:1999-08-11
Developer:Irrational Games

If you’ve played the recent remake of System Shock and can’t wait to play the legendary sequel, you don’t need to wait, the original System Shock 2 is still very playable, very affordable, and very engaging.

Awakening on a spaceship with several ongoing life-threatening issues, your character has to get his act together, develop his skills, and perhaps make uneasy alliances to survive.

System Shock 2 is both a claustrophobic, tense cyberpunk survival horror and an immersive action role-playing game, which inspired classics such as Deus Ex. or Bioshock. You begin in one of three classes (soldier, tech expert, and a psionic), but are free to develop in any direction with experience and equipment discovered over the course of the game.

Key features
  • One of all-time video game classics
  • Three starting classes and free-form progression
  • Science fiction survival horror set on a spaceship overrun by mind-controlled enemies
  • Sequel for the recently remade System Shock

XCOM Chimera Squad

Release date:2020-04-24
Developer:Firaxis Games

Set a few years after the conclusion of Firaxis’ XCOM2, XCOM: Chimera Squad envisions a city where liberated humanity and aliens free from Ethereal control try to find a way to coexist on Earth.

But it doesn’t always work, which is why the eponymous task force is created to address a recent surge of violent organized crime hinting at some greater conspiracy.

In addition to XCOM’s typical turn-based combat, Chimera Squad adds an ingenious “Breach” system, which lets your squad of operatives prepare an explosive and devastating entrance into the enemy-occupied buildings or rooms before bursting in and eliminating surprised enemies before they could get into cover, all in slo-mo. It’s an excellent evolution of the ambushes from XCOM 2.

Key features
  • Eleven predefined characters, human and alien alike, each with unique abilities
  • Set a few years after the end of XCOM 2
  • The Breach system is an excellent addition to the XCOM formula
  • Mod support

Hitman: Absolution

Release date:2012-11-19
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Feral Interactive (Mac)

Hitman: Absolution was the last large game in the series before the World of Assassination Trilogy came along.

If you’re keen on an experience that’s more focused and less “online” than what the recent games offer, Absolution is for you. As always, you step into the stylish shoes and red tie of a genetically engineered contract killer, Agent 47, on a series of increasingly complex assignments.

Absolution narrowed in the sandbox-like nature of the series down to a more linear style, which might not be much in the series’ spirit, but there are still many ways to skin a cat, including a pleasing array of weapons and tools, as well as the chance to use the environment to do the job for you, if you set things up correctly.

Key features
  • 20 discrete missions with dedicated levels
  • Great, if the very open-ended nature of other games in the series isn’t to your liking
  • Many opportunities for clean environmental kills
  • Become the most lethal master of disguise

The Darkness II

Release date:2012-02-09
Genre:Action & Shooter
Developer:Digital Extremes

The Darkness II starts like a down-to-earth game about mafia, but it doesn’t take long before the protagonist, Jackie Estacado, has to tap into the primordial darkness to survive.

Which is bad news for Jackie’s enemies, since the Darkness is a terrifying and overwhelming supernatural force, but it’s good news for you, because you get to use cool powers and experience a cool story.

The Darkness II is a first-person shooter, which in addition to guns (with dual-wielding options) also gives you two snake-like tentacles you can use to grab or slash enemies, throw elements of the environment, etc. There is a downside, however: your tentacles and your powers only work when you’re in, well, darkness, so you must eliminate and avoid sources of bright light.

Key features
  • Fantastic character-based co-op mode in addition to a solo campaign
  • Many powers to unlock
  • Based on a comic book series, but not a direct adaptation
  • Exciting combat mixing gunplay with supernatural abilities

Sacred Gold

Release date:2006-08-14
Developer:Ascaron Entertainment ltd.

Diablo II launched in 2000. Diablo III launched in 2012, in the intervening Interregnum many games followed in D2’s devilish footsteps, and arguably one of the best was 2004’s Sacred.

Now mostly available as Sacred Gold, bundling the core game with the Plus and Underworld expansions adding more regions and more classes, bringing the roster up to eight playable characters.

There’s a ton of loot, an interesting progression using a mix of runes and skill points to enhance the characters and their gear, and a large world with very few loading screens. Sacred can be quite a powergamer’s paradise thanks to detailed gear and stats, but there are also many quests and side quests, so people interested in storytelling have a light snack to bite into as well.

Key features
  • Eight distinct classes/characters
  • You can combine abilities into devastating combos
  • Sacred Gold includes both the base game and the two expansions
  • Plenty of equipment sets to hunt down


Release date:2012-10-11
Developer:Arkane Studios

Dishonored could be played in a straightforward manner, sure, but that would be a terrible waste of the game’s systems.

Why just sneak behind an enemy, if you could blink-teleport behind them and knock them out? Why avoid shoot-outs, if you could stop time, steal flying bullets, launch a crossbow bolt and attack a deadly trap to it before resuming normal speed?

Your gadgets and powers in Dishonored can interact in interesting and coherent ways, so you could get really creative about the way you clear the game’s sandbox-like missions. You don’t even need to kill your targets: exploring the levels can reveal alternative, non-lethal methods of ruining their lives. And all of that in a cool whale-punk setting inspired by 19th/20th century England.

Key features
  • Fantastic voice cast
  • Supernatural assassination sandbox
  • Excellent aesthetic immune to the passage of time
  • Interesting setting explored further in DLCs and sequels

Cheap, good, and instantly delivered? It is possible, after all!

This concludes our list of games you could get incredibly cheaply and have hours and hours of fun with them. We’ve got some roleplaying classics, a few newer action games, even a strategy or two, so hopefully something has caught your eye and you’re already planning to slot in neatly into your gaming budget.