Gaming headphones are one of the essential accessories for both casual and professional players, and today we’ll see what are the benefits of getting a pair for yourself. We will also recommend a few possible options for anyone looking for a new headset.

Anyone playing video games needs a few things to succeed. Besides the most obvious ones, like the controller in the form of a mouse, keyboard, or a gamepad, there also comes the need to use a more or less professional gaming headset.

Having a pair of headphones always ready to be grabbed and used can sometimes come in handy, but why, exactly?

Become more efficient in FPS games and in competitive Esport titles

The most important benefit the pair of headphones gives is the real advantage over the other players in certain games. The difference is best seen in first-person shooters (FPS) or in similar 3D titles. This is because headphones allow you to more precisely locate the source of each incoming sound, so you can quickly turn in the right direction and act accordingly.

On top of that, good headphones allow you to hear things you can’t easily hear on speakers, for example – footsteps. Playing with speakers puts you in an unfavorable position, where you can be ambushed or surprised by players sneaking behind you or hiding in places you would least expect them. With good headphones, however, no rustle will go unnoticed, and your predator will become the prey.

Communicate with your team

Good headphones usually come bundled together with a microphone. This makes it much easier to play with other people in competitive games, where team communication is crucial for success. Typing your messages and pinging the map takes time which you could be spending on evading enemy missiles launched at you in League of Legends or DotA 2, or on securing the bombsite in  CS: GO – failing to quickly shoot when the enemy comes in sight may cost your team a match.

The alternative solution could be getting a separate microphone, but it’s not always a comfortable option. The standalone microphone takes valuable space on your desk, restricts your movements, and you need to be careful to not knock it over. You can’t deny the fact that getting a headset with a built-in microphone is just so much more convenient to use.

Keep it quiet

If you are not home alone, playing games without headphones may disturb the others and may annoy them. It won’t be surprising to hear roommates ask you to turn down the volume, especially when the night comes and they wish to sleep. This will greatly reduce your chances of succeeding – you won’t be able to hear the incoming danger anymore.

With headphones, you can still fully enjoy the game without disturbing the others. Put the headset on, turn on your favorite music, and continue the interrupted quest – now nothing will stop you from achieving victory.

Below we present you with some possible options of gaming headsets in various price ranges.

Bigben Stereo Gaming Headset

The first position on the list goes to the Bigben Stereo Gaming Headset. Thanks to the relatively low price, these wired headphones are a solid option for the ones looking for a reliable headset without going broke.

Bigben Stereo Gaming Headset

These headphones offer anything you would expect from such a product – a sensitive microphone, quality speakers, and comfortable foam. The cable length of 220 meters allows to freely move away from the PC. The Bigben Stereo set is also designed to work with PlayStation 4, so no need to worry about compatibility issues.

Cooler Master Masterpulse MH320

If you can spend a little more on a headset, then Cooler Master Masterpulse MH320 is definitely worth looking at. The crystal clear quality of the built-in microphone will save you and your team a lot of trouble – your voice will be clearly heard, so no need to frustratingly shout into it.

Cooler Master Masterpulse MH320

It’s important to note the closed cup design, which will significantly reduce the noise coming from the outside – you will be able to fully focus on playing your favorite titles and you won’t confuse the outside rustling with the sounds coming from the game.

Genesis Argon 500

Another affordable option for gamers is the Genesis Argon 500 with powerful 53-millimeter drivers and 109-decibel speakers able to provide a much better audio experience.

argon 500

The headset comes with an elastic detachable microphone that can be pulled out when not used. It also comes with an audio adapter to easily connect headphones to the PC. It is worth noting the spongy ear pads which allow air circulation and ear breathing, which may be especially important for people spending a lot of time with the headset on.

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset

HyperX Cloud II Gaming Headset is one of the more popular choices with an impressive value to price ratio and it is the second version of the warmly welcomed HyperX Cloud headset.


The great audio quality is provided by 53-mm neodymium drivers and a USB sound card.  The most important feature of the headset is the 7.1 audio support – a definite must for a competitive play. The airline adapter is also present in the package, which makes a nice little addition for people often traveling by plane.

Sennheiser GSP301

Sennheiser is a widely-known German audio company, so it would be surprising not to see their product on this list. GSP301 headset is hands-down one of the best choices under 100 dollars tag.


This is a product that combines flexible and reliable construction with outstanding audio quality. The leatherette earpads are perfect in cutting off the outside noise, bringing acoustics to the next level. The headset easily adjusts to any shape of the head and lies comfortably even during a longer session of playing.

MSI GH70 (S37-2100970-Y86)

On the more expensive side of the list, we’ve got a High-Res Audio certified MSI GH70 headset. The main eye-catcher here is, of course, the customizable RGB lighting, which can be synchronized with other MSI accessories, but there’s more to this cool looking set than meets the eye.


The headset supports the 7.1 surround audio, and the set easily adjusts to any shape of the head. The earpads are replaceable – you can easily swap the leatherette pads for fabric ones if you wish. It’s worth noting the presence of the stainless steel headband. There is also a microphone that can be recessed inside the ear cup so you can hide it when you don’t need it, without worrying about losing it – unlike the detachable one.

SteelSeries Arctis Pro

And here comes the crème de la crème of gaming headphones. It’s not an easy task to find a better headset, regardless of whether you are playing on the computer or on the console.

The audio quality is amazing, the aluminum alloy and steel construction is light yet very solid and durable, and the studio-quality microphone can be hidden inside the ear cap. There is a customizable RGB lighting going around the ear caps as well as on the microphone, which tells when the mic is off. SteelSeries Arctis Pro also features the share port – a standard 3.5-mm audio port which can be used to connect another pair of headphones, so you can share what you hear with others.

Something for both PC and console fans

Choosing the right gaming headphones might not be an easy choice. The market is full of interesting options, so you will surely find the ones that will fit your needs best. You may consider choosing between wireless or wires, or you may decide to pay extra for the cool RGB lighting or detachable microphone. The higher price also allows you to choose the more reliable ones that will last you longer, not to mention the better audio quality, which usually comes together with more expensive products.