Rising corpses, casting dark spells and wielding blood magic – sounds exciting and familiar? Then necromancy is the perfect choice for you! The games where you can play as a necromancer are usually RPG or action-adventure games with a fantasy setting where the dark arts of bringing the dead back into the world of the living is a common practice.

Remember that a necromancer, in contrast to a lich, is a living being that summons the dead and control them with his will either with the use of his magic or a special item such as a staff. A lich is an undead character that also controls the hordes of skeletons or zombies, but belongs to the same group as them – he is dead, just like the Lich King from Warcraft 3: Frozen Throne and World of Warcraft video games.

In this article, we will instead focus on necromancers, humans that love the darkness and hide in the shadows, meddling in corpses of dead soldiers or monsters, in order to resurrect them and use them for their own agenda.

Master the Dark Arts in Games Where You Can Play as Necromancer

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The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Xbox One
PlayStation 4
and many, many others
Genre:Action RPG
Developer:Bethesda Game Studios
Release year:2011 (PS3, X360, PC), 2016 (PS4, X One), 2017 (Switch)

TES V: Skyrim lets you play as a necromancer through its complex, yet easy to learn and master, skill tree. Follow the path of mage and develop the school of Conjuration to summon skeletons and other undead to aid you in battle.


As the TES V: Skyrim provides you with limitless possibilities of character development, you can free to mix your necromancy with other abilities, such as an alternative school of magic or the bow mastery to switch to a ranged weapon while sending your corpses to fight in direct combat for you.

Key features
  • The world of The Elder Scrolls has always been full of possibilities and ways to discover – the school of Conjuration is one of them.
  • Summon zombies, bonemen and other beings to aid you in battle!
  • Follow the main plot as the legendary Dragonborn and decide on the fate of dragons in this part of Tamriel…
  • … or just let it go, roam freely around Skyrim, explore dungeons, fight wild animals, and complete thousands of side quests.
  • Recently the game has received the VR support – now the first-person perspective (the signature feature of the TES series) can be much more immersive!

Diablo III: Rise of the Necromancer

Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Genre:Action RPG, hack’n’slash
Developer:Blizzard Entertainment
Release year:2017

One of the DLC for Diablo III, which introduces the Necromancer class, bringing back from Diablo II. Except for that, it also includes additional content, like more stash space and a few cosmetic items.


As the Necromancer, you can control powerful magic, which focuses on blood and bones. Moreover, you also get access to new armors and weapons, for example, scythes.

Key features
  • Diablo III itself features five character classes: Barbarian, Shaman, Monk, Demon Hunter, and Witch. The Necromancer then makes for the sixth class in this group.
  • Wield powerful magic – summon the undead and cast spells based on blood magic.
  • Travel through numerous beautifully rendered locations and face horrific Diablo!
  • Half-formed Golem pet – take this wicked being with you to sow fear in your enemies’ hearts (unless they are “heartless”).
  • Receive a few cosmetic items, two more stash tabs, and two additional character slots – this DLC is not only about the Necromancer class itself.

Elder Scrolls Online: Elsweyr

Xbox One
PlayStation 4
Developer:ZeniMax Online Studios, ZeniMax Media
Release year:2019

This is the third chapter in the Elder Scrolls Online history. Just as the previous ones, Elsweyr introduces new regions and quests, but it also features a completely new Necromancer class to check out.


Create a Necromancer, and cast various spells from the Tamriel’s school of Conjuration. Summon the undead and conjure magical equipment, such as flesh shields and bone armors to become an unstoppable force on every battlefield!

Key features
  • ESO: Elsweyr not only features the Necromancer class, but it also adds new locations, quests… and dragons – they vary in terms of an element they possess and the impact they have on their surroundings (for example, occasional snowstorms may occur in the presence of the Frost Dragon).
  • The powerful Necromancer is not only capable of summoning the undead, but can also conjure up bone armors and other, specific equipment.
  • The Necromancers are truly versatile in ESO, as they can play a standard role of a magic-wielding sage, but there is also a possibility to turn them into dreadful tanks with magical support.
  • Except for the typical conjuring magic, the Necromancers are also capable of casting elemental spells. They can imbue their spells with frost, fire and lightning, too.
  • Elsweyr as a location in The Elder Scrolls saga has not been accessible for the fans of the series since its first installment, namely The Elder Scrolls: Arena, so it is the perfect time to try it out!

Sacred 2: Fallen Angel

Xbox 360
PlayStation 3
Genre:Action RPG
Release year:2008 (PC), 2009 (PS4, X360)

Although there is no straight “necromancer” class in Sacred 2: Fallen Angel, is has been somehow broken down into two separate classes: the Inquisitor and the Shadow Warrior.


The character development is quite specific in Sacred 2: FA, as it consists of skills and aspects. The former ones are a kind of abilities which enhances our character and may affect our combat style. The latter are more like “active skills”, so those are class-specific techniques that constitute whom we play.

Key features
  • The world of Sacred 2: FA is very colorful and full of quests and activities to keep you busy for long hours.
  • The game features a few different character classes, among of which there is the Inquisitor and the Shadow Warrior – both possess some part of what is generally considered to belong to a standard necromancer.
  • Shadow Warriors are usually armed with a melee weapons and wear heavy armor, although they can cast some dark magic, for example – summoning an army of spectral warriors to aid him in battle.
  • Inquisitors are powerful magic users, who are capable of taking advantage of their enemies’ souls and using corpses as their tools of delivering pain to their foes.
  • The game campaign divides into two paths: the Light side and the Shadow side – you need to follow the latter to get access to the aforementioned classes.