As Rockstar Games’ creation, Red Dead Redemption 2 does not only focus on highly realistic graphics and an unforgettable plot, as there are plenty of secret locations, and we’ll tell you where to find them!

RDR 2 has been around for six years, and players are still discovering new mysteries scattered across 75 square kilometers of its impressive map. From secret weapons to the strangest NPCs and puzzling phenomena – you can find all these in this extraordinary video game. If uncovering hidden locations is your favorite activity, check out this list covering the coolest places on the Red Dead Redemption 2 map!

1. The Ghost Train

This strange spectacle can only be seen once and is one of the spookiest things in the entire game. To locate it, travel to northwest Lemoyne and find the sign welcoming players to this location. Spot train tracks, ride along, and wait until three in the morning.

When your horse starts acting anxious, the Ghost Train will appear! Many players consider it a direct reference to the Phantom Train from Final Fantasy 6 – but Rockstar has not confirmed this observation as a fact.

2. Tiny Church

In the Lemoyne territory, Bayou Nwa region, you can find an absolutely unexpected sight – a tiny white church standing in the middle of the swamp. Players report that when approaching it, there is a faint sound of bells, but the church does appear uninhabited.

You can find a few items inside, but nothing of particular value. Nevertheless, it is quite an interesting spot to see with your own eyes.

3. Meditating Monk

If you are seeking a more challenging adventure, visit a Meditating Monk of Grizzlies East – the man sits right under the R letter on your map. Climb to the very top of the mountain and head south to its edge. Although he doesn’t want to speak to Arthur, players can interact with this NPC by killing him.

However, doing so will lower your honor, so it’s up to you to decide what to do. Alternatively, Arthur can sketch him in his journal, which makes a nice souvenir from that unusual place.

4. The Feral Man

You may encounter this minor NPC three times in the game. The first two occur in the forest with his wolf friends and the third time in his cave. The man is easily recognizable as he is always naked and pretty aggressive – just like his wolves. Wait until the full moon and go to Roanoke Ridge, north of Annesburg, at night.

When you hear the howling, try to get closer to the man and follow him to his cave. That may be impossible on your first try, but should work during later encounters. Inside, you can find his Runaway Diary telling the story of this unique NPC.

5. Bigfoot’s Cave

If you ever climb to the top of Mount Shann, you will find mysterious Giant Remains that may have belonged to Bigfoot himself. However, this is not the only giant in the entire RDR2 game! Players can discover this biggest mystery east of the Wapiti Indian Reservation, north of Bacchus Station.

Get closer to the river, look for alpine goats, and follow the flock of birds when they fly away. They will lead you to a massive cave blocked by giant rock – at that point, a conversation with a mysterious (though invisible) being should unlock.

Chat with him to learn more about the Bigfoot life! However, remember you must study over 30 animals to unlock this secret.

6. The Devil’s Cave

Another mysterious cave conceals the presence of Cave Hermit, claiming he is the devil. To locate it, find Hidden Tunnel northwest of Pronghorn Ranch in Big Valley, West Elizabeth. Once inside, you’ll notice strange paintings on the wall, leading straight to Cave Hermit.

Chat with him to learn his unusual but short story. There isn’t really much to do in that location, but seeing this guy is definitely worth the effort.

7. The Pagan Ritual

We highly recommend visiting the secret Pagan Ritual Site in Big Valley, West Elizabeth, if you don’t mind a bit of gore. Just travel northwest from Owanjila Dam, and you should find it in no time.

The place is easily recognizable by half of a dead body impaled on a pole – not necessarily a pretty scene! If you remove the Pagan Skull Mask from a corpse, you can later use it to scare other characters and perform the ritual yourself. Have fun!

8. UFO

Even though UFOs are relatively popular in the GTA series, discovering one in Red Dead Redemption is rather surprising. Firstly, go to a shack in New Hanover — you can find it right above the N and O letters on your map. Inside, you will find a bunch of dead cultists and the note in the fireplace — it will send you to the top of Mount Shann.

At the top, find a mysterious circle of stones. Return to the shack at night (this detail is crucial) and wait for the extraterrestrial green lights shining over everything in the area. If you quickly go outside, you will see an actual operating UFO.

9. Strange Man’s cabin

In Caliga Hall, Bayou Nwa region, is a ruined Bayall Edge cabin concealing the strangest secret in the entire game. Players who played the prequel may remember the Strange Man – a minor and creepy character who knew surprisingly much about John Marston.

In Red Dead Redemption 2, he appears again, as a painting you can find in Bayall Edge. If you visit it as John Marston, the image will gradually complete with each stay.

When the painting is ready, you will see Strange Man in the mirror (nice jumpscare!) for the last time in the game.

10. Marko Dragic’s Robot

If you have already met Marko Dragic and completed the A Bright Bouncing Boy quest, know you can see the inventor again. You will find him dead in his lab, only to discover the robot has disappeared. Read the note and use the Electric Lantern to locate the proper path.

You’ll find the robot sitting on top of a mountain near Colter and Spider Gorge surrounded by quite a breathtaking setting. It is a must-see, especially if you are a Marko Dragic fan!


Isn’t all that exciting? As you can see, GTA isn’t the only video game series from Rockstar Games concealing many surprising secrets.

These developers love to reward players who don’t shy away from a bit of exploration. That shows their passion for the creation process, attention to detail, and knack for multilayered storytelling. Now go and see for yourself!