Resident Evil 4 is back! The remake seeks to maintain the spirit of the original, but also make it much more modern in terms of gameplay and audiovisuals. Let’s take a look at these changes. One thing’s for sure: these make the already amazing game even more awesome!

The original Resident Evil 4 is truly a classic, considered to be both the best installment of the entire series and one of the greatest video games of all time. The remake has big shoes to fill, then. Still, Capcom surely knows what they’re doing.

The amount of work they’re putting into the re-imagined RE4 is simply staggering. It’s not just a HD remaster, but a complete overhaul of the original, not just in terms of graphics and sound, but most importantly gameplay as well.

With that in mind, let’s go through the changes and new additions featured in the new version of the game.

Resident Evil 4 Cheaper


Resident Evil 4’s influential gameplay, along with the game’s over-the-shoulder perspective, will be retained by the remake, of course, but there will be all sorts of quality-of-life additions and modifications. This will make the whole experience feel fresh and way more modern.

First off, Leon is much more mobile this time around. He is able to freely move while aiming, vault over obstacles, and so on. Second, melee combat has been expanded. Now you can push enemies away, treat them to some roundhouse kicks, as well as block and parry melee attacks with your trusty knife. Some enemies use chainsaws, which you too can block. Isn’t that awesome? Obviously, you’ll need to replace your knives once in a while, since they wear off and will break at one point.

Most of the QTE sequences will also be gone, though there is still some button mashing to be done to free yourself from your enemy’s grip.

The iconic Merchant from the original version of the game is also making a return. Things will work the same way here: you bring him useful, valuable stuff, and he sells you the items you need. However, you can also find jewels that you can trade for yellow herbs, weapon attachments, and treasure maps. The game will also put a lot more pressure on crafting, making it one of your primary sources of ammo and healing items.

And you’re going to need all that, as your enemies, the now-iconic Ganados, have become even faster and more intelligent. This means you’ll need to employ all sorts of combat techniques and resources to defeat them, including resorting to stealth. Anyway, it always was a refreshing change from the whole zombie stuff and the remake will keep it that way.

Speaking of stealth, you can now utilize it to either ambush your opponents or simply avoid any engagements completely.

Ashley will also be more useful and less annoying. No, she won’t be a “second health bar to babysit,” as IGN once stated, but a companion who will provide assistance with certain puzzles when needed. Instead of a health bar, she will end up in a “downed” state once she takes far too much damage. You can revive her afterwards, unless she takes further blows, which will kill her.

And if you’re looking forward to even more gameplay features and content, you’ll be pleased to learn that there will be additional side quests to complete. Ranging from stuff like killing a particular enemy to collecting flyers, these will give you more things to do over the course of the campaign.

Other changes include customizable Attaché cases and the famous Typewriter not just serving as a save point, but also letting you manage your storage space.

All in all, it seems that the Resident Evil 4 remake will put survival back in survival horror. With less focus on action and more pressure put on resource management and avoiding confrontation with Los Ganados, RE4 2023 will surely be a real challenge, especially on higher levels of difficulty.

Story changes and character alterations

The remake will keep the original story mostly intact, but there will be some serious changes to keep things fresh. Whether these will be some major deviations from the classic RE4 or just minor alterations to entertain old-time fans remains to be seen.

Obviously, the remake comes with redesigns of all the characters featured in the game, including new voice acting. If you prefer the original, you’ll either need to stick to it or give the new version a chance.


Probably the biggest difference is the visual aspect since the game is being remade using a modern engine called RE Engine (AKA Reach for the Moon Engine), used in various Resident Evil games, Devil May Cry 5, Exoprimal, Street Fighter 6, and so on. RE4 Remake looks gorgeous and probably far more atmospheric thanks to redesigned locations and excellent lighting and weather effects.

These are the most important changes introduced in the Resident Evil 4 remake. Others you’ll need to find out yourself. It’s a game you can’t miss if you’re a horror games fan!