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g2a deal riddle with it Well, well, well, what have we here. G2A Deal #5 is coming up. Seeing how the previous riddle contest got a nice response, we have a second one coming up. This time we give you a little more time to try figuring out the riddles we prepared for you.

The prize is 5 x G2A Deal for the winners.

What you need to do:

  1. Write a comment with the game title you think the riddle is referring to, and your reasoning behind it.
  2. Click “Submit” (The email address used to submit your comment must be real, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you).

The rules are simple:

  1. There is only ONE winner per riddle – the first person to provide the correct, complete answer.
  2. You can only try to guess ONE riddle.
  3. You have until July 17th 2017 11:59 (GMT) to provide your answers.
  4. Posting a comment with an answer is synonymous with accepting the Terms and Conditions of this contest.

Limeriddles, coming up:

1. There once was a parrot from a zoo Which had a thing for haiku. One day it missed its turn, Got hurt because of a burn, And fell from a cloud missing its cue.

2. Blocky demons dying by a score, Flat dungeons, and liters of gore. Already doomed when explosions bloomed, They weren’t ready for dying some more.

3. There was once a globe drifting mid-air, Designed with particular flair. Then calamity struck, The world almost cracked, So grab a wrench and prove that you care.

4. There once was a certain lass from uptown Who preferred a gun from a gown. Although a great gunner, Got thrown in a slammer. Now folks wish she’d just calm down.

5. Through a mansion some figures sneak in a rush, To get their fingers on rich Ron’s cache. They found what they sought, But then they got caught, When to their getaway car they dashed.

Just remember: one person – one limeriddle – one try, just like before. On July 17th 2017 we will reveal the lucky winners and announce the games.

Good luck!


The winners

Who gets the loot? Gt4wow for Crookz – The Big Heist Seraph for Seraph Cim for Butcher Can for Tiny Bang Story

Unfortunately nobody managed to guess the first riddle, which is a shame. You can find out what it was under this link right here. Winners will be contacted soon.