UPDATE 2: if you’re interested in the latest G2A Deal, click here!


(UPDATE: winners are listed further down)

Third time’s the charm, or so they say. A month has passed and like a Methuselah mayfly Deal #5 came to a close to make way for a new generation. On our part, we’re ready to give you another shot at winning the upcoming Deal at no cost but your time. Let’s reiterate the essentials: The prize is 5 x G2A Deal for the winners.

What you need to do:

  1. Write a comment with the game title you think the riddle is referring to, and your reasoning behind it.
  2. Click “Submit” (The email address used to submit your comment must be real, otherwise we won’t be able to contact you).

The rules are simple:

  1. There is only ONE winner per riddle – the first person to provide the correct, complete answer.
  2. You can only try to guess ONE riddle.
  3. You have until August 27th 2017 11:59pm (GMT) to provide your answers.
  4. Posting a comment with an answer is synonymous with accepting the Terms and Conditions of this contest.

The third Limeriddle batch:


I knew a guy, I think Bryce was his name, He worked for a company which had no shame. An old lady’s corals Reawakened his morals, And another guy made it into a game.


Forgotten details of a well-spent life, The loves, the worries, and occasional strife. It happens, you’re told, When you start to get old, What’s left is confusion and hidden tears of your… wife?


There once was a militant throng Claiming glory belonged to the strong. Their mettle they tested, Promptly got bested, Now they’re too ashamed to admit they were wrong.


There once was a DM, in a shrine he curled. He said his vision hasn’t yet unfurled. It was a poor bait, And a hundred, a score, and eight Characters dragged him off to create the world.


Black spandex, a kunai, and skill, No depth, bright colours, unbroken will. From left to right, He’d win any fight, Ten seconds is plenty of time to kill.


The winners

tfrost_pg for 10 Second Ninja X ristorrr for DISTRAINT Shad0WeN for SanctuaryRPG Unfortunately, two riddles proved insoluble, but maybe next time it will go better. Nevertheless: congratulations to all of you! You’ll receive your rewards soon.

You can find the full reveal here, if you’ve missed it yesterday.