New Year’s Eve is a night like no other. Another year has passed and you can reflect on your goals, successes, and failures, all the games you promised yourself to try, but never did.

You can also plan the new year and dream about what it will bring. Spending one of the most important nights of the year how you want is crucial to setting the right mood for the upcoming 365 days.

Partying and drinking are kind of overrated if you think about how you feel on January 1st after being out all night. What is cheaper, ensures that you wake up happy and satisfied, is a night dedicated to your favorite games.

Choosing Your Game: Picking the Right Virtual World to Ring in the New Year

The moment of choosing the perfect game for the last night of the year might be exciting and memorable.

The questions that come with it are not easy to answer: do you choose an RPG and save the world in the comfort of your room and your coziest pajamas or take on a strategic game and conquer a whole new world while sipping hot cocoa with marshmallows, or dive into the world of indie games and find as many hidden gems as possible before the clocks strike midnight.

Or go all out and crazy and choose Farming Simulator, where you cultivate your crops until the ball drops.

Setting the Scene: Creating a Cozy Gaming Haven

Who said that they only were to play games in front of their PC or console? You can match the mood of the game with some disco lights or your favorite playlist.

Maybe set up a fort and drown in pillows, blankets, and plushies. If dressing up is your thing become your favorite video game character or wear your fanciest suit/dress just for your PC/console and set the mood by lighting some candles.

And what is a good New Year’s Eve celebration without food? Snacking while gaming is a necessity and you are the one who decides what to prepare. You might also do a DIY snack bar with cheeky names, like ‘Respawn area: the fridge’ or ‘Press X for a snack.’

Midnight Madness: In-Game Celebrations and Real-Life Cheers

Celebrating does not end in the outside world. Many games prepare their special events in which you can take part or you can prepare your celebration by finishing epic quests as midnight strikes.

This way you can celebrate two events and set off virtual fireworks with your favorite colors and shapes!

To emphasize the importance of your in-game achievements you can think of real-life rituals: wear a party hat each time you level up, light a sparkler, or blow out a candle.

New Year’s Resolution: Gamer Style

Everyone’s heard about New Year’s resolutions. What about gaming resolutions? There is this one game you once started but never finished for whatever reason. Now’s a great time to finish the last quests and mark that game off your list!

Rage quitting happened to everyone at least once in their lifetime. Maybe this year you will go through each game in a calm manner and with a happy face. Think about how much more peaceful the life of your controller/mouse would be!

Finishing a game might be a great way to work on your short-lived enthusiasm and not giving up on your rage is a great of controlling your emotions and achieving persistence. Balancing your real-life and game resolutions can go hand in hand.

Social Connection: Sharing Your Solo Adventure

Don’t forget to take pictures of your gaming setup, the snacks you prepared, or the games you chose for the last night of the year. You can show everyone how much fun you have achieving another level or finishing another quest by adding funny hashtags, for example, #SoloGamerNYE or #NewYearsEpicFail.

You can even stream your session on Twitch to show off your skills, inspire other people, or have fun while talking to people in your chat. If streaming is not your thing, you might join online communities you also game on New Year’s Eve to have a sense of joined experience.

Spending New Year’s Eve gaming can be a positive experience. You spend your night however you want, you choose the games, music, and food that accompany you, and everything is in the comfort of your room. The experience is what you make of it and most importantly, you set a good vibe for the challenges the new year has for you.