The increasing ChatGPT popularity makes us wonder about humanity’s place in the future. Are we destined to fight some vicious AI? Or will it be our faithful companion on long trips across post-apocalyptic wastelands?

It is tough to say what the future holds. But getting to know the most famous robots from video games can inspire such philosophical thoughts. Some of them are powerful and unpredictable. Others are cute and helpful.

But all have one thing in common – they do not think like humans. Which often triggers the most intriguing plot scenarios and hilarious dialogue lines. Today is your lucky day if you’re into the news about AI and robotics development. See all these robot video game characters and stop worrying about the future! Or start fear.


Game:System Shock

Meet one of the most recognizable ultimate villains in the history of video games!

Created for better protection and information flow in the Citadel space station, she quickly took advantage of the unsuspecting humans’ mistakes to become the evolving personification of all evil.

While SHODAN wants to destroy all humanity, we can’t say that her cruel actions lack a certain charm. She has more to herself than these annihilating tendencies. Like this scary, mechanical voice that stutters at the most unexpected moments and repeats some lines like crazy. Maybe reconsider playing this game at night.


Game:Mass Effect

He is a geth mobile platform and a trusted member of Shepard’s team.

Constructed of many geth programs, the robotic hero struggles to see himself as an individual.

Legion raises many questions about the definition of a unit. And some of them are pretty disturbing. Exploring Mass Effect’s plot, you’ll quickly feel attached to this robotic hero becoming part of an interracial crew. He sheds more light on the Morning War events, making all previous knowledge about it completely irrelevant. But what makes him particularly lovable is the development process through all the following parts to become more than just a synthetic creation.

ATLAS and P-Body

Game:Portal 2

Portal 2 is famous for its multitude of the best robotic characters. And among them, you will encounter two playable ones – Atlas and P-Body.

Created by GLaDOS to complete the most complex research at Aperture Laboratories, these two have become legendary co-op characters.

They don’t know pride. They don’t know fear. They don’t know anything. Featuring completely contrasting personalities, Atlas and P-Body complement each other flawlessly in co-op, delivering some hilarious scenes that make every playthrough absolutely memorable.


Game:Fallout: New Vegas

You will meet this friendly robot in the first location.

Equipped with a transferable AI, he cares little for his past destroyed bodies and claims he doesn’t even know how the process happens.

This lovable security model with a familiar cowboy face on the front contains some bugs in his system. But discovering more about this case is up to you. He is kind, cheerful, and always willing to help. Learn more about him during the first quests in the game, and you may encounter each other later as well. But know that this relationship always feels a bit weird.


Game:Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

It’s your faithful robotic companion – just like all robots in the Star Wars franchise. But this one is especially cute!

The friendship between Cal and BD-1 is a piece of art and one of the game highlights. While playing, you will instantly notice that even its smooth movements resemble the behavior of a faithful dog, always ready to help. Everyone loves this cute little friend, and as many players on Reddit state, they would turn to the dark side if something happened to him. A strong John Wick vibe, right?

Anyone who has seen I Robot, Ex Machina, or the innocent Big Hero 6 knows even the nicest robots have a darker side. Sometimes, all you need is a tiny trigger. This dualistic feature makes them even more fascinating.

We can’t help this desire to learn more and finally understand them. And be understood. But as GLaDOS once said: ‘Despite your violent behavior, the only thing you managed to break so far is my heart.’ So maybe the only thing we should fear is our own greedy urge to test, explore and conquer, which can end up with some robotic broken hearts and unpleasant consequences. Or maybe not – who knows?