Created by Toby Fox, Undertale represents one of the most memorable moments in the indie genre, combining unique gameplay and narrative. But did you know it is also home to many undiscovered secrets?

Navigating the Underground is all about unexpected encounters, unobvious puzzles, and shockingly complex decisions. Players can complete the video game peacefully or select the violent path. However, Toby Fox’s creation remembers their existence and past choices, providing that ominous feeling to the adventure!

The game also doesn’t shy away from incorporating hidden layers and Easter eggs, which can be pretty challenging to find. Read on if you’re interested in discovering what lies ahead in this mysterious monster kingdom. Warning – massive spoilers ahead!

The World Beneath the Surface

  • Temmie Village

There are many secret locations in the game, including Temmie Village – one of the hardest to locate. You can find it by following the lowest, unlit path in Waterfall’s glowing mushroom room.

Temmie Village is home to many adorable Temmies, whom you can chat with to learn more about this secluded place. There is also the only shop where players can sell their items and unlock the best armor in the game.

  • The Dog’s House

Annoying Dog, representing Toby Fox himself, appears at many points in the game, usually when Papyrus is present. You can, however, reach an extra secret encounter with this character if you complete the game with the Pacifist approach, sparring every encountered monster.

Then, try to avoid touching each end credit, and the Dog’s House will unlock. Inside, you can enjoy Annoying Dog’s many jokes about the game’s development process – a must-see Easter egg for any fan!

Characters with Hidden Backstories

  • Sans

Nearly every character in the game has a backstory, but Sans is one of the most intriguing. Pick the Pacifist Route to encounter Sans for the last time in the Last Corridor.

He will judge you a lot, and once he’s done, you should reload the game until he sees your bored expression. The character will then give you the key to his room, where you can discover some fascinating details about his past.

  • Flowey

This seemingly friendly character wants to assassinate you from the very first moment of your acquaintance. But you may not know that Flowey stalks you throughout every scene in the game! Try a surprise backtrack to an earlier scene to see Flowey before he disappears.

Moreover, if you complete the Pacifist run, you can return to the flower patch where your character landed at the beginning of the game. Once there, you will meet Asriel, preparing to transform back into Flowey, and will learn more about this character’s past.

Easter Eggs and Hidden References

  • Final Fantasy VI Reference

When you encounter the opera scene with Mettaton, the soundtrack will switch to the “Oh! One True Love” song – a parody of “Aria di Mezzo Carattere” from Final Fantasy VI. That’s one of the best Easter eggs available in Hotland.

  • The Abandoned Quiche

Once you find yourself in the Waterfall room with the Bridge Seeds, you can cross the bridge to discover an additional room with a park bench. There is an Abandoned Quiche under the bench – a reference to a real-life situation of Toby Fox when he actually found an abandoned quiche under a bench. If you call Papyrus/Undyne from this room, they will say ‘What’s better than a benchful of quiche?’

The Genocide Route: A Dark Secret

If you choose the most murderous approach, expect the worst possible game outcome. First, don’t forget the game always remembers what you do, so it may be wise to play the Pacifist and Neutral endings before slaughtering everything in your path. Take your time and consider your actions before proceeding down this path because the genocide route significantly alters the Underground and available dialogue options.

This approach is the game’s darkest secret, guaranteeing a profound emotional impact on the player and bringing nothing but sadness and regret.

Hidden Mechanics and Gameplay Secrets

  • Mouse got the Cheese!

Traveling through the Underground, you occasionally encounter a mouse fighting for a piece of cheese. Will it ever get it?

Yes! If you complete the Pacifist run, travel back to the game’s beginning to chat with all your friends and see how much everything has changed. One such altered detail is that the mouse finally gets the cheese or is currently warming the spaghetti.

  • Character Names

When selecting a name for your playable protagonist, you can try typing some of the game’s characters’ nicknames to see their reactions to the action. You can’t use Sans, Asriel, or Flowey, but if you pick Papyrus, he steals the “s” at the end, being quite excited you chose that name. Try different nicknames and see for yourself!

  • Gaster

One of the often fan-discussed topics is Gaster – the most mysterious character. You can find him by adjusting the fun value of the game code to 66, which still does not guarantee meeting him in person. Gaster resides in the secluded room 269 and occasionally appears at various points throughout the adventure.

Some characters talk about Gaster, but not enough to extract his entire backstory. If you’re curious about his past, explore Undertale communities online, and you might receive the answer. Know, however, that his entire story remains unexplained.

The Impact of Fan Discoveries

Undertale encourages its players to try different things, so soon after its release, the community began to discover secrets and connect their existence to other story elements. Even today, a massive fanbase on Reddit and Steam discusses discoveries, wondering what to do in the encountered situations.

That undoubtedly contributes to the video game’s immense popularity, adding to its depth as one of the most complex indie titles.


What starts as a seemingly trivial RPG adventure becomes a memory destined to stay with you forever – these words can describe a bit of what Toby Fox’s game is. Undertale Easter eggs are scattered literally everywhere during your adventure to help create this extraordinary world

. Each character, gameplay style, decision, and action is a foundation for the intricate web of mysteries that await you at every turn. Despite its simple graphics, no other title messes up with the player on so many different levels!