In this article, we compare two popular city-building simulation games, SimCity and Cities: Skylines. Both games allow players to build and manage their virtual cities, facing various challenges such as balancing budgets and providing essential services to citizens.

However, there are crucial differences that set them apart. Through this comprehensive comparison, we aim to highlight the similarities and differences between SimCity and Cities: Skylines and help players decide which game is right for them.


Gameplay mechanics are a crucial aspect of city-builder simulation games. Let’s take a closer look at how SimCity and Cities: Skylines compare in this regard.

SimCity features a more streamlined building experience, with a simple drag-and-drop interface and a limited set of pre-designed structures. In contrast, Cities: Skylines offers a more robust building adventure, with a wider range of building tools, including the ability to construct buildings piece by piece and the option to create custom structures using mods.

In both games, players are responsible for managing various resources, such as budget, electricity, and water. However, SimCity places a greater emphasis on micromanagement, with players having to manage every aspect of their city down to the individual building level. Cities: Skylines allows for a more macro-level approach, giving players the option to delegate certain responsibilities to AI advisors.

SimCity has a more arcade-style approach to city-building, with exaggerated and simplified mechanics and a focus on fun over realism. Meanwhile, Cities: Skylines is known for its high level of realism, with a more complex simulation engine and a greater emphasis on the consequences of player choices.

Both SimCity and Cities: Skylines offer unique gameplay experiences, with SimCity being a more streamlined and arcade-style experience and Cities: Skylines being a more realistic and complex simulation game.

Additional Features

Transportation options in both games offer a range of transportation options, including roads, highways, airports, and train stations. Yet, Cities: Skylines offers a more complex transportation system, with more intricate road-building tools and the option to build multi-level highways.

SimCity features a multiplayer mode, allowing players to build and manage cities together. Cities: Skylines, on the other hand, does not have a built-in multiplayer mode, but it does offer the option to play with friends through mods and third-party tools.

Graphics and Performance

SimCity and Cities: Skylines offer unique visual styles, with SimCity being more cartoonish and exaggerated and Cities: Skylines being more realistic and grounded. In terms of performance, Cities: Skylines is the clear winner, offering a smooth and responsive experience. The choice between the two will largely depend on personal preference and the type of visual style you prefer in a city-building simulation game.

Community and Support

Talking about community, both titles have active communities, with players sharing tips, discussing strategy, and building cities together. However, the size of the community varies, with Cities: Skylines having a larger and more active community.

SimCity was released in 2013 and has received limited official support since its release. Cities: Skylines was released in 2015 and continues to receive official support, with regular updates and bug fixes

Cities: Skylines has a thriving modding community, with players creating and sharing custom content, such as new buildings, vehicles, and game mechanics. This has greatly extended the life of the game and allowed for new and unique experiences. SimCity has a smaller modding community and limited modding support.


SimCity and Cities: Skylines are city-building simulation games that offer unique features and gameplay experiences. For those who like a more classic city-building simulation with a more relaxed difficulty, SimCity may be the better choice.

Meanwhile, Cities: Skylines emphasize creativity and customization, offering more options for players to build and design their cities. When comparing the two games, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and the type of experience a player is looking for. It is not possible to decide which is better in an ongoing duel between Simcity vs Cities Skylines.