The Sims 4 is arguably the most pleasurable game to play if you need a little bit of relaxation. Nothing beats winding down after a hard day than watching your virtual family go about their day going to work, doing house chores, and enjoying some quality time in front of the TV.

But, to get to the point when you can do all that without stressing about such details like whether your Sims’ needs are met or not or if their financial situation is stable enough to build a new pool, you might have to cheat a little. These cheats will help you ensure the success of your Sims in all the essential fields and provide a steady flow of cash for you to splurge on even the most extravagant fancies.

To The Sims 4 cheats, all you have to do is hold down Control + Shift + C on PC or hold shoulder buttons on the PS4 and Xbox One gamepad. Doing that will open a text field to type in the console commands.

Let’s take a look at the best cheats for The Sims 4 and what kind of goodies you can get with them.

Cheats sheet for Sims 4

testingcheats [true/false]Allows cheats to work in the first place
ui.dialog.auto_respondDialogue proceed automatically, without your input
stats.fill_all_commodities_householdSatisfies all needs for each Sim in the current household.
fullscreenPuts the game in fullscreen
FreeRealEstate [on/off]When entered at a world or neighborhood screen makes all homes free
death.toggleEnables or disables death.
crafting.shorten_phasesMakes crafting faster.
cas.fulleditmodeGives you full access to all Create-a-Sim options.
careers.remove_career [career name]Makes Sim abandon the chosen career.
careers.promote [career name]You promote a Sim in the chosen career.
careers.demote [career name]You demote a Sim in the chosen career.
bb.moveobjectsGives you more freedom regarding possible item placement.
bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlementUnlocks all career rewards in the Buy Mode, buy you still have to buy them.
aspirations.complete_current_milestoneInstantly completes a Sim’s current aspiration.
sims.spawnsimple [number]Spawns the specified number of Sims.
sims.remove_all_buffsRemoves all moodlets from the current Sim bringing it back to neutral mood.
sims.modify_funds [number]Adds the specified amount of Simoleons to the current Sim’s budget.
sims.give_satisfaction_points [number]Gives a Sim the specified number of satisfaction points.
sims.fill_all_commoditiesSatisfy all needs for the active Sim.
resetSim [first name][last name]Resets the Sim to original stats.
motherlodeGives the player 5,000 Simoleons.
households.autopay_billsHousehold bills are paid automatically with the Sim’s money.
headlineeffects [on/off]Toggles headline effects like thought balloons.

Getting started

Type in console:testingcheats.on
Info:This will enable the cheat mode

Before we get to the meat of this article, let’s deal with the elephant in the room – getting cheats to work as they should.

To achieve expected results in the form of rivers of money, for example, you need to enable the cheat testing in your game. Doing that is quite simple.

After pressing the combination of keys/buttons we’ve mentioned earlier, a command window will pop up. You will use this window to enter all the cheats, but to get them to work correctly, you need to type in the testingcheats.on command.

This will enable the cheat mode and let you use all the tricks the game has to offer. And there are plenty of those.

Money, money, money!

Type in console:kaching or motherlode
Info:$1000 cash boost or $50000

While The Sims 4 is a game that allows you to relax and enjoy a simpler life, it is not free from real-world problems. Like bills, everyday expenses, mortgage, etc.


Thankfully, with these two particular cheats, you won’t have to worry about your bank balance as you splurge on new furniture and appliances, fancy home décor, and more. While kaching gives your family a $1000 cash boost for smaller expenses, motherlode allows you to spend $50,000 on whatever you like. The cheats can be used interchangeably and multiple times in a row, so go ahead and knock yourself out on your way to virtual riches.

Jack-of-all-trades – skill cheats

Type in console:stats.set_skill_level major_ stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_/child_
Info:master a skill,

In The Sims world, much like in real life, it takes time and dedication to master a skill. Seeing how hours of practice pay off in the form of excellent dishes, beautiful paintings, or top-of-the-chart songs is a very fulfilling experience.

Or you can skip all that and master skills within seconds thanks to the variety of skill cheats. Most of them work similarly, allowing the player to raise the level of a particular skill of their sims as high as they wish. By typing stats.set_skill_level major_ followed by the name of the skill you want to improve and a number from one to ten, then you’ll be able to go from zero to talented in no-time. If you have kids at home, you can raise their skills too. Simply, type in the stats.set_skill_level statistic_skill_toddler_/child_ to create a little genius.

Immortality is yours

Type in console:death.toggle true/false
Info:immortality on/off

Nobody likes death – it’s sad to see your sim grow old and pass on, or die in a freak accident because they forgot to turn off the oven. But what if you could prevent all that?

What if your sims could live forever, unburdened by Death closing in on them every day. That’ what the death.toggle true/false cheat is all about.

By using it, your sims can enjoy immortality and all its perks. No more worries that your sims will poison themselves with their cooking, or die from a fire caused by a faulty kitchen appliance. You can rest assured that your virtual family will live long and prosper…until you decide to turn the cheat off and leave them to their fates.

Real estate bubble

Type in console:freerealestate on/off
Info:It’s free real estate!

Paying for things, especially such necessities as the roof over your head, is not a thing most people enjoy while playing The Sims 4. Just think about it – why should we put a monetary value on our safety? That’s ridiculous.

For all you “free accommodation for all” folks out there, we have a real treat. Thanks to freerealestate on/off, you can get your dream house free of charge, no questions asked. Become a landlord’s nightmare by living like a king or queen in the home you didn’t pay for.

The landlord’s nightmare

Type in console:household.autopay_bills true/false
Info:No bills to pay!

You have your own place in The Sims 4 world now, that’s great! Invite friends, throw a party, enjoy yourself. That is until the bills start to arrive at the end of the month.

Maybe it’s time to start acting like an adult sim and stop splurging money left and right? Who are you kidding, of course, it’s not! Thanks to cheats, not only can you be richer than the president, you can also make all the pesky bills disappear altogether.

With the household.autopay_bills true/false typed into the command box; everything is free of charge. With cheats, playing The Sims 4 Feels like living in a socialist wonderland.

Top of the career ladder

Type in console:careers.promote X
Info:Speed up your career advancement

Now that you have a free house, enough money to buy an entire country, and you’re an immortal renaissance man, it’s time to think about getting a job. It shouldn’t be a problem with your superior skills, right? Well, why not help your luck a little bit more with a neat career cheat.

Typing in careers.promote X will take your sim to the top in no time. Leveling up in your career grants you access to new items to purchase for your house, so it’s something you might want to consider. Bear in mind that you can also demote your sim if you’re feeling extra mean. Simply replace “promote” in the cheat command to “demote” and see your sims lose everything they didn’t have to work for in a flash.

Unlimited expansion

Type in console:bb.enablefreebuild
Info:Removing building space restrictions

You’ve probably encountered this problem a million times while playing The Sims 4 – you have a perfect vision of your home, pool with waterslide included.

The only thing standing in your way is that annoying red zone, preventing you from building in that area. Well, have we got news for you – red is the new green with bb.enablefreebuild cheat code.

Thanks to it you will be able to build even in the otherwise unavailable lots. Place your dreamhouse wherever you please and make the neighbors green with envy at this plain act of construction lawlessness.

I Can Get Satisfaction!

Type in console:sims.give_satisfaction_points x
Info:Easy source of satisfaction

On a little more miscellaneous side of The Sims 4 cheat codes, we have this little trick.

By typing in sims.give_satisfaction_points x into the command box, you can reward your sim with all the satisfaction points they need. Investing in satisfaction is something you might want to do, because through it you can unlock various potions.

These potions influence your sim in some way, giving them a new trait, instantly changing their look or unlocking a previously unavailable perk.

A haunted mansion

Type in console:traits.equip_trait X
Info:Become a ghost

Nothing spices up the everyday routine like a bit of macabre. This particular cheat will make the life of your sim into a nightmare by turning them into ghosts. Getting the sim to reappear as a revenant is quite easy.

All you have to do is equip them with a trait responsible for turning them into a ghost, for example being electrocuted, or drowning, etc.

Choose the kind of demise you fancy the most and type in traits.equip_trait X, replacing x with a trait you want your ghost to possess. If you would like to bring your sim back to the land of the living, instead of “equip” type in “remove” – that will make them all better.