Dreams of conquering space and making contact with extraterrestrial civilizations keep many up at night. Before embarking on a space adventure, you must prepare accordingly. A gutsy spacecraft, a well-trained crew, and a solid action plan will be of the essence.

If you want more than just the thrill of exploration and daring missions, space-building games will be right up your alley. Let’s check what space sim games have to offer!

The Last Starship 2023-02-15 Indie Introversion Software
Cosmoteer Starship Architect Commander 2022-10-24 Action Walternate Realities 10%
Nimbatus The Space Drone Constructor 2020-05-14 Indie Stray Fawn 95%
Empyrion Galactic Survival 2015-08-05 Adventure Eleon Game Studios 50%
Avorion 2017-01-23 Action & Shooter Boxelware 20%
Terra Invicta 2022-09-26 Simulation Pavonis Interactive
Kerbal Space Program 2015-04-27 Adventure Squad 85%
Kerbal Space Program 2 2023-02-24 Simulation Intercept Games
Space Haven 2020-05-21 Simulation Bugbyte Ltd. 71%
Stellaris 2016-05-09 Strategy Paradox Development Studio 74%
Ftl Faster Than Light 2012-09-14 Adventure Subset Games 60%
No Mans Sky 2016-08-12 Adventure Hello Games 62%
Starbound 2016-07-22 Adventure Chucklefish 58%

Kerbal Space Program

Release date:2015-04-27

Kerbal Space Program combines entertainment with a sprinkle of academics. It can be quite demanding but also very amusing.

Your job is to help the friendly Kerbal race explore the Kerbol solar system. Implementation of the entire space program is in your hands.

Spaceships are built under your command – you need to consider thrust, mass, aerodynamics, and gravity in order to successfully navigate the simulated universe. Other exciting tasks will take you on a path of space exploration.

Key features
  • Extended rocket designing and construction
  • Realistic physics simulation that accurately models the laws of motion and orbital mechanics
  • Sandbox mode with a free space exploration
  • Astronaut team management

Starcom: Unknown Space

Release date:2022-12-14
Developer:Wx3 Labs, LLC

Let’s dive into this space-building title with a strong touch of retro-inspired action RPG. Apart from creating the starship, you will need to unravel some mysteries.

You need to wisely manage your resources such as energy and fuel during your interstellar odyssey. Let’s not forget about the crew morale – the backbone of your rocket.

During exploration, you may encounter hostiles so you should plan your defense strategically. In order to outwit and defeat your enemies, you must cleverly use the various skills and upgrades you acquire throughout the game.

Key features
  • Deep space navigation
  • Number of missions to unlock new elements
  • Strategic battle planning
  • Upgrades and progression systems

Sunshine Heavy Industries

Release date:2021-08-17
Developer:Rocket Rat Games

In the charming Sunshine Heavy Industries, you step into the shoes of a budding spaceship engineer. Your job is to attend to the colorful – and a bit odd – clients and their ships.

As you progress, you’ll construct increasingly eccentric and complex spacecrafts. You better watch out, because the competition never sleeps. You need to balance the costs and deal with your „business partner” who constantly finds new ways to tarnish your reputation with the mischievous local pirates!

The game is challenging but also very relaxing. It’s fitting music and beautiful retro-style pixel graphics are also noteworthy.

Key features
  • Relaxing puzzle-style gameplay
  • 2D ships designing
  • Adorable story and graphics
  • Over 50 story levels


Release date:2016-05-09
Developer:Paradox Development Studio

Now something for the strategy and sci-fi enthusiasts alike. Stellaris is an invitation to lead an interstellar empire and shape it using various species, traits, and government types.

Your role is to manage resources, defend your realm, expand territory, establish colonies, and lead your team to prosperity. Every decision impacts the empire’s growth and survival.

Here, exploration, warfare, and diplomacy play a huge role. Stellaris gives you the best of strategy games – but in space.

Key features
  • Deep and complex grand strategy
  • ·Each playthrough generates a unique and expansive galaxy
  • Freedom to customize the empire
  • Emphasis on diplomacy, negotiation, and forging alliances

Space Scavenger

Release date:2021-07-20
Developer:Red Cabin Games

If you fancy a roguelike in space, Space Scavenger is the one for you. Here, your task is to build a ship and fight battles.

You can’t rest on your laurels – you still need to scavenge for the best spaceship parts and train combat skills. This will ensure your survival so take it seriously!

Space Scavenger is entertaining and challenging for both the pros and those looking for a captivating game for Saturday evenings.

Key features
  • Roguelike elements combined with streamlined spaceship-building mechanics
  • Many opportunities to explore and discover new parts to improve the spaceship
  • Compelling battles
  • Number of options for ship customization

Space-building games allow you to unleash creativity and embark on thrilling journeys. Their realistic physics simulations, intricate spacecraft construction systems, and educational value perfectly capture the ever-present spirit of exploration.

Whether you dream of colonizing distant planets or simply wish to unravel the mysteries of the universe, space-building games provide the perfect ground for your aspirations. Embrace the infinite possibilities and prepare to reach for the stars!